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Welcome to the ‘ Super dad ’ – fatherhood with no limits with DaddiLife

Published on 1st July 2017 by Tessa Robinson

About DaddiLife – DaddiLife is a website and community for the modern day dad, focused on providing the tips, tricks and learnings that helping guys become Super-Hero dads.

The Dad today may not be able to fly (yet) but there is not much that they can not achieve outside the realm of possibility.daddiLife

Working hard to re-define the role of the dad, the new generation of fathers are pretty much shifting the balance of parenthood to be involved and shape every part of their child’s life.

Cooking, cleaning, feeding, reading, you name it and I can bet it is being done by more and more dads each and everyday. Evolution is at foot, not just with the rise of confidence in a modern day dad but the barriers that held dad’s back are now being broken. This whole new system of faith in men to step up to every challenge brings rewards but not without pressure.

Different Super-powers

Most dads reading this will be pleased to know that there are no specific limitations / restrictions in how to be a good father. In short, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Some of the key areas Daddilife associates with the rise of the modern day dad are linked with engagement, accessibility and responsibility (EAR).

The beauty of this is that you can be yourself entirely and enjoy being a dad without thinking too much of what the ‘big bad world’ expects of super dad. Every dad will have his unique feature or connection to their child that only he can unlock. The ability to lead these kind of behaviours through EAR is what will make the difference at the end of the day.

Fear not though, you are absolutely not alone and that’s why groups like Club Hub exist to help make life a little bit easier. With that much to experience with your child, it can be daunting at times to even decide or select an activity, never mind research what is actually available out there. What we love about Club Hub, is that you can choose & select the handpicked clubs and activities available in your area.

The Villains

The biggest nemesis for super dads amongst the Earth is in the form of the stereotypes and prejudices from a time before the age of modernism. It is important for dads across the world to let go (whatever culture) and not conform to what is the easy option.

Nobody said being a super dad would be easy. It takes work, dedication and perhaps even some practice or training but the promise is that at the end of it all, it will be worth it. Together as a global community of modern day dads, there can be an example set to form a new age of stereotypes that portray a father with every inch the super human quality a child deserves.


When all’s said and done, every super dad has their form of kryptonite. Perhaps a weakness, illness or area which they need to improve. Whatever it is, there is hope to overcome it. With the growing number of fathers and online platforms becoming more alert to the issues faced by fathers, the chances are, you are not alone. That’s why the rise of sites such as & Club Hub are becoming extremely popular as they essentially speak through one voice with the same mission, empower fathers everywhere.

When it gets too much just remember that it is okay and you have not failed. Whether it is surrounding the issues of postpartum depression in men or general feeling of caving under the pressure of being a super dad. The main thing is that you do not give up on yourself and most importantly on your children. When you are faced with setbacks, keep fighting and show your kids the meaning of strength and how to succeed and come through when they have their own setbacks in life.

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