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The Best Kids Activity Boxes

Published on 24th March 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Here at Club Hub we have found twenty amazing kids activity boxes to keep your children occupied for hours. There are a huge range of interests including cooking, science and arts and crafts with lots of amazing discounts too!

Banjo Robinson

kids activity boxes Banjo RobinsonBanjo Robinson is a magical, globe-trotting CAT who sends proper, paper post to children, between the ages of 5-8! Tales of Banjo’s adventures and fun activities arrive in the mail, twice a month, each from a new and exciting destination that he visits.

The kids activity boxes starter pack includes an introductory letter from Banjo Robinson (he’s about to go on a world tour!), a big, beautiful world map, a page from his sketchbook for colouring-in, stickers, stamps, reply paper, and a mini envelope. Subsequent letters also include a recipe card and city map.

We pepper your child’s letters with fun, personable references. (E.G. “Hey! You live on CLUBHUB street, don’t you?! I know a dog around that way, goes by the name of Pogo, why don’t you ask Pogo to bring me your reply?!”)

Banjo’s letters prompt children to write him a reply and he encourages them to post these under the sofa at bedtime. In the morning, they’ll find their reply has been collected by one of Banjo’s local cat pals 😉 (in tooth-fairy esque style!).

Parents can further personalise the letters by adding a P.S. message to the end of each letter (after the introductory letter). This enables them to reply directly to any comments or questions the child may raise in their response.

Banjo’s doing a pretty good job at turning reading, writing and learning about the world into a fun and magical game for children. What are you waiting for- join Banjo on his adventures today and order your kids activity boxes!

Use code BANJOLOVESCLUBHUB for 50% off our three month subscription. This inc map and six deliveries for £12.50.




Cookie Crumbles

kids activity boxes Cookie CrumblesThe Cookie Crumbles Baking Club subscription is the perfect gift for small and big children of all ages. Each month a different baking mix arrives in the post for the lucky recipient to bake.

Choose from a 3 months subscription or 6 months subscription of baking fun. Products include Awesome Wholesome Brownie Mix, Sunny Oat and Raisin Cookie Mix, Granola Energy Mix, Blueberry & Vanilla muffin Mix, Gluten free Brownie Mix, Cranberry, White chocolate and Cinnamon Muffin Mix. Get a delicious baking mix the 1st week of each month.

Something exciting to look forward to and make them happy!

Use Code baking15 for 20% of the rrp.

Escape Kit

Escape KitDo you love Escape Rooms ? You never had the chance to do one ? Do you want to transform your house into a crime scene ?

Escape Kit offers you to transform your house, apartment, or garden… into an Escape Room !

Emerge you into a mysterious murder, a sleeping curse, or even in the heist of the century. Everything is possible !

It’s pretty simple to play : you have 1 hour to solve the clues, it’ll be your most important mission to win the game.

Print, setup and play !

Escape Kit has many subjects to play adapted to all ages, from 6 years old.

You can play with as many players you want.

Escape Kit will be the best game ever played for holidays or even for your next birthday ! Today, Escape Rooms are the most popular games played around the world, so what are you waiting for ? It is also the best form of entertainment for any occasion.

Foodini Postal Club

Foodini Postal ClubThe Foodini Postal Club is a monthly delivery of healthy recipes to get kids cooking up tasty sweet and savoury dishes. The core of the pack is our illustrated recipe cards with step-by-step instructions for kids to follow with minimal input from grown ups, meaning young chefs can take control in the kitchen.

The illustrated shopping lists are designed to help kids identify and tick off what ingredients they already have or need from the shops, so kids can get involved in the whole process of food prep! Alongside this the pack includes pre-measured dry ingredients, a spice/herb exploration pack and a craft or growing activity.

The Postal Club offers a regular drop of inspiration, tool to improve life skills and most importantly a way to help grow a lifelong healthy relationship with food as kids who cook, eat!

