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How can you improve your child’s drawing?

Published on 28th July 2022 by Tessa Robinson

If you are reading this article you may very well be asking yourself ..How can you improve your child’s drawing? Many children absolutely love to draw. It seems that if you put a piece of paper and some pencils, many children will be happy for hours on end drawing different things. However some children may need a little more encouragement. For example your child may be expressing to you that they really want to draw like their friends but feel they don’t really know how. In this case it’s perfectly acceptable to step in and give them a hand. This blog written by the largest kids club directory for 0-18s Club Hub UK will hopefully help you explore and answer that question you keep asking yourself  “How can you improve your child’s drawing.

How can you improve your child's drawing?Before answering your question of How can you improve your child’s drawing…let’s look at some of the benefits of children drawing.

  • Drawing can help to develop fine motor skills which is so important for children. It can also help develop good hand, eye coordination.
  • Drawing can help to improve children’s concentration and attention span
  • Drawing can help children relax, unwind and de-stress. This can promote positive well being and good mindfulness 

There are so many benefits of drawing that the list could go on and on. However, let’s now focus on the reason you are reading this blog. The question you are asking is “how can you improve your child’s drawing” so let’s try and help. There are lots and lots of ways, however in this blog we will just share a few.

Build your child’s Confidence

Build your child's ConfidenceSo, firstly when asking “how can you improve your child’s drawing” you have to sometimes consider it may simply be a confidence issue. Depending on your child’s age, your child may have an artistic talent, ability or potential but not quite know it or be confident in their ability. Drawing and art is alot about expression. So set up some paper and materials for them and let them go for it. Let them use pencils, pastels, Sharpies, they may we can refer primarily to drawing Encourage your child and talk to them in a positive tone (even if you don’t quite know what they have drawn or if it doesn’t look like anything. it is about interpretation… !££ddAsk them questions about what they like to draw and how drawing makes them feel. Give your child lots of opportunities to draw different objects (put a colourful fruit bowl out of some fresh flowers and ask them if they can draw it. Show interest in what your child has drawn. Ask your child how what they have drawn makes them feel. How do the colours make them feel, what do they like about what they have drawn. What do they like to draw? If you feel your child I’d lacking in confidence and never feels proud of what they produce, you may want to consider taking your child to a confidence boosting class to further improve their overall confidence.

Draw together

Draw togetherIf you would like to improve your child’s drawing then a great way would be to also look at your own drawing skills. Now you may be great, but personally I really struggle to draw a realistic looking horse, and my dogs sometimes have been mistaken for cows. However, your child won’t really care about what your picture looks like. They will love that you are sitting down and taking the time out to be part of something they enjoy doing. It will make them see drawing as a fun activity and opposed to work or a chore. Be brave and be prepared to show your child that even adults can learn. Sit down together, take some time out and draw together.

Enroll your child on a drawing classes

How to improve your child's drawing? Enroll your child on a drawing classesTo improve your child’s drawing you could take them to a drawing or art class or even enroll them in an online class. If they are passionate about art and drawing then your child would love this and also get to meet other children who are also interested in similar passions. Take a look at our directory to find a fantastic drawing class near you

How to improve your child’s drawing? – Practice Makes Perfect

How to improve your child's drawing? - Practice Makes PerfectIf you want to help improve your child’s drawing skills then allow them lots of time to practice. You know how the old saying goes. Practice makes perfect and it really does. Make sure your child has all the right tools they need to draw, then sit them on a table and chairs suitable for their height. If you go on a trip to the park, castle, or the beach, take a sketch pad and some pencils with you and ask if they would like to draw what’s around them. Take every opportunity you get to allow your child to draw on different textures too (for example on a big leaf, on smooth warm sand, on a rock). If you need a little bit of inspiration on where to go there are loads of activities, events and days out listed in our Club Hub UK directory!

We hope you have found this article useful and we have been able to give you a few tips about how you can improve your child’s drawing. If you have any ideas we would love you to share them on our Club Hub social media pages.

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