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FAQ’s – Club Hub Membership

Published on 19th November 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Are you interested in our club hub membership for children’s activity providers? Please take a look at our frequently answered questions below.

What’s included in the Club Hub Membership

Please take a look at our Club Hub Membership page where we have listed everything that is included –

How much does it cost?

It is £3.99 per month or £32 per year for new members. Free for charities and non profit businesses and £16 for anyone who signed up to Club Hub between 2016 and 2020. You can pay via PayPal or card. If you have selected the recurring payment option you can cancel anytime by visiting your subscriptions page on your PayPal account.

How long will it take for my listings to go live on the directory?

Allow up to 24 hours for admin to publish your account and listings. Please make sure you have subscribed as a member –

I have multiple venues and I can only see a way of uploading one location?

Please upload each location separately. For new members please list the details for your first location then you will need to create an account and subscribe as a member before you can carry on uploading all your different locations. You can use the clone button to clone your listing and then edit the details that are different to the previous listing.

My prices vary or I don’t have a fixed fee

Please add a price range in the price box such as “5 – 10”.

I am an online class but the page is asking for an address

Please add your home address or an address of the town you are based, select the online classes category and when it comes through to admin, they will amend to show parents your listing is an online class.

I am a party entertainer, mobile pottery business or in a similar industry where I don’t have a fixed location

Please add your home address or an address of the town you are based, mention the locations you travel to in the description of the listing and admin will amend the location when publishing.

I don’t have a YouTube or Vimeo link

This is an optional box but you will have to click the yellow “Select Media” box and upload an image under 2mb for your listing to save.

I have a discount code or I would like to offer a free trial 

Please mention this in the description of the listing.

I am signed up to Trustist. How do I add my star rating to my listings ?

Please contact Ellie at Trustist for your link – [email protected] where you can then click the pencil edit button your listing and add it to the “Trustist code” box.

I can’t login to my Club Hub Account

If you have forgotten your password, please select the “Forgot Password” when clicking the login option. Enter your email address for your club hub account and click the reset password button. Visit your emails where there will be an email with a link to our website. You will then receive a second email with your new password to login with. If you want to change this new password please visit your profile where at the bottom of the page you can change your password –

I’ve forgotten my username, it says my email address is already registered?

Please contact us via our contact page on our website –

How do I edit my listings?

Please visit your dashboard and click the pencil edit button on the listing you want to edit. Edit your listing and click save. If your listing is “Published” the changes will be made automatically and shown on the directly straight away –

What does the yellow “Enable Web Link Package – Free Trial” button mean under my listing on the dashboard?

This enables you to trial our web link package free for one month. Usually £2.50 per listing per year it enables a green book now button on your listing which takes parents through to your desired website link. This can be any link, for example a booking link, Facebook link or website link. You will be charged £2.50 after the month has finished if you haven’t cancelled the subscription and you will then be charged the £2.50 again in a years time. This package is £2.50 per listings per year. You can cancel this payment at anytime by logging into your PayPal account and visiting your subscriptions page.

What does the pause button do on my listing?

If you have a listing that you don’t want to be live on the directory at the moment please click the pause button where it will automatically take the listing off the directory until you want to click the play button and add it back on.

I am interested in your extra publicity packages 

Once you have subscribed as a club hub member and added your first listing you can upgrade your listing or choose one of our extra publicity packages for more publicity. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more –

How do I optimise my listings so they reach as many parents and carers as possible?

Please select as many categories as possible for your listing so they come up in as many search results as possible. You can also include what your activity is in the title of your listing to improve it’s search engine optimization for example “Tessa’s Jazz Hands Dance Class”. We also recommend adding a YouTube link or Vimeo link or more than five vibrant images.

The pin on the google maps isn’t in the correct place on my listing

Please contact us and we will take a look at your listing as it is very important that this is in the correct place due to our directory only advertising your activities based on proximity –

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