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Children’s Reading – Club Hub’s Top Tips for Improving

Published on 5th November 2023 by Tessa Robinson

To celebrate Children’s Book Week 2023, we have spoken to some amazing small businesses and kids activity providers to tell us about their Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading. 

Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading with Storytime Magazine

Top Tips for Improving Children's Reading with Storytime MagazineStorytime magazine is the biggest story magazine in the UK. Each issue is packed with fairy tales, awesome animals, inspirational children, myths, legends, gorgeous illustrations, puzzles, games and much more.

There are no adverts, no plastic toys, and each issue arrives in a special envelope, so children have the excitement of receiving their own post. If you would like to try Storytime for yourself – there’s a half price trial offer on their website here: storytimemagazine.com/halfprice

The Storytime team knows a thing or two about telling stories, so here are their top tips on reading together at home!

When is the best time to read to my child?

The best time to share stories is when your child is receptive enough to enjoy them. That could be before bath-time or tucked up in bed. The best guide is your own child so keep trying until you find a time that works for everyone.

How many stories should I read?

Experts often look at the length of time you read, rather than the number of books. The reading charity Booktrust recommends 10 minutes every day. We say, aim for 10 minutes when your children are very little and gradually increase the time as they get older.

How do I read stories?

The key to how to do stories is to be yourself, even if that means tripping over words and avoiding silly voices. You’re not a Hollywood actor; you’re a parent. Read with enthusiasm and pleasure and you’ll be fine!

What are the best stories to read?

As a good starting point, the best stories for children tend to have the following themes:

  • They’re funny!
  • They feature subjects children can relate to, such as learning to share, being brave, being naughty, starting school, or even disliking vegetables.
  • They star favourite characters, like pirates, dinosaurs and animals.
  • They explore imaginary places or other worlds, such as outer space or under the sea.
  • They’re tried and trusted classics, like fairy tales.

At what age should I stop reading stories?

If your child enjoys it, there’s no reason to stop. The longer you carry on reading, the more they’ll pick up from you about tone, expression, pronunciation, and sharing new words. They’re learning without trying.

If you would like more reading tips, you can download the Storytime Home reading pack with reading rewards, a chart, reading badges and more at storytimemagazine.com/tips

Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading with Bright Light Education

Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading with Bright Light EducationWhether you have a reluctant reader on your hands, or you simply want to encourage your child to read more, here are some ways to ignite their love of reading.

  • Read a little everyday.
  • Take turns reading. Read a page or paragraph each to make it achievable.
  • Make mistakes! Children need to feel comfortable reading so make mistakes and show them it is ok to do so.
  • Help with difficult words. Write them on post-it notes and stick them on the fridge to help your child remember them.
  • Choose appropriate texts. War and Peace can wait until they’re ready.
  • Sign up to a magazine subscription – something they are interested in such as comics, art or science.
  • Visit your local library. This encourages independent choice and furthermore, libraries often have appearances from authors which can be a fantastic way to inspire children.
  • Use a tablet to discover wonderful reading apps and games.
  • Download audiobooks. Audio books can enable a weaker reader to access age appropriate content and get excited by books.
  • Create a book club with your child and some friends. If possible, meet up once a month and talk about the book.
  • Create a welcoming reading environment. How about having a teddy bears’ picnic in the park, encouraging your child to bring along as many books and teddies as they like!

Visit brightlighteducation.co.uk for more top tips to improve children’s reading.

About Bright Light Education

Bright Light Education is a successful tutoring business for primary school children based in London but operating globally through online and face-to-face tuition. It is run by two primary school teachers who have over 10 years’ experience in the education sector. Bright Light Education offers two services:

1) They manage a network of around 30 qualified teachers who offer 1:1 tuition, both face-to-face and online.

2) They run highly popular Creative Writing and English Comprehension courses. These courses are for Year 2 through to Year 6 children, including 11+ examination preparation.

To sign up to their monthly newsletter, visit bit.ly/30veo9h

Website: brightlighteducation.co.uk

Instagram: @brightlighteducation

Facebook @brightlighteducation.co.uk

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/64743376

The Good Schools’ Guide – Bright Light Education

Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading with Reading Eggs

Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading with Reading EggsIf you’re looking for some fresh tips to improve your child’s reading skills, Reading Eggs has some great tips in store for you. Have a look at these top tips to boost your child’s literacy skills.