Use code FCCLUBHUB for 10% off 12 or 6 months subscriptions for both the Postal and Recipe card club.

Geo Journey

Kids Activity Boxes Geo JourneyWith the Geo Journey subscription box you get to explore the world from home with cute characters Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy.

The friends go on a world adventure and write to you from different countries telling you all about their travels. They’ll send a letter, photos, stickers, travel tickets and even a cute gift each month.  The first box is an awesome explorer kit with mini suitcase, travel journal, passport and map of the world.

You’ll be all set for your Geo Journey adventures!  Great for learning capital cities, landmarks, cultural events, language and much more.

For kids aged 4-10

Use code KEEPLEARNING for 15 % off 6 and 12 month subscription packages.

I Did It! – Kids Activity Boxes

Kids Activity Boxes I Did It!I Did It! is a cool and quirky monthly activity box of themed items to keep children entertained and to spark those ‘lightbulb moments’. Each month, subscribers explore exciting topics including science, art, maths, technology and engineering.

Aimed at children aged 5-11 years old, the I Did It! activity box is educationally approved and equips parents with all the ‘tools’ for a fun learning experience with a real sense of achievement too – hence the name ‘I Did It!‘. Whether it be bug hunting or creating dough circuits, this box is primed to impress and inspire those busy little minds.

Use Code IDIDIT15 for 15% of all orders

Keeko Kids

Keeko KidsAt Keeko Kids we specialise in bespoke and off-the-shelf kids colouring products, such as our signature kids colouring boards, activity packs, colouring sheets and crayons. All our products are created to add value to businesses and keep children entertained and happy!

We are also the largest crayon manufacturer in the UK!  We’ve been keeping children colouring for over 20 years and manufacture all our bulk crayons, kids colouring boards and activity packs in the UK!  Our bulk crayons are perfect for businesses, kids clubs, home crafts, schools and nurseries, as you can order specific crayon colours depending on what craft activity you’re working on!

Visit our website to see our full product range and get colouring with Keeko Kids!  

Letterbox LabLetterbox Lab

Letterbox Lab consists of absolutely incredible science experiments delivered through your letterbox! The kit contains everything your child needs to start playing with science. The subscription is completely no commitment, you can cancel at any time and you can buy as individual purchases. There are two different versions of Letterbox Lab: the Explore box (for age 6+) or the Investigate box (for age 8+).

“My 9 Year old daughter loved the box. It provided a variety of fun scientific activities that were engaging and really tapped into the interest of a primary school aged child.” Overall, the practical element makes this subscription a great purchase for both child and parent to perform at home, as well as developing a child’s intrigue in science.”  Dad to a 9 year old girl

Starting at £9.50 per month

Letterbox Lab guides children through the adventure called science. Get curiosity, awe and wonder through your letterbox at

Orders are currently paused but you can sign up on their website to receive a notification when they are back in stock

Little Box of Books

Little Box of BooksWith World Book Day coming up, a subscription or one off gift box with Little Box of Books will introduce your 0-11 year old to some wonderful new characters in beautiful story books from top publishers and authors. Putting together vibrant and exciting collections of inclusive and representative story books, Little Box of Books helps more children to see themselves in stories and help children better understand the world. The books they choose have characters that show diversity in race, culture, family set up and background, they choose books that disrupt gender and disability stereotypes. Order online our kids activity boxes today.

To buy head to and tell your primary school – they pride themselves in revamping tired school library collections with books that better reflect the school and/or UK population.

Use code HELLO10 for 10% off  the first box of any pay monthly subscription.




Little World Builder – Kids Activity Boxes

Little World BuilderInspire your children to learn about architecture and culture through hands-on activity and build a 3D world building of their own!

Perfect for children aged 6-11, enhancing concentration and problem-solving skills. Award-winning children subscription won Bronze in the Made For Mum Toy Awards 2019.

We support home learning during this unprecedented time, hence we offer discounted subscription for a limited time.

