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Accidents at Home – and how to avoid them.
Accidents at Home – and how ...
Daisy First Aid is UK’s leading paediatric first aid company. They teach fun and friendly 2-hour parent and carer classes for parents and carers of babies and children. You can learn either in your home or at a local venue. Babies are welcome in all classes and the classes are also perfect for pregnancy. In […]
May 15, 2024 , 0
World Autism Awareness Week – Kids Activities
World Autism Awareness Week ...
The annual World Autism Awareness Week this year is April 2nd to 8th this year. Join us and help us spread awareness and increase acceptance. Looking for kids activities for autistic children? Check out our website or app. Ace Music Therapy CIC – Autism Awareness Week Ace Music Therapy CIC is a non for profit […]
Mar 28, 2024 , 0
The Best Mother’s Day Activities for Kids
The Best Mother’s Day Activi...
Are you looking for Best Mother’s Day Activities for Kids? You can entertain the kids this Mother’s Day with these small business ideas. Best Cambridge Mother’s Day Activity If you’re in Cambridge, why not treat your Mother to a day of relaxation and elegance with our Mother’s Day punting package? Celebrate the incredible women that […]
Mar 03, 2024 , 0
Affordable Kids’ Furniture for Every Budget
Affordable Kids’ Furniture f...
Shopping for kids’ furniture is one of the most interesting things to do, yet that does not have to break the bank. Whether you are furnishing a nursery, setting up a play area, or creating a comfortable space for your kid, there are several affordable options available to suit every budget. Take advantage of a […]
Jan 19, 2024 , 0
7 Tips and Tricks to Help Your Kids With Maths
7 Tips and Tricks to Help Yo...
As a parent, you know that math can be either a thrilling adventure or a nerve-wracking challenge for your child. But fear not! With the right approach, fostering a love and understanding of math doesn’t have to be daunting. In these curated tips and tricks of how to help your kids with maths , we […]
Jan 16, 2024 , 0
5 Work-From-Home Success Tips For UK Parents
5 Work-From-Home Success Tip...
In the early hours, the house buzzes with activity. You’re knee-deep in breakfast prep, your eyes dart between the laptop screen and your child’s unfinished homework. Welcome to the work-from-home reality that countless UK parents navigate daily. The quest for a seamless blend of career and home life is your new norm. You’re not alone […]
Nov 10, 2023 , 0
10 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids and Toddlers
10 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids ...
Preparing a healthy and delicious lunch for your kids can be a daily challenge. As parents, we want to ensure our children receive the nutrients they need to stay energized and focused throughout the school day. To help you overcome this hurdle, we’ve put together a collection of creative and nutritious lunch box ideas that […]
Nov 08, 2023 , 0
Children’s Reading – Club Hub’s Top Tips for Improving
Children’s Reading – Club Hu...
To celebrate Children’s Book Week 2023, we have spoken to some amazing small businesses and kids activity providers to tell us about their Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading.  Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading with Storytime Magazine Storytime magazine is the biggest story magazine in the UK. Each issue is packed with fairy tales, […]
Nov 05, 2023 , 0
10 Healthy Teas Kids Can Drink
10 Healthy Teas Kids Can Dri...
There are plenty of Healthy Teas Kids Can Drink. Even though tea is not thought of as a child-friendly beverage, some green teas and herbal teas are healthy and safe for kids. Herbal teas are caffeine-free and offer a pleasing taste. They also offer relief for kids who are anxious or sick and provide nutritional […]
Oct 04, 2023 , 0
Languages for Kids – How do I teach my child another language?
Languages for Kids – How do ...
Would you like your child to learn another language? Here at Club Hub, our kids activities directory is filled with thousands of languages for kids classes so we have spoken to a few kids activity providers to tell us a bit more about their language based businesses and how you can help teach your child […]
Sep 14, 2023 , 0
The Best Kids Club Franchise UK – Franchise Opportunities
The Best Kids Club Franchise...
Did you know that a kids club franchise is the easiest way to get into business doing the thing that you love in the UK. You are essentially getting a business in a box! The organiser has spent years getting the branding, processes, support, name recognition and website fine-tuned. They know exactly what it’s like […]
Sep 03, 2023 , 0
Beyond The Screen: Why Kids Need Physical Play In The Digital Age
Beyond The Screen: Why Kids ...
In today’s world, digital gadgets like smartphones and tablets are becoming a staple in children’s lives. These devices offer educational and entertainment value but often come at a cost. Physical play is crucial for a child’s holistic development, impacting their health, mind, and social skills. This article will delve into the undeniable benefits of physical […]
Sep 02, 2023 , 0
From Chaos to Comfort: Tips for a Functional and Fun Kids’ Room
From Chaos to Comfort: Tips ...
