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Creating a superhero themed bedroom with Children’s Bed Shop

Published on 27th August 2018 by Tessa Robinson

I first came across Children’s Bed Shop on Facebook and was immediately drawn to their diverse range of themed beds they had for children. There was a picture of a bed that had been transformed into a racing car and I thought I know so many little ones that would love to sleep in that every night. Not even just at night, probably wouldn’t get out of it all day! Then I saw one that had been transformed into a double decker London bus and I thought the possibilities are endless here.

As I clicked on the website I found there were so many different kinds of beds from single beds to cabin beds, from themed beds to high sleeper beds. The collection was massive with choice.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your little one rushed to bed as soon as they heard “Bed Time” ?

Children’s Bed Shop not only offers fantastic beds but also sells children’s furniture, guest beds, bedroom accessories, Nursery furniture, mattresses and lots lots more. They even have a special offers section on their website which has a big range of discounts and offers for you to have a browse through.

The website is really easy to navigate around and the search engine is great for when you have something in mind you want to search for quickly. There is a drop down menu where you can choose to search from order of price, colour, most popular, name, manufacturer or product type.You can also create a wish list where you can add your favourites from the website on your own account and come back to later.

What’s On Our Wish List?

Firstly for a superhero themed kids bedroom you need a bed. Now a superhero needs to get around quickly to save the world from bad people so let’s take a look at the car options. We have a blue racer bed or a red racing bed or maybe even a digger to scoop those bad people off the ground and into the air.

To be different the superhero could need a quiet hide-away where no-one can find them. A secret spy who needs to say a special password to enter their Tree House Cabin Bed.

Then we need some furniture for them to keep all their endless clothes and toys in. On the bedroom furniture page you have lots of different options to browse through. From Chest of Drawers to Desks, Wardrobes to Bookcases. I took a look at the desks as a superhero needs to plan and I found a digger desk that would go very well with the digger bed. I also found a beautifully finished wooden one which would last them for years and years. I then found a cool swivel chair which would be perfect for the wooden desk and within the accessories part of the website there were also really lovely armchairs which say they are padded with comfort. So I added the blue starry one to my wish list too.

Lastly let’s add an awesome Toy Box so maybe the kid’s will actually want to put away their toys.

So I’ve finalised my wish list for my superhero bed. A racing car bed; a wooden chest of drawers, wardrobe, bookcase and desk. A swivel chair for the disk and a comfy starry armchair. With an awesome toy box to finish. Perfection. What do you think?

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