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        • Number 1 on Google for Kids Activity Providers.
        • You can upload any type of Kids Activity to Club Hub
        • We only do targeted marketing based on proximity so you get maximum exposure to people you want.
        • As a result of our work many local kids activity providers have been inundated with calls by new members.
        • We will publish your listings on our directory within 24 hours of ALL of your details being filled in.
        • If you have different locations please list them separately by using the Clone Button.
        • Don’t forget to upgrade to our Contact Package!

Extra Publicity Packages

The Web Link Package

The Must Have Contact Package!
£2.50 per year per listing

      • This enables parents to go straight through to your website through us.
      • You can add any web link to your Club Hub Listing Description, including a booking link or free trial link or contact link.
      • You will also be able to track this link to see how many parents click it throughout the year.

The Booking Package

Enabling Parents to Book in Advance.
£12 per year per listing

      • The Only way Parents can book straight onto your activity through us!
      • You will be able to send an invoice with discounts or extras for parents to pay for in advance.
      • We don’t take any commission.

The Local Package

Your listing featured at the top of local searches
£20 per fortnight

      • Feature at the top of searches within 15 miles of your listing location for 2 whole weeks!
      • Upgrade applies on the website and app straight away!

The News Article Package

on the homepage of our website for one week
£30 per week

      • Your Article on the Homepage of our Website, top of our latest news page on our app, top of our latest news page on our website for 1 whole week with social media publicity.
      • Please visit our News Page for examples.

The Featured Package

on the homepage of our website for two weeks
£60 per fortnight

      • Your listing on the Homepage of our Website for 2 Whole Weeks!
      • With Social Media Publicity!

The Advert Package

in our sidebar or footer on our website
per click or per view

      • Your image with a link directly to your website.
      • You will be able to choose how many clicks or how many page views you would like your advert to receive.
      • You will also be able to track how many views or clicks your advert is getting throughout it’s time on our website.