50% OFF first box on ‘Monthly Plan’. 20% OFF ‘4 Months’ & ‘7 Months’ Prepaid Plan.

Mel Science

Kids Activity Boxes Mel ScienceMEL Science offers subscriptions for the new generation, combining hands-on experiments with VR and AR technologies to make learning fun and effective.

Choose the perfect subscription for your family and discover how the world works together!

MEL Chemistry

A chemistry subscription for ages 10+.

Includes a free Starter Kit with the necessary reusable equipment for a home lab and a free VR-headset, 2-3 experiments delivered to your door each month, a mobile app with instructions, and VR chemistry lessons.

MEL Kids

An AR-powered science box for ages 5+.

Includes a hands-on science project, a comic book with instructions and explanations, and an app that uses augmented reality (AR) to make complex concepts simple

Use Code CLUBHUB for 25% discount on the first month.

Mess Box – Kids Activity Boxes

Kids Activity Boxes Mess BoxStep into Spring with our Eggstravaganza Mess Box where your little chicks can have some Easter messy fun!

Each box is bursting with a range of messy surprises and everything you need to build, create, make and get messy. Including:

  • Build a 3D garden with the Mess Box
  • Spring is here and we will show you how to make your very own spring rice
  • The frogs will love your pond slime
  • Explore water beads
  • Egg box decorating
  • Grow your cress from seed
  • Make your own summer sensory bottle

Mysteries in Time – Kids Activity Boxes

kids activity boxes Mysteries in TimeAward-winning Time Machines packed full of adventure! This exciting subscription box brings history to life for kids aged 7-11 with a unique combination of stories, facts, puzzles, crafts, colouring-in and more. Receive a Time Machine delivered to your door each month that’s packed full of high-quality, fun, educational activities, starting with a visit to Ancient Egypt to learn about mummies, hieroglyphs, pharaohs and much more. Subscribe today and take your kids on an exciting and educational journey through history!

Receive 50% off the first adventure to Ancient Egypt:

Use code CH50CLASSIC  for the Classic Pack

Use code CH50BUMPER for the Bumper Box

Our Little Globe – Kids Activity Boxes

Kids Activity Boxes Our Little GlobeOur Little Globe sends kids around the world, every month! Mini adventurers receive an activity box bursting with new ways to explore a new place, including its culture, tastes and traditions.

Delivered straight to their door and aimed at 5+ year olds, the boxes are personalised with a pen pal letter, craft kits, recipe cards and other activities to inspire a lifelong curiosity of the world around them.

In their first month’s subscription they will also receive a mini suitcase, world map and passport to make sure they are well-equipped to explore the globe!

Our Little Globe’s message is #differentisbrilliant and they sew this mantra into all the boxes they deliver! A monthly subscription starts from £12.95 per month.

Use code HOMEED15 for 15% off

Parrot Street Book Club

Inspire your child to love reading with a monthly book subscription!

Parrot Street Book ClubParrot Street Book Club is a subscription book club for children aged 5 to 11. Each month your child will receive a carefully selected chapter book and activity pack in a letterbox-friendly package addressed to them. You will discover great new books and titles that you might not have found for yourselves, helping to encourage your child to read more widely. All our books can be enjoyed equally by boys and girls and our book club-style questions and activities all add to the fun. Choose between two age categories to suit your child’s reading ability. Plus for every book shipped we make a donation to Beanstalk, a great UK literacy charity.

Use code CLUBHUB10 for 10% discount on your first subscription (renewals charged at full price)

Find out more at

Rosie Bees Craft Boxes

Rosie Bees Craft BoxesI am a qualified Teacher with a passion for the Early Years and creative play. Children learn best when they don’t realise they are learning at all! Rosie Bees Craft Boxes are planned for Children between the ages of 3 – 5 years.  I have created the educational craft boxes to give you fun activities you can share with your children, creating experiences and precious memories that will last forever. I also know as a Mum myself life can get very hectic. This box will have everything you need inside it, so will save you lots of time.

