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Phonics Stars™ – classes for children in their early years

Published on 15th April 2018 by chrisryu

Phonics Stars™Phonics Stars™ is an educational and interactive club which promotes active learning through play throughout the UK.

We provide classes for children in their early years (two to five years) with their parents or carers. Children have fun learning through play with body actions and dance routines.

We help to bring letter sounds to life through play based learning! We also hold private classes within preschools and nurseries as well as after school clubs for foundation stage/year one children and birthday party packages tailored to your child’s interests.

Phonics Stars™ classes are designed to provide the foundations for learning in a fun, active and stimulating environment, supporting your child’s transition into formal education and helping with school readiness.

Classes are theme based and focus on learning phoneme recognition, formation, pronunciation of sounds, developing muscle strength to form a foundation to support writing, pencil grip, hand eye coordination, and that’s just for starters.

Children learn to share, take turns and develop good social skills. Listening is key when learning phonics; therefore listening games are used throughout the class.

Phonics Stars™Children and adults have fun taking part in the lively ‘Disco Dough Gym’ using and building core strength, pumping those muscles in the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers whilst working across the midline. Not only is this great fun but by following instructions and actions children can develop into strong super writers!

We cast magic spells on our pens or paintbrushes and go to the SHIMMI disco to dance out the formation of the 4 letter families, working across the midline which leads into mark making and early writing.

So come and join us for some dancing, singing, creativity, storytelling and of course LOTS of LEARNING.

All classes are delivered by class leaders who are passionate about early education, most are qualified and experienced teachers. Our aim is to make a difference to children, families and teachers.

All class leaders are experienced, fully trained, DBS checked, insured and trained in paediatric first aid.

To find out more or to discover how you can be a class leader within your area and work flexible hours around your family, please email [email protected]

Do check out our Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages:

We want as many Children, Families and Communities to share in the Phonics Stars™ Happiness and Advantage.

Phonics Stars™The Phonics Stars classes are designed to be fun, educational and interactive; and provide regular opportunities for young children from around the age of 2 years to gain a gentle introduction to Phonics, develop those essential listening skills and build up their fine and gross motor strength. Children also gain an opportunity to develop their social skills and understand codes of behaviour, learning to share, take turns and have fun learning through play. Dance and movement is celebrated in class as well as interactive storytelling and creativity.

Phonics Stars promote active learning through play and exploration. The innovative system and challenging activities have been developed over the past three years and has now been rolled out nationally through specially trained and licensed Class Leaders”

Phonics Stars was founded by Samantha Baldwin in 2014. As an Early Years Educator in an Outstanding London Primary School she noticed many children entering Reception needed a lot of support with some basic skills. Some Parents needed support and encouragement and some were keen to learn ways in which they can help their own children with Phonics and other areas of learning. With Teachers under increasing pressures and Children and Parents in need of support, Sam wanted to create something that could make a difference.

This is a critical issue. There is a great deal of evidence proving that Children who perform well in their Early Years tend to stay on this trajectory throughout their education; and vice versa. Sam Baldwin and other licensed class leaders deliver these fun and interactive Phonics Stars classes in various locations across the UK. With 3 types of classes running the Super Star leaders are very busy doing a job they love! Most classes are available for the general public to join in and experience.

Parents and Carers bring their children and babies to the class and everyone takes part and joins in, experiencing a fun packed hour! The Public classes arePhonics Stars™ usually held in church, village or sports halls.

There are other classes delivered within Pre Schools and Nurseries, sometimes with or without Parents and with Early Years Professionals from the setting who participate, learn, observe and work with their key children. And then there are The Phonics Stars after School Clubs. These clubs bring together the magic of Phonics Stars with a combination of teaching techniques.

These classes link to The Early Years Foundation Stage, characteristics of learning and support children to reach their goals and targets.Phonics Stars has also been commissioned by one Local Authority to help it drive better educational outcomes, bring communities together, and build relationships and parental engagement. Working together with Phonics Stars to deliver classes within Best Start Children’s Centres and Primary Schools.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Phonics Stars! To learn more, please check out our website: www.Phonicsstars Want to find out about becoming a class leader in your area? Contact [email protected] Find us on Facebook Instagram and twitter

What do parents and carers say about our Phonics Stars™ classes?

Phonics Stars™This isn’t your usual “ABCs” the progress I have seen has helped with everything from fine motor skills to listening & social skills along with pattern, sound and number recognition. It’s definitely educated myself who was previously rather uninspired and even unsure of what to introduce and when. I believe this class will give my son a great base for school and more importantly the confidence and exposure that I hope continues this positive association with learning.” “I love Phonic Stars as its fun, a good workout and giving me loads of ideas to share with children.”

“Harriet has been attending your classes for almost two terms now and I have noticed such a positive change in her recognition of letters! As you focus your sessions on one letter per class it really sticks in the children’s minds and skills. Brilliant idea to get them to bring along an object/toy which starts with the letter they are learning that session. It builds the connectivity and makes it fun. It’s been a really positive experience and one I want my daughter to continue with. Well done!”

