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The Best Activities for Teenagers Near Me

Published on 20th March 2024 by Tessa Robinson

If you’re looking for clubs for Teenagers near you then here at Club Hub we have all the clubs you could want you can also use our search engine to find all the clubs you want. We have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more of what might interest them the most.

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Looking for activities for teenagers? Here at Club Hub, our directory is filled with thousands of teenage activities so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more of what might interest them most. 

You can also use our search engine above to find classes and activities for your teenager in your local community.

Acting Classes for Teenagers – Empower Arts

Acting classes for Teenagers

Acting classes for 12-18 year olds who either work professionally or want to work professionally within the industry.

Natalie is an Ivana Chubbuck trained acting coach with over 20 years of experience teaching drama and performing on stage, TV and film as well as writing and directing.

Classes run weekly on Saturdays 2-5pm in Waterloo London.

Previous students have gone on to work for:

Netflix, Marvel, BBC and ITV, as well as commercials and other campaigns.

Each month we look at scenes from a new film/ TV show. We also create our own short films in class, play with green screen, record podcasts and debate political hot topics. This is not just an acting class, it’s a being part of a youth theatre team!

To book email: [email protected] or visit the website www.empowerarts.co.uk


The amazing thing about this class and the technique is that it isn’t just an acting class; it’s a being class, really. It doesn’t just help with acting skills, but it helps with everyday life – you can offload whatever you want when you’re there, whether it’s in conversation or during a scene. It’s exciting and mind-expanding and brilliant.

– Charlie Banks

Charlie always looks forward to his drama sessions with Natalie. Whatever has been going on in the world, the group has been a haven of fun, inspiration and thoughtful debate. Natalie has been so much more than a drama coach. A life force who makes the teens think and a reliable support – so often missing at this age. Thank you Natalie.

– Claire Large

Coding for Teenagers with The Code Zone

Coding for Teenagers with The Code Zone

Get your teenagers learning a lifelong skill that will help them in the future!

Code is everywhere. It’s the basis of every product we use; it’s how the internet works, how apps function, and how our cars communicate with other cars. Everything we do is because of code.

Coding is made easy with online classes, teaching coding in as little as a few weeks to months, with this boom of coding and software development, there is a growing need for coders in all fields -leading to amazing opportunities for their career.

At The Code Zone, we believe that coding is the key to the future; a tool that every child can use to further and enhance all aspects of life. Learning to code is dead easy – if you have the right support available along the way, without it, learning to code can be frustrating and could put you off computers in general! All our memberships include access to a mentor to guide and help your child along and get the best experience!

The next step….

We also prioritise growth and development, and once the basics have been conquered your child can move up to our PyClub – Python coding is used everywhere. It’s a very popular programming language, but it has a bigger learning curve. Using your knowledge from Scratch you’ll be able to speed through the basics and work your way to pro-coder, and maybe even a career!

We have live sessions with your mentor once a week, but outside of that, we’re also online every day! Use your time to work through the basics, learn the theory and work with your mentor in the club to practice your skills.

Find out more: www.thecodezone.co.uk

Riva Learning Coding Camps and Classes for Teenagers

Riva Learning Coding Camps and Classes for Teenagers

For many reasons, coding is a worthy pursuit for teenagers as it quickly becomes a core skill in education. It helps improve their creative problem-solving skills, prepares them for a tech future and builds resilience. Of course, if you are among the few who actively pursue a tech career, it offers the most lucrative opportunities.

At Riva Learning, we offer inspiring coding courses for teenagers. Our Python courses for teenagers are for all levels – from beginners to very advanced. They are designed to encourage creativity, problem-solving and design thinking while being fun. No wonder we consistently receive outstanding feedback from students as well as parents, and students who start with us rarely leave us.

Join us for a Python beginners camp, and if you do not enjoy it or feel that you did not learn enough, you can have your money back and a free course from us.

About Riva Learning

Riva Learning was founded in 2017 by Gobind Bansal (ex-MIT, LBS, Amazon, Google, M&S), who quit an adventurous corporate career to start Riva Learning to help young people be confident about technology and solve hard, real-life problems using technology. Riva has found considerable success with many of its students building amazing products using a variety of technologies.