Creating the ideal kids’ room can often feel like navigating a maze. From the whirlwind of toys scattered across the floor to ensuring the room evolves as your child grows, the task is multifaceted. But, with careful planning, transforming that chaos into a comfortable sanctuary becomes achievable. It’s about more than just aesthetics or colour […]
Aug 13, 2023 , 0
Guide To How Your Family Can Save Money This Year
Guide To How Your Family Can...
Ah, the perpetual quest to save money. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a goal to squirrel away for a holiday, or just ensuring we’re cushioning our future, the art of budgeting is one skill that never gets old. This year, we’ve compiled a list of simple, actionable steps that can assist your family in […]
Jul 19, 2023 , 0
What is Montessori for 0 to 3 year olds – SensorStory Baby Classes
What is Montessori for 0 to ...
This may be your first-time encountering Montessori, or you may have heard of it but not know very much about the philosophy, or know that it can be put into practice for babies from birth – or even that it can be applied at home. The team at SensorStory Baby Classes has put together some […]
Jun 27, 2023 , 0
Club Hub Podcast Season 2 – Our 2023 Event and Award Sponsors
Club Hub Podcast Season 2 – ...
We are so excited to bring you the Club Hub Podcast Season 2! This season will be all about our amazing 2023 event and award sponsors. Giving you an insight into their busines journey and talking about the Club Hub Event 2023. Club Hub Podcast Season 2 Season 2 Episode 1 – Cerys Keneally   […]
Jun 19, 2023 , 0
How to help keep your child cool when it’s hot
How to help keep your child ...
How to help keep your child cool when it’s hot? There’s no getting away from it, it’s HOT HOT HOT.  Hot weather means the chance for lots of fun, but sometimes hot weather can also make us all a little bit grumpy. So what can you do to keep your child cool when it’s hot?  […]
Jun 10, 2023 , 0
Toddler Gymnastics – When should a child start gymnastics?
Toddler Gymnastics – When sh...
Gymnastics Looking for toddler gymnastics classes near you? Here at Club Hub, our directory is filled with thousands of gymnastics classes, so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more about when children should start learning gymnastics. You can also user our search engine above to find toddler gymnastics clubs and […]
Jun 06, 2023 , 0
The Best Festival Ideas for Kids
The Best Festival Ideas for ...
Are you looking for Festival Ideas for Kids this year? Club Hub have put together the best buys for your next festival outing for your kids. Walkie Talkies with 2wayradioshop – Festival Ideas for Kids These Motorola walkie talkies make for the perfect communication companion for kids and adults as the little ones enjoy some […]
Jun 02, 2023 , 0
Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day
Top Gift Ideas for Father’s ...
Father’s Day is just around the corner and Club Hub wanted to help you find the perfect gift for your Dad by putting together this ‘Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day!’. Please support small businesses and your local community. Whether your Father’s a food enthusiast, fashionable Father, lover of the great outdoors, a techy dad […]
May 30, 2023 , 0
The Best Free Activities for Foster Children of Different Ages
The Best Free Activities for...
As the summer holidays approach, many foster carers may wonder how to fill that time for their foster children. Additionally, there may be concerns about the cost of each activity. We have compiled a list of fun activities that foster carers can do with their children. All of these activities are free, will fill up […]
May 27, 2023 , 0
The Best Baby and Toddler Groups Near Me
The Best Baby and Toddler Gr...
Looking for baby and toddler groups? Here at Club Hub, our directory is filled with thousands of classes for babies and toddlers, so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more about their businesses and their activities for babies and toddlers.You can use the search engine above to find a […]
May 17, 2023 , 0
First Aid for Parents with Daisy First Aid
First Aid for Parents with D...
Are you interested in learning about First Aid for Parents? No parent wants to think about their child being harmed; but unfortunately accidents do happen and learning essential first aid skills can make all the difference in an emergency situation. Would you know what to do if your child choked, swallowed something they shouldn’t have, […]
May 12, 2023 , 0
How Can I Improve My Toddler’s Balance?
How Can I Improve My Toddler...
In this article we will be looking at ‘how can I improve my toddler’s balance’. If you have a toddler, you probably will be well practiced in putting plasters on little scrapes and cuts that are totally unavoidable. You can try and ensure you make their environment as safe as possible. However, when little ones […]
May 03, 2023 , 0
How to Prepare Your Kid for a Sibling?
How to Prepare Your Kid for ...
The birth of a child is a great joy for the whole family. However, children growing up in the family accept the new member with fear, hurt, or even anger. In this article, you can find tips on how to properly prepare your kid for a sibling. Explain How the Baby Develops Show your child […]
Apr 23, 2023 , 0
Designing a Children’s Storybook: A Family Project
Designing a Children’s Story...
