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Category Archives: Dance

Kids Acro Dance Classes Near Me – Club Hub’s Top 5
Kids Acro Dance Classes Near...
Is your child interested in Acro Dance? Would they like to join a local kids acro dance class near them? We have hundreds of kids acro dance classes listed on our directory but we also wanted to provide you with a list of the very best. You can also user our search engine above to find […]
Aug 15, 2023 , 0
Benefits of the Performing Arts on Children’s Mental Health
Benefits of the Performing A...
The performing arts have loads of benefits for our children and young people. From helping them gain teamwork and leadership skills to making friends and finding a fun way to exercise, the benefits seem almost endless. However, a positive that can never be overstated is the impact that performing arts classes and activities have on […]
Mar 03, 2023 , 0
Jigsaw Performing Arts Classes Teach Children Transferable Skills For Life!
Jigsaw Performing Arts Class...
There is no denial that the last few years have been eventful for both us adults and our growing and developing children. We may not think our young ones felt the stress of the major changes, but children have pressures just like us. School, homework, exams, maintaining friendships, the internet, the list goes on! Their […]
Feb 28, 2023 , 0
7 Steps to a Successful Dance/Theatre School Business
7 Steps to a Successful Danc...
As a business mentor that helps dance/theatre school businesses and children activity providers to streamline, simplify and grow their businesses. I am often faced with: “I am so busy, juggling everything  that I don’t have any time to work on my business. I would love to be less stressed and earn more money, but I […]
Feb 27, 2023 , 0
Why Join a Baby Dance Class? – Tappy Toes
Why Join a Baby Dance Class?...
Have you been thinking about joining a baby dance class with your baby? I bet you’ve never thought of, or even heard of a baby dance class? I’m here to tell you why a Tappy Toes Baby Dance Class could be the perfect activity for your 6-month-old! The Benefits of a Baby Dance Class Dance […]
Dec 08, 2022 , 0
10 Tips Before Enrolling Your Kid in a Dance School
10 Tips Before Enrolling You...
Dancing has been a valuable skill and part of schooling for centuries. It allows an outlet for expressing creative freedom, and it’s a form of healthy sports activity. Whether your child has a passion for dancing or simply enjoys moving to music tunes, dancing can greatly add to their routine outside of academics. However, selecting […]
Aug 19, 2021 , 0
Why are Preschool Classes so important? – Tappy Toes
Why are Preschool Classes so...
Tappy Toes run classes for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Boy or Girl, Tappy Toes preschool dance classes will greatly improve your child’s coordination, motor skills and social skills, as well as challenge their imagination and creativity. Parents are encouraged to join in, however, they will be amazed at how enveloped the child […]
Jun 17, 2016 , 0

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