Feel free to email [email protected] or call +44-7539890926 to find out more about these products or simply to discuss teaching and technology.

Cooking Activities for Teenagers – Food Sorcery

Cooking Activities for Teenagers

Get your teenager cooking for life…

Adult & teen cooking together classes are the perfect way to spend quality time together working as a team, while helping them gain confidence in the kitchen. The class is chef led and together you will make and as importantly eat – a main course, side dish and dessert. The dishes you learn are easily repeatable and sure to become family favourites.

For more independent teens, choose a learn to cook class, designed to teach them to ditch the takeaways ready for when they leave home.

Food Sorcery is a fantastic purpose-built Cookery School and Foodie Event Space, based in Didsbury and at Deansgate Square Manchester. From novice to expert, healthy to gourmet, we’ve got classes to suit all and can adapt to most dietary or allergy requirements on request.

What you will learn

Chef will demonstrate a main course with a side dish and dessert for you to recreate in your pairs and then enjoy eating together around our sociable table. Chef will offer tips and tricks of the trade and be there to assist whilst you cook. You’ll learn how to present the dishes in a professional way and take some Instagram worthy photos to share your creations. So, chicken connoisseur or baked bean fanatic, you’ll have no issues following the instructions from our highly experienced chef, and you’ll be amazed at what you can produce with a little guidance.

What’s Included

A complimentary glass of wine or beer on arrival for the adult and appropriate drink for the teen! All the ingredients and the food you prepare. Copies of the recipes will be emailed afterwards. Let’s face it, one of the best things about going out for dinner is the fact that you don’t have to clean a thing. Well, we’ve got that covered too. You’ll prepare, cook, and enjoy your food all without washing anything, (except for your hands of course).

Website: https://www.foodsorcery.co.uk/teens/

Cooking Activities for Teenagers – The Jamie Oliver Cookery School

Cooking Activities for Teenagers - The Jamie Oliver Cookery SchoolAt The Jamie Oliver Cookery School kids under the age of 14 learn for free! Simply book one adult place on any of our ‘Kids learn for free’ classes and you will automatically be allocated a free place for your child. Choose from a whole range of classes from pasta-making to Mexican street food! If your child is aged 15-17 they can join any of our adult classes but they must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Prefer to learn from the comfort of your own kitchen? No problem. Our Kids’ online classes start at £19 and we don’t limit the number of people who can join from your household or device. The more the merrier!

Website: www.jamieolivercookeryschool.com/

Ts&Cs for our Kids learn for free classes

  1. One adult and one child must cook together to complete the meal.
  2. No children under the age of 8 years old may attend. Attendees must be of an adequate height to work at the kitchen top (900mm) without the use of a stool, prop or other method of raising the child.
  3. Adult refers to 18 years or above.
  4. The Jamie Oliver Cookery School reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.
  5. All bookings are subject to availability.
  6. Kids learn for free offer can only be redeemed on lesson titles that start with ‘KIDS LEARN FOR FREE’.
  7. Only paid guests who are actively taking part in a cookery lesson are permitted to be at the cookery school whilst classes are in progress. We cannot accommodate spectators or provide a waiting area for friends or family members.

Circus Activities for Teenagers – Circus Glory

Circus Activities for TeenagersCircus Glory is a central London trapeze school owned and run by Genevieve Monastesse since 1993.

Genevieve has been teaching circus arts to adults, teenagers and children for over 30 years in a variety of leading circus schools and is respected as one of the best aerial teachers in Europe.

Trapeze classes will help grow confidence, coordination and strength.

The key principle of Circus Glory trapeze school is personal attention from Genevieve who works with each student on the trapeze. The small group setting of a maximum of 8 people adds to the quality of teaching and the intimacy of the group. Every student’s progress is closely monitored and supported with one-to-one tips and technique corrections. This speeds up overall learning progress and allows a person to naturally perform to a high standard over time (demonstrated beautifully by a the pool of regular students training with Genevieve for years).