Embarking on a voyage of imagination and creativity, designing a children’s storybook is akin to weaving dreams with colors and words. It’s a family endeavor that binds hearts closer, nurturing bonds as it unfolds a canvas for expression. This venture not only beckons the muse from every family member but also hones the tiny budding […]
Apr 20, 2023 , 0
Children’s Phonics – Top Tips for Improving
Children’s Phonics – Top Tip...
Interested in Top Tips for Improving Children’s Phonics? We have spoken to some amazing small businesses and kids activity providers to tell us about their Top Tips for Improving Children’s Phonics. Top Tips for Improving Children’s Phonics with Phonics Stars What is Phonics? It is an effective method of teaching which supports children’s ability to […]
Apr 19, 2023 , 0
The Benefits of Investing in an Established Children’s Franchise
The Benefits of Investing in...
Choosing to start your own business is a big decision. But, the freedom that comes with being your own boss and setting your own hours can be very tempting for parents to support their lifestyles and commitments. If you like working with children, you might consider running your own kids’ activity and joining a children’s […]
Mar 28, 2023 , 0
9 Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Toddler’s Bedroom
9 Things To Consider When Up...
Upgrading Your Toddler’s Bedroom As They Grow: A Handy Guide As your little one grows, their needs and interests change, and so should their bedroom. It’s not just about updating the decor or moving from a cot to a bed. It’s about creating a space that nurtures their development, sparks their imagination, and provides a […]
Mar 24, 2023 , 0
The Best Tutors for Kids in the UK
The Best Tutors for Kids in ...
Are you looking for The Best Tutors For Kids in the UK? We have spoken to some amazing Tutors to tell us all about their businesses and how they can help your child’s education.  La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children – Best French and Spanish Tutors for Kids in the UK La Jolie Ronde Languages […]
Feb 22, 2023 , 0
Teach Kids to code, but teach them the right way
Teach Kids to code, but teac...
It’s no secret that understanding how to code is increasingly essential for the modern world. Many parents may be asking why should we teach kids to code? Not only could coding lead to higher salaries and more job opportunities, but it can also give children a leg up when honing their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. […]
Feb 21, 2023 , 0
Healthy Heroes Week 2023 with Tumble Tots UK
Healthy Heroes Week 2023 wit...
86% of UK children under 5 do NOT get five a day*. Join Tumble Tots for Healthy Heroes Week to learn about the importance of physical activity and a blanced diet for children. Every year Tumble Tots celebrates ‘Healthy Heroes Week’ to help promote the importance of physical exercise in children. But this year, we […]
Feb 10, 2023 , 0
Best activities to do while babysitting
Best activities to do while ...
Babysitting can be a fun and rewarding experience, however, it can also be quite challenging specifically when you are trying to keep the children entertained and engaged. While there are some babysitters who are happy to let the children play video games or watch TV, there are lots of other activities that can be both […]
Feb 01, 2023 , 0
Mum and Baby Fitness Classes – All you need to know
Mum and Baby Fitness Classes...
Thinking of joining some local Mum and Baby Fitness Classes? Have you recently had a baby and would like to increase your fitness? Would you like to get out of the house with your child and make a few more mum friends? Maybe your little one is an older tot but with it being the […]
Jan 17, 2023 , 0
Recognizing The Signs and Solutions of Hearing Loss In Children
Recognizing The Signs and So...
For any parent, their child’s health is a top priority. Naturally, when a problem arises you will want to take the lead and have it thoroughly investigated. When it comes to looking after and recognizing the hearing needs of your children, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you suspect a problem […]
Jan 11, 2023 , 0
Safety, Space, and Style: Best Cars for Families with Kids
Safety, Space, and Style: Be...
Finding the perfect car for a family with kids requires careful consideration of various factors, including safety, space, and style. As parents, it is crucial to prioritise the well-being and comfort of our little ones while also ensuring a vehicle that suits our family’s needs. In this blog post, we will explore some of the […]
Jan 08, 2023 , 0
Fun Therapeutic Activities for Foster Children
Fun Therapeutic Activities f...
While any child can behave inappropriately, foster children may be more likely to display challenging behaviour depending on their background. Foster parents must be trained to see this type of behaviour as a form of communication to help children overcome their trauma. This link looks at common behaviours exhibited by children in foster care. The […]
Jan 01, 2023 , 0
Why is a Mess Around Franchise the right one for me?
Why is a Mess Around Franchi...
