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Smart Baby Monitor (Not Only) For Technology Lovers

Published on 29th March 2022 by Tessa Robinson

The most modern baby monitors in the form of animals, alarms or wearable baby monitors, and other clever gadgets can be pretty expensive. Modern baby monitors cost a thousand pounds for less expensive models. A better model with WiFi, video capability, and other essential features costs many more.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to pay anything. All you need are two mobile phones and a free application that reliably cares for your child.

New Phone Baby Monitors

The baby monitor app for mobile phones with the Android and iOS operating systems not only triggers an alarm, but parents can also continuously monitor the current status of their offspring through it.

The monitoring is available within the apartment or house and through the app anywhere in the world. Baby monitor app is available anywhere, just search for it on Google Play or Apple Store, download and set it up on at least two devices – smartphone, tablet, laptop, Apple watch, Onvif/HomeKit camera.

Nontraditional and Cute Baby Monitors

In addition to the breath monitor that most parents use for their baby till the first birthday, they will sooner or later find that a baby monitor might be helpful, especially on vacations or if the child sleeps in another room. There is no need to walk to check the sleeper constantly.

In addition to traditional hardware baby monitors with a range of three hundred meters, you can also choose from smart Wi-Fi baby monitors. Or you can download one of the baby monitor apps that have an unlimited range and cost significantly less or are even free.

There is an Annie Baby Monitor for those parents who want to make the most out of a baby monitor. The video is full HD, and it also has zoom and advanced night vision. As soon as your baby starts to move, you will receive an alert on your device. Thanks to the two-way baby audio system, you can immediately talk and calm your baby. Video recording starts recording as soon as motion is detected, so you can look back at, e.g., what woke up your baby. Like most baby monitors, this one also has a night light and can play lullabies and white noises.

How Works the Annie Baby Monitor App

All you need is to download the baby monitor app to all the devices you‘re going to use. You can easily set the app on your phone, tablet, or computer. One mobile phone will be a baby unit; the other is a parent unit.

Thanks to the app, the phone monitors the noise in the room, and as soon as the number of decibels rises above a certain level (sensitivity can be set) as the child starts to move or cry, the parent‘s phone triggers an alert.

The state of charge on both devices needs to be checked, especially before traveling away from home. But the app alerts you when the battery is low.

Why Choose Annie Baby Monitor?

1.Simple to use

This baby monitor app brings settings that everyone can handle. There are no complicated settings, and the screen is simple to use.

2. All the essential features

Annie Baby Monitor is equipped with features necessary for effective baby monitoring – unlimited reach (on WiFi, E, 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G), 4k video and crystal-clear audio, two-way video, picture in picture for multitasking, soothing baby by talking thru the app, lullabies and white noise, motion detection, night vision, audio and video recording, audio activity chart, zoom.

3. Multitasking

If the parent unit is located in the Apple Watch or on the Mac, you can quickly get used to it; you always have the baby on sight. You can keep track of what’s happening in the nursery while doing your stuff.

4. Budget pick

Save your money and, at the same time, have a baby monitor you can rely on. You can try Annie Baby Monitor for free for three days; then, you can purchase a subscription – the subscription is weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime. The price starts at $4.99.

To some, a baby monitor may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if your home is small and your baby will always sleep nearby. But several times will be confirmed to you that this is the best thing you can buy for your baby’s safety.

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