Classes equipment

4 trapezes, 1 rope


5:15pm – 6:15pm

6:15pm -7:15pm


5:45pm – 6:45pm


5:30pm – 6:30pm


Termly payment (@£18/class)

Individual payment (@£23/class)


Teenagers’ workshops are running every half term and holidays. They are designed for all students, no prior experience is needed.

Website: https://www.circusglory.com/

Circus Activities for Teenagers – Showtime Circus

Circus activities for Teenagers

Circus classes are so much fun! They are suitable for all ages but today we want to chat about Teenagers and why we believe they benefit SO much from circus!

Circus skills take determination, skill, patience, practise, precision and strength. These skills aren’t easily practised by anyone, let alone teens, but when it leads to them achieving something super cool like walking on a globe, spinning around by one arm 4m in the air or juggling, we tend to find these become easier to concentrate on!

The sense of achievement felt when something difficult is finally achieved is second to none, and the encouragement from other teens in the room is fantastic, as only those there will understand the rush of dropping on the silks, or making it to the end of the tightrope, and an awesome sense of community is created. We’ve seen those who’s physical ability isn’t appreciated in mainstream sports like football, etc put on a pair of 90cm stilts and walk effortlessly around the room, it’s pretty impressive!

With a fully inclusive policy, we welcome those from all backgrounds and encourage children to try out circus skills, if nothing else, you’ll make friends and become part of an awesomely fun circus family!

For those who wish to take performing arts on to be their career, we now also offer a BTEC in Circus and Performing Arts, specifically to get teens learning extremely desirable skills in the performing arts industry such as aerial hoop, silks, trapeze, contortion, hand balancing and more, alongside top level dance and musical theatre training too.

Website: showtimecircus.co.uk

Performing Arts Activities for Teenagers – Razzamataz Theatre Schools

Performing Arts Activities for Teenagers

What activities do teenagers like to do? It’s really important for teenagers to be doing the latest ‘thing’. At Razzamataz, we make sure that we know what the current trends are in dance, acting and singing and make sure that it feels relevant for students. Once teenagers are engaged with the performing arts, they are really open to learn more about its history and we often find that it is the traditional musical theatre shows that teenagers fall in love with.

About Razzamataz Theatre Schools

Razzamataz Theatre Schools was established in 2000 and offers exceptional training in dance, drama and singing for ages 6 months – 18 years, featuring Musical Theatre and Commercial styles, together with exciting opportunities to perform.

Many students have also gained professional performing work ranging from shows in the West End to leading acting roles on TV, thanks to our partnership with an established talent agency.

Razzamataz was created with a simple dream, to make performing arts available to all young people no matter their background or circumstances. We want to give children everywhere the chance to attend classes taught by experienced performers, who can give them the perfect introduction to the most wonderful industry in the world.

Sewing and Fashion Activities for Teenagers – Little Hands Design

Sewing and Fashion Activities for TeenagersTeenagers on a course at Little Hands Design are a mix of abilities, some having started sewing from a younger age and some recently discovered their passion for making and sustainability. Projects are designed to suit all abilities, so even beginners can leave wearing something they have made!

They are taught the skills to be able to up-cycle, repair and make clothes and accessories from scratch. Having the ability to make their own wardrobe empowers, builds confidence and makes their students wear their unique individual creations with pride. Whilst also engaging with the bigger picture of how fashion impacts the globe, making the classes full of discussions on how their actions and voices can change the world and realise the power in sewing!

About Little Hands Design

Little Hands Design is a charity that teaches Climate change through the lense of sustainable fashion and textiles. Teaching the next generation of designers, consumers and decision makers what sustainable fashion is and how to do it. Little Hands Design approaches the fashion industry from the opposite end of the garment creation process. Rather than a focus on research, conception and design drawing, Little Hands finds its niche in providing students with practical skills and a way of approaching problems which enables them to find solutions for themselves. Running after school, Saturday clubs during term times and holiday camps for ages 8-18 years.