“Super! The activities are fun and great for so many of the children’s developmental skills and the session is at a great pace. My children (2.5 & 4) love it, they’ve definitely learnt a lot and they look forward to the next one. Highly recommend!”

“This is one of the best preschool classes I have come across and my son adores Sam’s weekly classes. I have and would still recommended this to every mummy friend; and those that have tried it out agree that Phonics Stars is fantastic. Sam has a fine talent of keeping the children engaged and has created an educational session that remains fun & energetic”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sam and she is a fantastic role model who works hard at what she does. My Jake loves coming to Phonics Stars and now that he is finally getting to grips with all that goes on, we are seeing an increase in his language and social skills as well as recognising some sounds…it also helps Nanny too who takes him!! Can’t wait to see where this half term takes him. I’ll be booking until he goes to school!”

“What a fantastic fun way for children to learn and start to sound letters. It’s a fun and active class for children where the children enjoy play doh, pom poms, parachute and different activity tables. Sam is absolutely fantastic and very experienced with children. What a joy. My daughter can’t wait for next week.”

“My son loves Phonics Stars as he learns the sounds and letters while having fun. I love it because it teaches me how to play with him and provide the right stimulation for his very hungry brain. The teacher is filled with enthusiasm and creativity. 5 Phonics Stars review.”

“We attended a trial class today and it was brilliant. My son didn’t appear to be concentrating…but he came home and, 7 hours later, told me that “I spy O for octopus, D for daddy and M for mummy”. (I am ignoring P for crocodile!) He’s just turned 3 so this class is perfect prep for pre-school. Thanks for being so welcoming, especially as I have a baby to look after in the class as well.”
“Went along last week for a trial session… What a brilliant group for fun based learning my 3.5 year old loved it and spent the rest of the day proudly telling everyone that she had learnt a new sound Sh! A well-structured group with early years learning at its core.”

“Your classes and you are fabulous. My Thomas has been attending your classes for a little while and he can lose his way a bit in the class, having a meltdown over the most minor thing or just simply being a little tired (as like a lot of toddlers), yet you still maintain your patience and positivity, I am so grateful for this. He wants to do everything for you, Mr Helper, so you adapted some tasks or included extra bits to encourage him take part, most would have ignored him. He amazes me the amount he picks up, pointing out at letters on signs from the car and telling me their sound and naming an object after that sound, all without prompting. Thank you for taking the time designing your classes and with my Thomas.”

“I just want to say that your class and concept is absolutely brilliant and far far exceeded my expectations today. It’s definitely a class I could buy into because I whole heartedly agree with the fundamental principles of getting pre-schoolers school ready – through fine motor activities, gross motor activities, and all literacy elements in a fun way. You definitely deserve to earn a million for it! Gosh if only our education minister could see it. It’s so sad that schools give 15mins to phonics sessions because you proved today how in an hour children are still engaged and working all the muscles and skills they need. I am honestly in awe of you. “

These and other 100% 5 Star reviews can be found at the Phonics Stars™ Facebook pages.

Do you want to be a part of the Phonics Stars™ growing team?

We are looking for new class leaders to add even more sunshine to our classes. New class leaders to start in new locations and join our fast growing team.

  • Flexible, term time only in or out of school hours.
  • Make a difference to children and families.
  • Feel empowered and be supported.
  • Full training will give you the knowledge you need to fully understand everything about the classes and with ongoing support to ensure you run a successful business.
  • Personalised resources provided to get you started. T shirts for adults and children, business cards, leaflets and training in social media marketing plus much more.
  • 3-5 branches to business: Public Classes, Classes within Preschools/Nurseries and After School Clubs. Birthday Party Packages in development.
  • Be an exclusive Licenced Class Leader in an area of your choice.
  • We are looking for an energetic, engaging and organised people to become new class leaders.

So, have you got what it takes?

Applicants must be:

  • Energetic
  • Engaging with good Communication skills
  • Willing to work with both children and adults
  • Passionate about support children’s development and promote learning through play
  • Committed to making a difference
  • Organised and proactive
  • Professional and respectful
  • Focused and able to follow a plan and work as a team

Once approved you will need to obtain:

  • A DBS Check to gain a licence.
  • Paediatric first aid training.

We are now spreading fun and happiness across the UK through a network of passionate and inspiring Class Leaders.

We are currently looking for our second round of Class Leaders, and those selected will pay a significantly discounted rate for their Licence, training and resources. This is for a limited period only.

To find out more about becoming a Licenced Class Leader in or around your area, email us at [email protected]

Phonics Stars™ is an exciting, fresh phenomenon developed and proven in London over the past two 1/2 years.

‍Children have fun learning through PLAY! Classes are open to the general public as well as being held within Pre Schools, Nurseries and after school clubs.

Our classes provide children with engaging learning opportunities which support their transition into School.

Full training, comprehensive personalised resources and ongoing support is provided to empower our Licensed Leaders to run their own small business from and around their desired location.

This link contains a video clip, this offers an insight into the action at our classes.

You can also learn more by following the link to other class leaders below.

To find out more about Phonics Stars™ you can find us on Facebook or visit our website at

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