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Join the Best Parenting Club Online with Sue Atkins

Published on 21st January 2018 by Tessa Robinson

Sue AtkinsParenting can be the most rewarding thing you ever do… but it can also be the hardest too! Join the Best Parenting Club Online with Sue Atkins.

Do your kids drive you crazy with their non-stop bickering?

Are you exhausted because your baby or child just won’t sleep?

Is your day filled with tears and uncontrollable toddler tantrums?

Are you unsure of how to handle your teen’s technology use?

Is your child lacking confidence or being bullied?

Are you looking for ways to help your child through a tricky divorce?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed-out then you’re really not alone. Raising happy, confident kids isn’t easy. Every parent faces challenges along the way, from teething babies to Instagram-obsessed teens. But you don’t need to face them alone.

We all need a little help and support sometimes. That’s why I created The Sue Atkins Parenting Club. From well-meaning friends to internet blogs, there’s no shortage of conflicting parenting advice. One person says leave them to self-soothe, the other says cuddle them if they cry! One says have firm boundaries, the other say be flexible! It’s no wonder you’re feeling a little confused.

Over the last 10 years as The Parenting Expert I’ve learned what really works and what Sue Atkinsdoesn’t. I know how to raise confident, resilient, independent kids, no matter your circumstances or your child’s temperament and I’m keen to share my knowledge with you.

In The Sue Atkins Parenting Club you’ll get up close and personal with me, getting access to all my best advice, techniques and resources. From podcasts, webinars and expert interviews, to my Members-Only Facebook group. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey with a young baby, or trying to navigate the treacherous teen years, I’ve plenty of age-appropriate resources and advice for you.

You’ll join hundreds of other like-minded parents who will listen to you, support you and share their stories with you too. Helping you to overcome your parenting challenges and start enjoying the journey.

The Sue Atkins Parenting Club is Your Essential Resource For All the Advice and Support You Need To Raise Happy, Confident, Independent Kids.

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I’d love to receive your parent’s questions for my ‘Don’t Stew – Ask Sue’ feature & they can send them to me at [email protected]

Here are my Webinars for 2018

January – The 4 Crucial ‘C’s – The Blueprint For Raising Happy, Confident, Resilient Children.
February – Suddenly Single ? Divorce Support For Surviving Till Thriving
March – Battling The Terrible Twos? Go From Terrible To Terrific -Quick Ways to Solve Toddler Tantrums
April – Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll – Tried & Tested Tips For Navigating The Choppy Waters Of The Teenage Years.
May – Bullying Is NOT OK – Ways To Prevent, Manage & Handle It.
June – Getting Your Little Darlings To Behave. The Secrets To Well Behaved Kids.
July – ‘Screenagers !’ 10 Tips To Handle Technology
August – New School, New Term – New Ideas To Help.
September – Banish The Bickering – 10 Ways To Solve Sibling Rivalry.
October – Beat Bedtime Battles With The Sleep Fairy.
November – Beat Bedwetting Without Damaging Your Child’s Self Esteem
December Cooking up a happy step family is like a slow burning casserole – learn the recipe!

Here are my eCourses for 2018. Each course will comprise a series of videos, with accompanying PDFs.

January – The iCan Confidence eCourse for Kids
February – Work/Life Balance eCourse
March – The Baby Blogs – How to Prepare Your Child For a New Sibling
April – Dyslexia
May – Sleep & Bedtimes
June – How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen
July – Stepfamilies
August – ADHD
September – Sibling Rivalry
October – Autism
November – Bullying
December – The Secret to Well Behaved Children

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