Course booking link – www.littlehandsdesign.com/shop/

To see latest creations – www.instagram.com/littlehandsdesign/

Yoga Activities for Teenagers – Nyla Yoga

Yoga Activities for TeenagersAccording to neuroscientists the adolescent period begins at approx. 12 years and it is believed that the brain continues to develop well in to the early 20s.

What activities do teenagers like to do? Depending on age, gender, interests, culture, demographic and socioeconomic factors there is not a one size fits all answer.

However, statistics show that Social Media sites and communication apps rank extremely high in popularity for Teens. In 2019 97% of 16–24-year olds were reported having at least one social networking profile!

Activities For Teenagers

Relationships, dating, and socialising with peers are all important factors for adolescence all of which can be maintained on an online platform. A recent survey of 1,000 youngsters across the UK reveals that the biggest gender gap is in online activity. With 53 per cent of girls spending their free time socialising online, compared with 37 per cent of boys. By contrast 57 per cent of boys said their number one activity was online gaming, compared with 29 per cent of girls.

Online socialising and gaming were most popular (both 44 per cent), followed by socialising with friends (33 per cent).

When Teenagers are switched off from their electronic devices, they may enjoy a variety of leisure activities such as visiting the cinema, shopping, hanging out with friends, pop culture- music, TV programmes, fashion, videos, magazines, books, engaging in sporting activities etc.

About Nyla Yoga

Nyla YogaStop scrolling and start unrolling- (your yoga mat!)

Nyla Yoga offers specialist yoga and mindfulness classes for Pre-Teens and Teens from ages 10-18 years in a safe, compassionate, and creative space.

What activities do teenagers like to do? Young people are able to explore the union of yoga presented in  a fun, expressive and age-appropriate way. Our classes are non-competitive and nurture emotional, social, physical, mental well-being. We empower Tweens/ Teens to develop a growth mindset through mindfulness practice, breathing exercises, mindful craft activities, yoga games, meditation, relaxation, movement/ asana, connection and play.

Activities For Teenagers

There are many published studies on the benefits of yoga and mindfulness practice such as helping with stress and anxiety management, improving self-regulation, self-efficacy and building physical and mental strength and flexibility. Research shows that practicing yoga improves learning, academic achievement, social cohesion, and emotional literacy in teenagers.

Today’s young people find themselves growing up in challenging times, we aim to restore the balance and harmony through the magic of  yoga!

Youth Theatre for Teenagers – Stage2

Youth Theatre for kids and Teenagers

Stage2 is a Birmingham based youth theatre for 7 – 21 year olds, with a rich 34-year history of providing high quality opportunities to young people. There are six main opportunities that Stage2 offers to all its members: Productions, Workshops, Backstage/Offstage Skills, Qualifications (including LAMDA Exams), Work Experience and Young Leadership Opportunities. We also run social events, Showcase Evenings and Masterclasses with industry professionals.

Stage2 has (and always will have) one rule; no one is ever left out. This means that every session, opportunity and event is open and accessible to absolutely everyone. In this spirit, they also have a fully operational Subsidy Fund so that financial circumstances don’t get in the way of anyone being able to pursue their dreams and make the most of our offers.

Stage2 is a place where young people can come to build confidence, improve communication skills, make lifelong friends and most importantly, have fun. With a workshop option every term providing a more relaxed skills-based choice, members have chances to improve and grow whilst still having fun and meeting new people. For those looking to perform, there is the Production option, with shows taking place at The Crescent Theatre, and a wide variety of roles for anyone of any experience to get involved with.

Whilst Stage2 members go on to have exciting careers in a variety of fields, we do boast an Alumni of successful actors who have gone on to work at the National Theatre, The Globe Theatre, the BBC, Netflix, ITV, and many more!

Anyone interested in joining should visit www.stage2.org to check out our upcoming opportunities, including the chance to have a Taster Session for just £10. Don’t miss out on the chance to join Birmingham’s longest-running youth theatre at a very exciting point in our company’s history.

We hope you enjoyed reading about all these amazing activities for teenagers. Search for Teenager Activities Near Me on the Club Hub Website or App Now – https://clubhubuk.co.uk/kids-activities-near-me/

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