Mess Around by name, Mess Around by nature! Leaders in messy play family fun since 2012… Our clubs, events and workshops, run by our wonderful, dedicated franchise leaders throughout the UK, are multi-sensory, larger-than-life, messy play and slime experiences for under 10’s. Come along and play at a Mess Around Tuff Tray Clubs, Events and […]
Dec 22, 2022 , 0
Christmas Presents for Children & Adults – Club Hub’s Top 10
Christmas Presents for Child...
This year Club Hub have searched to find you the Top 10 Christmas Presents for Children AND adults too… We’ve got something for everyone. Please support these amazing small businesses below. Club Hub have searched online to find you some absolutely fantastic Christmas gifts. We wanted to help find you the top 10 Christmas Presents […]
Dec 01, 2022 , 0
Moredig Kid Night Light Projector: Everything You Need To Know
Moredig Kid Night Light Proj...
Are you looking for a Christmas gift? Why not try out Moredig night light baby projectors? Here is all you need to know about them! Do your children have a hard time falling asleep in the dark? We understand that it can be challenging to watch your children cry and struggle to fall asleep at […]
Nov 03, 2022 , 0
A Busy Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Best Gym Bag
A Busy Parent’s Guide to Cho...
Parenthood is as fulfilling as it’s exhausting. Naturally, any good parent would be proud of everything their child achieved, especially knowing they helped the little one achieve them all through thick and thin. But as ‘heroic’ as they may seem, parents are still human, through and through. Stress is bound to get them eventually, which […]
Nov 01, 2022 , 0
Creating a Superhero Themed Bedroom with Children’s Bed Shop
Creating a Superhero Themed ...
I first came across Children’s Bed Shop on Facebook. This was when I wanted to create a superhero themed bedroom for my children. I was immediately drawn to their diverse range of themed beds. There was a picture of a bed that had been transformed into a racing car. Then I saw a bed that had […]
Aug 27, 2022 , 0
The Best Back To School Buys in the UK
The Best Back To School Buys...
Back to school supplies seem endless and can feel quite daunting from a new uniform, to brand new school shoes, P.E bags, stationary, rucksacks, water bottles and much more! There are also items you may want to get to make your little ones (or not so little ones) feel comforted and at ease at school. […]
Aug 17, 2022 , 0
How can you improve your child’s drawing?
How can you improve your chi...
If you are reading this article you may very well be asking yourself ..How can you improve your child’s drawing? Many children absolutely love to draw. It seems that if you put a piece of paper and some pencils, many children will be happy for hours on end drawing different things. However some children may […]
Jul 28, 2022 , 0
Smart Baby Monitor (Not Only) For Technology Lovers
Smart Baby Monitor (Not Only...
The most modern baby monitors in the form of animals, alarms or wearable baby monitors, and other clever gadgets can be pretty expensive. Modern baby monitors cost a thousand pounds for less expensive models. A better model with WiFi, video capability, and other essential features costs many more. Nevertheless, you don’t have to pay anything. […]
Mar 29, 2022 , 0
Connetix – 10 Ways To Use Magnetic Tiles In Literacy Activities
Connetix – 10 Ways To Use Ma...
Did you know that it is universally acknowledged by neurologists, researchers and teachers that learning through play is the best and most beneficial way for a young child to learn? This is especially true in the case of young children learning about literacy with Connetix. Literacy can be defined simply as the ability to read […]
Nov 24, 2021 , 0
The Club Hub Podcast Season 1 – The Children’s Activities Industry
The Club Hub Podcast Season ...
I am so excited to announce the launch of the Club Hub Podcast. I have always wanted to launch my own podcast to raise more awareness for the Children’s Activities Industry. Letting parents and carers know what goes on behind the scenes, the amount of passion and energy these activity providers put in to their […]
Jul 30, 2021 , 0
Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UK
Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UK
Here at Club Hub we absolutely love reading Mum Blogs. They are packed full of fantastic ideas and top tips for mums across the UK. So we have decided to put together our own list for “Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UK”. Baby in Bucks – Top 10 Mum Blogs Baby in Bucks was […]
Jul 26, 2021 , 0
Kids Birthday Parties with a Difference – Kindergifts
Kids Birthday Parties with a...
Who doesn’t like birthday parties, balloons, presents and cake? But how many parties can do good as well? We recently met with the founder of Kindergifts, a London mum Svetlana Nilsson who is on a mission to simplify the birthday party gifts tradition, make parties less wasteful and more purposeful.  Instead of presents, this new […]
Jun 10, 2021 , 0
How do you entertain an autistic child? – Great activities for autistic children
How do you entertain an auti...
