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Ukulele Lessons for Kids
Ukulele Lessons for Kids
Why Ukulele lessons for kids Introducing children to the world of music through ukulele lessons offers a myriad of benefits that extend beyond the joy of strumming strings. The ukulele, with its compact size and gentle tones, serves as an ideal instrument for young learners. Its manageable size encourages fine motor skill development in small […]
Nov 21, 2023 , 0
What age should your child start singing lessons?
What age should your child s...
In this blog article we explore what age should your child take singing lessons. Many children sing before even speaking. Many children love to sing. Singing is an enjoyable and beautiful thing to do. Listening to your child sing for the first time will probably bring goosebumps to your skin. It is one of the […]
Aug 05, 2023 , 0
The Strings Club Holiday Camps Start Summer on a High Note!
The Strings Club Holiday Cam...
The Strings Club today announces their latest unique Strings Club Holiday Camps for the Summer holidays, as well as several new locations as they expand due to demand for their award-winning childcare programmes.  This independent business, that uses music as a force for good, is run by a former teacher, professional violinist and mum who […]
Jun 07, 2023 , 0
Benefits of the Performing Arts on Children’s Mental Health
Benefits of the Performing A...
The performing arts have loads of benefits for our children and young people. From helping them gain teamwork and leadership skills to making friends and finding a fun way to exercise, the benefits seem almost endless. However, a positive that can never be overstated is the impact that performing arts classes and activities have on […]
Mar 03, 2023 , 0
Piano Lessons for Kids – Club Hub UK
Piano Lessons for Kids – Clu...
In this article we will be looking at the benefits of playing the piano. We will also help you to find the piano lessons near you so that your child can start to learn how to play. Of course if we haven’t covered your area you can always search under the music category of our […]
Mar 01, 2023 , 0
Jigsaw Performing Arts Classes Teach Children Transferable Skills For Life!
Jigsaw Performing Arts Class...
There is no denial that the last few years have been eventful for both us adults and our growing and developing children. We may not think our young ones felt the stress of the major changes, but children have pressures just like us. School, homework, exams, maintaining friendships, the internet, the list goes on! Their […]
Feb 28, 2023 , 0
Guitar Lessons For Kids – What Age is Best to Start Learning?
Guitar Lessons For Kids – Wh...
Are you looking for guitar lessons for kids? Has your child expressed interest in playing the guitar? Maybe they have been inspired by someone playing on the street busking  in a concert, a band or even on TV.  If so you may wonder what age is best to start learning guitar. The answer to this […]
Jan 02, 2023 , 0
How singing and drama classes can develop crucial life skills
How singing and drama classe...
When you think of singing and drama classes, chances are your mind immediately fast-forwards to scenes of performing on a West End stage or other theatre setting. And while they’ll obviously help anyone who dreams of being the next big star hone their vocal & acting skills, there’s so many other reasons why enrolling your […]
Sep 30, 2022 , 0
What to look for when choosing a children’s activity – Little Voices
What to look for when choosi...
So how do you decide which activities are right for your child? There is so much to think about when choosing the best children’s activity There’s been an explosion of children’s activities over the past few years, with more and more new classes opening up all the time. And having spent the last couple of […]
Apr 07, 2022 , 0
Little Voices – 7 tips for building confidence in your child
Little Voices – 7 tips for b...
At Little Voices, your child is at the heart of everything we do. Nurture your child’s confidence & help them reach their potential with our multi-award winning singing & drama lessons. What is confidence? When we talk about your child’s confidence, we’re talking about their feeling or belief that they can do well at something. […]
Feb 10, 2022 , 0
Rhythm Time Cheshire Celebrates 21 Years of Early Music Classes!
Rhythm Time Cheshire Celebra...
Frances’ Rhythm Time Cheshire journey began 21 years ago when attending a mums and tots group in Balsall Common with Rhythm Time founder Kathy Doolan. Not only did Frances attend the FIRST EVER Rhythm Time class, but she was also the first Rhythm Time teacher, AND the first Rhythm Time franchisee.  Now celebrating an incredible […]
Jun 10, 2021 , 0
Baby Music Classes – What age should a child start lessons?
Baby Music Classes – What ag...
Is your child interested in music? Would they like to start learning a musical instrument? Here at Club Hub, our directory is filled with thousands of baby music classes, so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more about their businesses and at what age they should start learning. Baby […]
Oct 05, 2020 , 0
Little Voices Hackney – Performing Arts Classes in Hackney
Little Voices Hackney – Perf...
At Little Voices Hackney you will find outstanding tuition, expert guidance, support and traditional methods of teaching drama and singing, so that your child can pursue a life on the stage or increase their confidence in all areas of their life. Children are taught within a unique framework of Drama and Singing lessons of Distinction, […]
Apr 08, 2018 , 0

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