Provide context

Start with something children can relate to, such as their name. This helps them to learn letters and their corresponding sounds in context. Talk about the way the letters look, sound and feel. Show your child how each letter makes its own sound but when you put them all together they make your child’s name.

Discuss their reading

Once you’ve read a book, discuss the story and ask questions. Talk about the character’s motives and traits, try predicting what might happen next and relate themes to real-life situations. These discussions will develop your child’s ability to infer information and build their vocabulary, language and emergent literacy skills.

Let your child choose what they want to read

Let your child choose their own reading material, following their interests and inclinations. You can support your child by suggesting texts they might like based on what they have enjoyed reading in the past. This could be the next story in a series, a book by the same author or more titles in the same genre.

About Reading Eggs

Proven to help your child learn to read in just 15 minutes a day, the online award-winning learn-to-read programme is designed by primary school teachers to build your child’s essential reading skills. For ages 2–13, Reading Eggs has been enjoyed by over 10 million children around the world. Kids love the fun characters and catchy songs and you’ll love seeing their confidence grow as they learn essential reading skills – skills that will stick with them for life.

Get your 30-Day FREE Trial of Reading Eggs here.

Tips for Reading with Children from A Pocketful Of Books

Tips for Reading with Children from A Pocketful Of BooksReading is an important part of a child’s emotional and intellectual development. But a love of reading doesn’t always come naturally and some children need a little encouragement.

What can you do to help?

  • Set time aside to read aloud together every day. Reading and hearing stories helps children to master concepts such as logic, judgement and cause and effect.
  • Make books easily available in your home – on shelves, in baskets, or in a cosy reading corner. Don’t forget to lead by example too, so they see first-  hand how enjoyable reading can be.
  • Help them find books that they love that reflect their interests, and let them choose what to read. Try lots of genres, such as fiction and non- fiction, books, magazines or graphic novels.
  • Encourage everyday reading activities, like reading menus, recipes, road signs, the weather forecast or other practical information. This helps to develop reading skills in a non-intrusive way.
  • Talk to your children about what they are reading. Encourage their curiosity; what has piqued their interest and where can they find out more?

Our book boxes are carefully designed by our team at A Pocketful Of Books to encourage this curiosity and to help kids find books that they enjoy and develop a love of reading. Each box really brings the book to life with surprise gifts and a tailor-made magazine packed with fun facts and activities, all inspired by the book – from art and craft to brain teasers, experiments and more. Books are carefully selected from a range of genres and authors and are usually new or recently published. There are three reader levels to choose from, as well as a range of monthly subscriptions or single boxes, so it’s easy to find something to suit your child. What’s more, for each box that we ship we make a donation to global reforestation programmes.

Website: apocketfulofbooks.com

Instagram: instagram.com/apocketfulofbooks

inTuition Clubs Top TIPS for improving children’s reading

inTuition Clubs Top TIPS for improving children’s readingReading plays a crucial part in a child’s development to a healthy adulthood and success later in life. In fact, reading helps children develop critical thinking skills and understand the world around them better. Reading pushes their imagination to explore new worlds, for some, this is an escape and a way to relax, but how can we make our children understand and discover the pleasure of reading and encourage them to pick up a book in the first place?

Below are some tips that our tutors at inTuition Clubs have put together for improving children reading.

  • It is important to set aside a regular time slot to read, every day: this helps the children get in the mindset of a routine, it could be you reading to them or them reading to you.
  • Encourage family reading time: reading time can be with anyone in the family it does not always have to be mum or dad, it can be reading all together, or with grandma and grandad or even to a pet!
  • Keep it diverse: your child needs a ‘reading varied diet!’ There are so many genres to choose from, make sure your child knows there is such a variety of books from fiction, science fiction, comedy, comics, action and adventure, detective and mystery, fantasy, books! Choose books that are at your child level, ask their teacher for recommendations!
  • Start a conversation and review the books your child reads together, ask questions and challenge them to be inquisitive.
  • Read out loud and put emphasis on words! Do not be afraid to read a book to your child,use your tone of voice to make it fun and more enjoyable, your child will love this!
  • If your child is struggling to read a difficult word, break it down for them and teach them to break words down
  • Introduce audiobooks: they are a great alternative to traditional hardcopies, and well they are books too!