Club Hub UK has the largest selection of kids clubs and activities for autistic children. If you know of a kids club in your area that provides these type of activities for children is missing from our list, tell the owner to add their listing. Bopster Marble Run As an independent, family-run company, no toy […]
Aug 10, 2020 , 0
Best Buys for New Mums
Best Buys for New Mums
Club Hub has put together a quite extensive but we hope helpful list of best buys for new mums. Each product has been reviewed by a mum and therefore we can confidently recommend every product listed here.  This year has been a strange year indeed. Due to COVID-19 many expectant and new mums have had […]
Jul 14, 2020 , 0
YST National School Sport Week at Home 2020 supercharged by Sky Sports: Key messaging
YST National School Sport We...
What is YST National School Sport Week? For 2020, YST National School Sport Week will become National School Sport Week at Home. The annual campaign is powered by children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust. It takes place in the last week of June every year to celebrate the important role of Physical Education and school […]
May 20, 2020 , 0
The Best Gift Ideas for Key Workers
The Best Gift Ideas for Key ...
Are you Looking for a thoughtful gift for a Key Worker? Or anyone else doing something really amazing for others during this time? Our latest article ‘The Best Gift Ideas for Key Workers’ looks at lots of different options to help you find the perfect gift. We have put together a wonderful list of small […]
May 18, 2020 , 0
Club Hub UK – Supporting Parents and Club Owners During Lockdown
Club Hub UK – Supporting Par...
Club Hub UK,  the kids activities directory, supporting parents and club owners during lockdown via their website, app and social media during the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown Looking for virtual classes to educate your kids and keep them entertained? Club Hub has created a new category on their website, specifically supporting parents and club owners during […]
Apr 06, 2020 , 0
The Best Buys for Mother’s Day 2020
The Best Buys for Mother’s D...
Mother’s Day is just around the corner (22nd March 2020) and Club Hub have found some truly unique and beautiful gifts for a very special mum. We love the fact that all of these products are from small, independent companies too who are actually run by women/mums! So when you buy from these companies you are […]
Mar 09, 2020 , 0
The Sparkle Club – Girls Sparkly Shoes and Glitter Accessories For Parties, Special Occasions, Dressing Up and Gifts
The Sparkle Club – Girls Spa...
Have you heard of The Sparkle Club? Does the Princess in your life have a special occasion ahead which requires an extra special pair of shoes, some sparkly accessories and even a pretty bag. Look no further we have children’s sparkly shoes for all special occasions along with accessories, handbags and gifts. Parties It’s likely […]
Feb 10, 2020 , 0
Learn to Read in 30 Days for FREE! – Reading Eggs
Learn to Read in 30 Days for...
Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning online reading programme for kids aged 2–13. The programme helps children learn to read and develop a lifelong love of reading from an early age. Featuring hundreds of self-paced lessons, interactive games, catchy songs and motivating rewards, children love progressing through each map while developing key phonics and literacy […]
Jan 13, 2020 , 0
How to Bond Quickly with a Foster Child
How to Bond Quickly with a F...
It’s no secret that being a foster carer comes with challenges, some of which are unique to taking on this parental figure role. It can be difficult for the children in your care to adjust to their new surroundings, and they are learning to cope with other emotional hardships, too. This is why it is […]
Oct 29, 2019 , 0
How to choose the best college for your child in the UK
How to choose the best colle...
Getting a great education largely depends on selecting an appropriate place for study. Teenagers often need guidance when choosing a college that will perfectly match their needs and interests. Young people typically get overwhelmed with the college search process, so parents may assist in picking the best institution for them. There is a wide range […]
Oct 21, 2019 , 0
9 Apps to Protect your Child from Inappropriate Content on the Internet
9 Apps to Protect your Child...
How do I protect my child from inappropriate online content? There is a lot of “bad” and “wrong” content on the Internet, for which the child is not ready. And it can even cripple his psyche. Setting firm Internet boundaries for your small kids prevents them from unsuitable information, online bullying, online fraud, and child […]
Oct 19, 2019 , 0
Top 8 Tips for Parents to Prepare Your Child for College
Top 8 Tips for Parents to Pr...
Top 8 Tips for Parents to Prepare Your Child for College No parent wouldn’t wonder that the time flies when it comes to realizing that your child is finishing high school and is about to start a college program. As much as the parents want their offsprings to remain kids for as long as possible, […]
Sep 28, 2019 , 0
8 Ways to Prepare Your Household for the Autumn Season
8 Ways to Prepare Your House...
8 Ways to Prepare Your Household for the Autumn Season It is vital to have a checklist for your upcoming autumn season. These are items that you can do for your home with your family. There are several things you can do to make sure your Autumn is as easy as possible. The following are […]
Sep 26, 2019 , 0
Safe Clothes for Kids
Safe Clothes for Kids
Safe Clothes for Kids Childhood is the time when you can be innocent, completely light-hearted, and not concerned with any problems. It’s the time of playing, making dreams come true, and getting to know the world. Clothes are something that we get bombarded with every day – it seems like there’s something cuter and cuter […]
Sep 19, 2019 , 0
Child’s play for Nim’s as Waitrose becomes first supermarket to list Kids multi-pack range
Child’s play for Nim’s as Wa...