Each kids activity box has a different theme.  They come with 4 craft activities linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage, each with activity and learning support cards.  The cards give you guidance on what your child can learn and they also have vocabulary and question ideas to support further learning.  This is directly linked to the early years curriculum so you can be safe in the knowledge that your child is learning whilst having fun!

Rosie Bees Craft Boxes, keeping the busiest of bees busy!

Currently with 10 % discount

The Curiosity Box – Kids Activity Boxes

kids activity boxes The Curiosity BoxYour Curiosity Box is full of seriously fun, hands-on activities and experiments that explore the science in our everyday. We get 4-12 year olds exploring topics like climate change and power, making potions, tinkering and inventing by providing everything you need, in one box, delivered to your home.

Founded by scientist and mum to two curious kids, Renee, Curiosity Boxes are linked to the UK curriculum, they’re designed and made in Oxfordshire by our team of mums (and Phill), we’ve never used single use plastic packaging and have won lots of awards for getting ALL children excited about science!

Use Code CLUBCURIOUS for 10% discount

The Rainy Day Box – Kids Activity Boxes

Kids Activity Boxes The Rainy Day Box

Come rain or shine, some days you might find yourself looking for ideas to amuse a little one.

At Rainy Day Box, we want to help you ignite their imagination and inspire them with good old-fashioned crafting fun (no batteries required!!).

If you’re on that familiar quest to keep your days screen-free, then get creative and shape some seriously wholesome fun!  The kid in all of us loves a pick’n’mix, so dive right in and create your very own “Kids Big Activity Box”.  You select the contents and then we’ll lovingly build the box for you. Choose from baking mixes, to craft kits, to games and cool stickers . . . and much, much more.

Or perhaps you’d like to join our subscription service.  With our Letterbox Club, your child will receive a personalised, fun-filled seasonal box of activities through your letterbox every month (including a recycling task to encourage those little eco-warriors!).

Use code BB22 to receive 10% of our Big Activity Boxes

Buy it Now!


WhirliDrowning in toy clutter or tired of wasting money on unloved toys? Many parents are. That’s why Whirli created the UK’s revolutionary toy sharing subscription service.

Access a huge shareable toy box of over 1000 of the latest toys. Parents pick the toys they want, Whirli deliver them, and when they are done they swap them for something else. Whirli even offer a home collection service. All toys are fully sterilised before they are sent out. Pay monthly and cancel at any time. Easy-peasy!

Use code CLUBHUB to try Whirli for £5 for your first month, £46 for 6 months or £82 for the whole year. Postage not included. 

ZaZa’s Storybox

kids activity boxes ZaZa’s StoryboxIntroduce your little one to their first little book club where they will receive an exciting Storybox each month that is themed and tailored to their age. Perfect for babies and toddlers between 0-2 years of age.

Receive two beautiful books to stimulate your baby or toddler as well as an engaging toy to inspire a love of the books. Each Storybox is themed and tailored to the exact age of your little one with reading tips to get the most out of your Storybox. Delivered monthly, the durable books will withstand busy little hands and toys are all from reputable brands. Additional goodies are often included – products from Childs Farm, My Little Piccolo, Hoogly Tea and Rude Health have all been featured recently.

Introducing storytime during your child’s earliest years can have a major positive impact on their growth and development. Did you know that only 1 in 11 children have books in their home, and that the number of toddlers being read to has dropped by a fifth over the past five years?! Stunned by these statistics, ZaZa’s StoryBox was born to inspire little ones to love books. Teach your child skills to last a lifetime and subscribe to ZaZa’s Storybox today!

Use code CLUBHUB10 for 10% discount

We hope you enjoyed reading about all these amazing Kids Activity Boxes.

Search for more Kids Activity Boxes on the Club Hub Website or App Now!

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