Instagram: instagram.com/intuitionclubs/

Facebook: facebook.com/inTuitionClubs/

Twitter: twitter.com/intuitionclubs

The Daring Droplets

The Daring DropletsThe Daring Droplets: World Water Cycle Team is a 36 page illustrated children’s book aimed at 3-8 year olds. Drizzle, Dribble and Dazzle have a race to see who will complete a water cycle first.

The Daring DropletsThe Daring Droplets’ Diary: 350 million years ago to today is a 36 page illustrated children’s book aimed at 6-10 year olds. Drizzle, Dribble and Dazzle demonstrate how long the water cycle has been going for by starting their diary in prehistoric times and ending in the present.

Website: survivalsupersquad.co.uk/

Children’s Reading with Beau’s Bookshop

Children's Book Week with Beau's BookshopBeau’s Bookshop offers high quality Usborne Books for all ages – and we accept World Book Day tokens too!

Whether you’re wanting to help your preschooler learn to read with our Phonics Readers box set, or engage your older book worm in an amazing fiction series such as this Cogheart range, then look no further.

Here at Beau’s Bookshop we firmly believe that every child is a reader – they just need to find the right book.

Feel free to get in touch for personal recommendations, or head to beausbooks.co.uk to browse or purchase from the full range.

Facebook: facebook.com/beausbookshop/

Email: [email protected]

Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading with Tales of Me Books

Children's Reading with Tales of Me Books

Our top tips to get your child engaged in reading would be:

  1. Read everything & anything! From road signs to cereal boxes, shopping lists to recipe books. It doesn’t always have to be books!
  2. Read to them everyday. Listening to stories is the best way for a child to understand how reading can be fun and exciting.
  3. Let them catch you reading! Model the enjoyment of reading for pleasure and then they’ll see that reading is a great way to fill your time!

‘The Tale of Starting School,’ helps children to learn about and prepare for starting school before they even begin!

Children will become familiar with their new teachers, new environment  & new routines by personalising their Tale with photographs and filling in the different sections.

Once their Tale is complete, children will be ready to start, ready to learn and most importantly ready to have fun and enjoy school!

Website: talesofmebooks.com/products/the-tale-of-starting-school-book

Instagram: instagram.com/talesofmebooks/ 

Facebook: facebook.com/talesofmebooks/

Little Box of Books Children’s Reading  Subscription and Gift Boxes

Little Box of Books Subscription and Gift BoxesA subscription or one off gift box with Little Box of Books will introduce your 0-11 year old to some wonderful new characters in beautiful story books from top publishers and authors.

Putting together vibrant and exciting collections of inclusive and representative story books, Little Box of Books helps more children to see themselves in stories and help children better understand the world. The books they choose have characters that show diversity in race, culture, family set up and background, they choose books that disrupt gender and disability stereotypes.

To buy head to littleboxofbooks.co.uk and tell your primary school – they pride themselves in revamping tired school library collections with books that better reflect the school and/or UK population.

Instagram instagram.com/littleboxofbooks 

Twitter: twitter.com/littlebobooks

Facebook facebook.com/littlebobooks

Inspire your child to love reading with a monthly book subscription! – Parrot Street Book Club

Parrot Street Book ClubParrot Street Book Club is a subscription book club for children aged 5 to 14. Each month your child will receive a carefully selected chapter book and activity pack in a letterbox-friendly package addressed to them. You will discover great new books and titles that you might not have found for yourselves, helping to encourage your child to read more widely.

All our books can be enjoyed equally by boys and girls and our book club-style questions and activities all add to the fun. Choose between two age categories to suit your children’s reading ability. Plus for every book shipped we make a donation to Coram Beanstalk, a great UK literacy charity.

Find out more at parrotstreet.com

We hope you enjoyed reading all about “The Top Tips for Improving Children’s Reading”. New to Club Hub? You Can Find Kids Activities by searching on our App or Website. 

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