Waitrose has become the first major supermarket in the UK to stock ‘Nim’s Kids’ multi-packs after signing a new deal with the Kent-based fruit and vegetable crisp manufacturer. Nearly 70% of its stores across the country will be selling the growing brand’s apple and pineapple crisps in multi-pack format, providing consumers with an important alternative […]
Sep 16, 2019 , 0
Start a New Career in Kids Club Franchises
Start a New Career in Kids C...
Are you great with children? Looking for a flexible job role? Start a new career in kid clubs franchises! Start a New Career in Kids Club Franchises Kids club franchises offer rewarding opportunities to parents, carers, and individuals looking for flexible working. There are a number of UK-based kids club franchises currently looking for enthusiastic, […]
Jul 25, 2019 , 0
Why are Fitness Trackers Good for Kids?
Why are Fitness Trackers Goo...
So, you’ve decided you want to spend your money on some quality gadgets for your kids’ fitness, to stop them sitting inside, playing with toys in their room all day! This is a brilliant idea- helping your little ones’ bodies get used to more exercises gives your kids more responsibility over wellbeing, and will project […]
Jun 13, 2019 , 0
Mia & Ben Product Launch – Free Samples for Kids Classes
Mia & Ben Product Launch – F...
Mia & Ben are looking for activity providers and families in London to help with their product launch! Fresh organic baby food brand Mia & Ben are about to launch their chilled fruit and veg pouches in the UK, starting with 4 delicious flavours: Banana, Mango & Pineapple; Apple & Blueberry, Carrot, Apple & Parsnip; […]
Jun 10, 2019 , 0
The Ultimate Essentials Checklist for a Minimalist Mum
The Ultimate Essentials Chec...
When you are expecting a bundle of joy, there are several items you need to buy as a minimalist mum.  However, the current baby market may push you into thinking that you must have all baby products. Honestly, you can survive with a mini cot bed, diapers, lotions, moses baskets, and a few others. You […]
Mar 23, 2019 , 0
Equihandee – The Revolutionary Riding Aid
Equihandee – The Revolutiona...
Equihandee was created by myself as I struggled to hold my own daughter safely in the saddle whilst she learnt to horse ride. The Equihandee harness is a revolutionary riding aid designed to help instructors and parents keep young/wobbly/disabled riders safely in the saddle, improving their confidence and increasing their enjoyment. Designed and created in […]
Mar 18, 2019 , 0
A Guide to Keeping Your Baby Clean All Day
A Guide to Keeping Your Baby...
It is common knowledge that babies are messy. The thought of keeping your baby clean can be quite daunting. As they get older and start crawling and solid foods are introduced, it only gets worse. Trying to keep your baby clean all day can be a challenge. Nevertheless it is possible. So, if you are […]
Feb 10, 2019 , 0
Bootclaw – The Solution to Muddy Boots
Bootclaw – The Solution to M...
Bootclaw – The Solution to Muddy Boots. Mum of three Cary Marsh was sick of watching her boys playing football with heavy compacted mud stuck to the bottom of their boots.  Not only did the extra weight make it hard for them to run, but it made striking the ball cleanly difficult and wiped out […]
Jan 30, 2019 , 0
How Sending Your Kids To Summer Camp Can Boost Their Creativity
How Sending Your Kids To Sum...
Summer is the best time of the year for most kids. Not only are the days warm and sunny (well, some of the time, anyway!), but there’s also no school! This means 6 weeks of fun, fun, and even more fun. Sending Your Kids To Summer Camp Can be fantastic for your children. This article […]
Jan 21, 2019 , 0
Fun Kids Radio Sponsored by Club Hub UK
Fun Kids Radio Sponsored by ...
Club Together with Bex at Fun Kids Radio. Sponsored by Club Hub UK – Kids Activities Club Together with Bex Give your club a shout-out on Fun Kids! Every weekday when you get home from school, it’s The Club with Bex on Fun Kids! Now, Bex wants celebrate all the other amazing clubs around the country on […]
Jan 14, 2019 , 0
Last Minute Christmas Presents for Kids
Last Minute Christmas Presen...
Find Last Minute Christmas Presents for Kids! We have searched the web and found you some absolutely fantastic last minute Christmas gifts that children will love to receive and cherish throughout the year.  We have found a range of gifts from lovely small stocking fillers to larger presents all ranging in age, gender and price. […]
Dec 10, 2018 , 0
Thinking of Becoming a Foster Carer?
