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Our 2024 Club Hub Awards Judges

Ash Rahman


Ash Rahman - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ash embarked on his journey with PTSA in 2006, fueled by a determined mission to create opportunities for exceptionally gifted young footballers in London. His aim was to provide them with a stage to showcase their talents within the professional football realm. He envisioned the establishment of an environment where the most promising players could hone their skills, enhance their understanding of the game, and ultimately evolve into professional footballers.

With almost three decades of experience in community youth and sports development and management, Ash’s influence extends not only throughout the UK but also on the international stage. He has initiated and executed a diverse array of projects in Europe, Asia, and South America. Additionally, Ash has garnered an extensive understanding of management and sports media, with his work receiving recognition from prominent media outlets like the BBC and ITV. His contributions have facilitated meetings with several high-profile figures, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair and the late Queen Elizabeth.


Jade Foster-Jerrett


Jade Foster-Jerrett - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

The Party Marketeers helps businesses in the party industry go from party pooper to party pro!

Using 11 years of knowledge to help you grow through social media content, marketing and customer service. Offering a successful podcast called The Party Pod as well as one to one sessions.

Jade has been a children’s entertainer for 11 years and entertain 4-8 year olds in the Essex area. A Jelly Jade show includes games, magic, balloons, face painting and disco and aims to make sure every child leaves a party feeling themselves.

“I am looking forward to my first time as a Club Hub judge and to see all the amazing activities that children can enjoy!”



Surlender Pendress


Surlender Pendress - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

Surlender is a versatile children’s resources creator focused on the early learning stationery and publishing sector. With a background in concept design, manufacturing, supply chain management and partnerships within the UK, Asia and worldwide. Her ability to understand the early learning sector needs and translate them into visually striking designs and innovative resources sets her apart. She works closely with early years practitioners and educational experts across the globe to help bring change to the early years sector. As a single mum, Surlender wanted the best for her children but could not afford expensive educational support, so instead, she focused on developing her own resources to help them, and now she wants all children to benefit from her ideas and products.

“I am a mum, wife and Glamma to two gorgeous little girls who inspire me on my mission to make a difference to a child’s learning to write Journey, Love Writing Co. was created with from a personal need and a passion to make a difference . My mission is to make impact to support a child’s learning journey and empower other female founders to innovate and follow their passions. I am honoured to be part of the judging team for such a wonderful children’s focused platform Looking forward to seeing the wonderful entries”.


Marian Adejokun


Marian Adejokun - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

Marian Adejokun is a passionate Early Years Educator, having worked in establishments such as nurseries and primary schools and achieved an MA in Early Years Education. Using her platform to inspire and empower young children, Marian also shares her harrowing experience of Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Now an Ambassador of the British Skin Foundation and an Ambassador of The Scar Free Foundation, Marian is also booked as a keynote speaker for a range of corporate events on topics such as youth development, careers, wellbeing, disabilities and anti-bullying.

Marian is the Founder of ReachOut2All CIC, an organisation committed to empowering and transforming the lives of youths from all backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. Providing a range of youth initiatives, educational tours, personal development workshops and networking opportunities, Marian is dedicated to seeing future generations prosper.

Author of My Life Is Not My Own, Marian has also been interviewed by the Daily Mail and the Metro Newspaper and featured on BBC and ITV News. She has previously spoken at the Atlanta Global Humanitarian Summit alongside the Luther King Jr family and various other international events across the USA, Dubai, Africa and Europe. Named on the Women of Inspiration List: The Wise List, book Marian Adejokun for an inspirational speech on all things youth development, education, faith, wellbeing, anti-bullying and inclusion.


Jenny Chesworth


Jenny Chesworth - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

Jenny Chesworth is the founder of Be Happy Resources, a unique subscription based resource centre of printable mental health tools for children and teens. Jenny’s resources are used across the UK by schools, parents, NHS professionals and many more to help children learn about their mental health and how to manage their wellbeing.

Jenny worked in mental health for five years before launching Be Happy Resources in response to her son who developed anxiety during the lockdown. Jenny has also experienced mental ill health since childhood and so wanted to ensure the next generation were well equipped with the tools to manage their wellbeing as they grow.


Kathryn Hibberd-Little


Kathryn Hibberd-Little - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

Kathryn, a working wife and mother of two, stands as a celebrated female entrepreneur at the helm of the multi-award-winning hospitality business – The Mug Tree Tea Room.

As the proud owner and founder, Kathryn has seamlessly combined her passion for business with advocacy for safe spaces for families and breastfeeding mums. She wholly understands the value and importance of businesses and services dedicated to children and families. Beyond her business, Kathryn quietly dedicates much of her time to community work and projects across Sussex. Her entrepreneurial journey is not only marked by a series of awards, but also by her genuine dedication to creating inclusive spaces and enriching the lives of those around her. She is absolutely honoured to be joining the judging panel at the Club Hub Awards to celebrate the achievements of hardworking businesses.


James McDonald


James McDonald - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

James is Business Development Executive for Morton Michel. He works closely with partners to help provide specialist insurance solutions to franchisors and their networks, with a lot of the clients being from the children’s activity sector.

James has been working in insurance since 2007 and at Morton Michel since 2016. He has had several roles across multiple departments and took on his new role at the beginning of 2022, he finds working with the the Children’s Activities sector fulfilling and enjoyable.

“I get to work directly with franchisors, franchisees, and sector contributors. Regardless of who I am working with or their role in the industry the passion, excitement, and energy that this community has is universal. It is unlike any other I have been a part of, and I feel very privileged that so many people trust us to take care of their insurance needs”


Purdey Collier


Purdey Collier - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

Former banker and aerial artist, Purdey, now creates products that wash without water and is the founder of TingTang .

TingTang’s Award-winning dry wash shampoo – a dry shampoo that actually cleans with no water needed – resulted from bathtime battles when Purdey’s daughter developed an aversion to having her hair washed. Whether the customer is elderly, in need of care with chronic illness or disability; campers or festival goers; children with autism or sensory processing issues or just an aversion to getting their hair wet, water in their ears or shampoo in their eyes, TingTang is a little bit of freedom in a bottle.


Dani Seatter


Dani Seatter - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

With over 20 years experience teaching in the early years sector, Dani has a wealth of experience working with children and families. Moving from teaching to running sustainable business, Eco-Able, Dani has kept families at the forefront combining her passion for sustainability with education, by authoring two sustainable children’s books for little ones.


Maddy Alexander-Grout


Maddy Alexander-Grout - Club Hub Awards Judge 2024

Maddy is an award winning money and TikTok coach, speaker, neurodiversity in the workplace trainer and founder of Mad About Money app , the app that helps you to think differently about money.

Se has vast experience supporting franchises and small businesses with their growth and has also run the UK Parenting forum for the last 8 years, which she founded after having severe mental health struggles as a new mum.

Maddy is honoured to be judging the Club Hub Awards this year!


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