Thinking of Becoming a Foste...
Thinking of becoming a Foster Carer? You’ll be joining hundreds like you who made the selfless choice to open their hearts and homes to local children in need. Thousands of children and young people in the West Midlands rely on people like you for safety, security and care at a difficult time in their life, […]
Oct 29, 2018 , 0
Phonics Stars – Classes for Children in their Early Years
Phonics Stars – Classes for ...
Phonics Stars is an educational and interactive club which promotes active learning through play throughout the UK. We provide classes for children in their early years (two to five years) with their parents or carers. Children have fun learning through play with body actions and dance routines. We help to bring letter sounds to life […]
Apr 15, 2018 , 0
Why do I need a Will? – Thomson Financial Solutions
Why do I need a Will? – Thom...
Why do I need a Will? I don’t have anything to leave anyone! I’m too young to be thinking about that! My spouse would deal with it! These are all common answers that we at Thomson Financial Solutions receive when we talk to people about will writing, but it’s about much more than protecting your […]
Feb 25, 2018 , 0
WUBL – the brand new drink for kids!
WUBL – the brand new drink f...
Have you heard the news? There’s an awesome new brand out there, created just for preschool children called WUBL and at it’s heart is health, wellbeing and fun. Unhappy with the way the drinks market targeted young children, namely with colourful products that have loads of sugar in them, Mark ’n’ Leigh, the founders of […]
Feb 25, 2018 , 0
“Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey” – Club Hub UK Review
“Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey” ...
Happy Back to School Day Everyone. And what better way to start a new term is with a brand new Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey book! When I saw “Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey” on Twitter I was immediately drawn to it. With it’s smiley face and cool illustrations I thought what child wouldn’t love this fun […]
Feb 18, 2018 , 0
Sue Atkins – Join the Best Parenting Club Online
Sue Atkins – Join the Best P...
Join the Best Parenting Club Online with Sue Atkins. Parenting can be the most rewarding thing you ever do… but it can also be the hardest too! Do your kids drive you crazy with their non-stop bickering? Are you exhausted because your baby or child just won’t sleep? Is your day filled with tears and […]
Jan 21, 2018 , 0
Which Phone to Buy for a Child for School – Selection and Comparison
Which Phone to Buy for a Chi...
Different phones are designed for different users. There are different phones meant for kids, and there are different phones meant for teens. Well, what’s the difference between the phone for teens and the phone for children? Phones for kids are typically smaller in size, have more colorful designs, have parental restriction features, and are more […]
Dec 13, 2017 , 0
Fun and Easy Flower Arrangement Tricks for Mum and Kids
Fun and Easy Flower Arrangem...
Flower arranging is always fun and exciting. As a mum, it can be more captivating when doing it with kids. It creates the best bonding times as you try to bring the pieces together. Through it, your kids sharpen their psychomotor abilities. However, you need to learn the best ways to make such sessions fun […]
Dec 13, 2017 , 0
Essentials to Take With you to your Kids Activity with daddilife
Essentials to Take With you ...
Essentials to Take With you to your Kids Activity with daddilife. It’s the end of a long week, and now the fun can really begin. You know what club hub activity you want, you’re booked and ready to go. But do you have everything you need to maximize a great time at the clubs? As […]
Dec 10, 2017 , 0
What are the key aspects of getting your child ready for school? – Bright Kids
What are the key aspects of ...
At Bright Kids we work with our children in nursery and pre-school to get your child ready for school and prepare them for the next stage of their learning, which is usuallygoing off to school. However, there is so much more that can be done at home by parents that will support children in this […]
Nov 12, 2017 , 0
Welcome to the ‘ Super dad ’ – fatherhood with no limits with DaddiLife
Welcome to the ‘ Super dad ’...
About DaddiLife – DaddiLife is a website and community for the modern day dad, focused on providing the tips, tricks and learnings that helping guys become Super-Hero dads. The Dad today may not be able to fly (yet) but there is not much that they can not achieve outside the realm of possibility. Working hard to re-define the […]
Jul 01, 2017 , 0
Why Is Working With Children A Great Career Choice?
Why Is Working With Children...
There are many careers you can choose from; there are so many that it’s impossible to count them. Of course, this is wonderful – we can now work in any sector we want doing anything we want, as long as we have the skills and qualifications to back it up and succeed. However, having so […]
Nov 26, 2016 , 0
How to Design wallpapers For Kids’ Computer’s Desktop?
How to Design wallpapers For...
There are times when your kids would want to have their computers and laptops look something like their own. One of the easiest and best ways to customize the kids’ computer is to change the wallpaper to make them look suiting their personality. In that context, we will check out the best tips on how […]
Aug 24, 2016 , 0
Want to Teach Your Kid Cycling? Follow These 8 Easy Steps
Want to Teach Your Kid Cycli...
The ability to ride a cycle opens up a world of independence and adventure for all children, marking an important stage in their life. It’s a lifelong skill that starts right from childhood. Teaching your kid cycling is way more than running behind them while holding the bike’s saddle! In this simple and fun article, […]
Aug 18, 2016 , 0
5 Ways Parents Can Finance Their Child’s College Education
5 Ways Parents Can Finance T...
Parents today believe that part of a child’s upbringing includes a good educational background. This is because a good learning environment plays an essential role in determining the type of opportunities that a child might be exposed to in the future. Unfortunately, college fees can be quite high in most countries across the globe. To […]
Aug 11, 2016 , 0
How to create a beautiful activity area for kids in your home garden
How to create a beautiful ac...
Play is at the foundation of a young age, and a stimulating outdoor play area can provide hours of delight for children. To provide the most enjoyable summer for your children, make sure that areas around a play area are safe and protected and that any ponds or water features are covered to reduce accidents. […]
Jul 19, 2016 , 0
A UK homeowner talks about how her garden makeover helped his family during COVID19
A UK homeowner talks about h...
People who have access to a personal garden or green space have experienced improved health and mental wellbeing. Experts from Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University discovered that people who have proximity to a garden or a nearby park are much more likely to experience comfort, tranquillity, and motivation than those who do have no […]
Jul 19, 2016 , 0
Top 7 Unknown Facts To Consider About Adoption Process
Top 7 Unknown Facts To Consi...
Becoming an adoptive parent is a life-changing decision, and it’s not unusual for a thousand things to run through your mind during this time. Apart from the immense happiness it brings to your family, it’s needless to say that it comes with many additional responsibilities. You need to make sure that you are making the […]
Jun 23, 2016 , 0
5 Facts Parents Should Know to Raise a Bilingual Child
5 Facts Parents Should Know ...
According to the latest research, bilingual children read and analyze faster, are less stressed, and better at coping with conflict. Their brains are more flexible and will even be able to withstand dementia as they age. Physiologically, the brain of bilinguals produces more gray matter in the lower parietal cortex, which makes it better able […]
Jun 11, 2016 , 0
5 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Kids Dress Themselves
5 Reasons Why You Should Let...
You may have read the title of this post and thought to yourself “there is absolutely no way I’m letting my 4 year old child dress themselves, are you crazy!?”. But hear me out … You would simultaneously be saving yourself some time during hectic mornings before school while also teaching your child important skills. […]
Jun 08, 2016 , 0
How to choose a nursery for your child
How to choose a nursery for ...
One of the biggest concerns for parents as their children get older is finding top-quality childcare. These days many parents choose to return to work once their son or daughter is old enough to attend nursery, and it’s also a fantastic chance for children to socialise with other kids in addition to learning and exploring […]
Jun 01, 2016 , 0
Tips for Financially Surviving the Summer Holidays
Tips for Financially Survivi...
Summer holidays can be tough on parents. On top of all the usual childcare costs like food and clothes, you will also need money for getaways and extra childcare as well as trying to maintain your job. After all, they are not in school, so it is down to you to keep them occupied and […]
Apr 09, 2016 , 0
Quick and Easy Snack Ideas for Kids [9 Healthy Options]
Quick and Easy Snack Ideas f...
Feeding toddlers is a full-time job. It is very hard to keep them full and content all the time as it is  normal for them to be hungry in between meals. So you always have to keep a few snack options in hand. However, many packaged foods items are proved to be extremely unhealthy. They […]
Apr 01, 2016 , 0
How to Choose the Best University for your Child
How to Choose the Best Unive...
How do you Choose the Best University for your Child? It is one of the most critical decisions that will affect their adulthood. You have a wide range of options to choose from depending on distance, size, costs, and housing to name a few. All these factors are going to affect how you choose the […]
Mar 30, 2016 , 0
The Complete Guide on How and When to Introduce Solid Food to Your Baby
The Complete Guide on How an...
You should continue breastfeeding your newborn until they’re six months old. Babies are ready for solid food by the time they’re four months, but that doesn’t mean you can jump straight into the process. Solid food should complement breastfeeding or formula feeding at first. Babies stop using their tongues to push food away during this […]
Mar 28, 2016 , 0
10 Guaranteed Ways to Motivate Your Children to Do Well in School
10 Guaranteed Ways to Motiva...
If you are having trouble motivating your children to stay motivated and work hard, then you are not alone. Many parents take the wrong approaches to motivate their children for school. Here are a few tips that can help change that. Don’t Irritate Them: It is important to identify that parents are capable of annoying […]
Mar 23, 2016 , 0

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