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The Best Festival Ideas for Kids

Published on 2nd June 2023 by Tessa Robinson

Are you looking for Festival Ideas for Kids this year? Club Hub have put together the best buys for your next festival outing for your kids.

Walkie Talkies with 2wayradioshop – Festival Ideas for Kids

The Best Festival Ideas for Kids - Festival MonthThese Motorola walkie talkies make for the perfect communication companion for kids and adults as the little ones enjoy some festival-themed fun with their friends.

Simple, easy, and fun to use. These devices are perfect for exploring and are ideal for when you set up camp and embrace the great outdoors. With just the push of a button kids can communicate with friends and their family with minimal fuss, to help keep them entertained and safe at the same time.

Available in a choice of colours. These walkie talkies offer a stylish design and great practical use, whilst keeping radio users connected at all times and free to enjoy every moment.

The devices have 4km range. 16 channels to choose from and 20 call tones to choose from. Instruction manuals are included for easy set-up.

About 2wayradioshop

2wayradioshop is one of the UK’s leading online walkie talkie stores. Selling license-free devices for leisure and licenses devices for business purposes, the shop caters for every communication need.

2wayradioshop is owned and operated by Eemits Communications, a leading provider of two-way radio solutions for businesses across the UK.

Children can enjoy a planet-kind festival experience with a range of great eco-friendly ideas from &Keep.

The Best Festival Ideas for Kids - Festival Month

These fabulous craft kits fit easily in a bag and are on hand whenever littles ones need entertaining. Keep little hands busy making bracelets, wands and friendship bracelets to get in the festival spirit. Let their imaginations flourish when they pop a little wooden friend in their pocket, and let them make some noise with these brilliant party blowers!

Don’t forget their plastic-free weekend essentials – colourful children’s toothbrushes, water bottlessnack pouches and the all-important sunscreen! Grown-ups will love the Plastic-Free Camping/Travel/Festival Pack full of brilliant essentials, all in a nifty organic cotton bag! There’s a bamboo toothbrush and case, toothpaste tablets, natural deodorant, multi-purpose Travel Soap and soap box (made from wood pulp) and some marine-safe sunscreen.

&Keep is an online one-stop shop offering over 3000 eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable alternatives for you, your family and your home. Through emails, blogs and social media &Keep educate and inspire you to live more sustainably and bring home the message that every small change has a huge impact in Creating a better Tomorrow, Today.

Camp King Festival Trolley – Festival Ideas for Kids

The Best Festival Ideas for Kids - Festival MonthThe Camp King festival trolley is a new product created by Handle-iT and purpose built for festivals. Nobody wants to have to carry an entire car-load around a festival with them, and when they do, they want it to be as easy as possible. The Camp King is a barrow at heart, meaning it can be used to move all your festival equipment with ease over long distances. Thanks to its folding frame however, the Camp King can also function as either a chair or a (surprisingly comfortable) bed. Giving you and your family another place to sit back and relax in the sun or settle down for a night’s sleep at the festival campsite. While providing the extra uses once you’ve moved your equipment and need to put your feet up. The Camp King is also extremely compact when folded up. Minimising the amount of space needed in the boot of your car compared to other camping trolleys.

Thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame, the Camp King is built to last. The back-rails are curved, meaning no sleeping on uncomfortable and unmovable metal bars for the whole night. The heavy canvas is relatively flexible. Designed to provide a more comfortable platform for rest and relaxation but also be thick enough to avoid rips and tears. The canvas itself is also removable and easy to hose down after a particularly muddy weekend, and to deal with the mud. We’ve also fitted it with large BMX style wheels. These chunky wheels can carve through any unavoidable boggy patches while giving the trolley plenty of ground clearance to keep your kit out of the mud, and because the wheels are mounted on an axle. They’re also much less likely to get clogged up with gunk like so many other “festival trolleys”.

Hippychick Hipseat – baby-carrying made for Festivals

Hippychick Hipseat

Lugging a tired, fractious child around a muddy festival site in a buggy is always a challenge, even with the most sophisticated all-terrain versions.  And they’ll probably clamour to be carried anyway, not least because they’ll have a better view of the festival stage in your arms, than they will in a buggy where they’re more likely to be head height with thousands of pairs of mud-spattered wellies than with anything else.

Slip a Hippychick Hipseat around your waist and carrying a toddler will be a walk in the park (or a 900-acre festival site).

For those who aren’t yet in the know, The Hippychick Hipseat is an ingenious back-supporting baby carrier that you wear around your waist like a belt, and which features a padded, non-slip seat on which your toddler can perch comfortably and close to you.  It’s like carrying your child on your hip, but the Hipseat takes the strain, whereas you and your back don’t have to.  It’s the sort of product you never knew you needed until you got one.

So, with the Hipseat, your child is supported, you’re supported and the good news is that you’ll even be able to keep a hand free to do the obligatory hand waving during Elton John’s swansong on the final night.

Accessories for your Hipseat include an extension belt and a travel pouch which will snugly accommodate a mobile phone and a padlock key.

Hippychick Hipseats, endorsed by back pain practitioners, are available in a range of cool, festival-friendly colours including Denim Grey, Denim Blue, Pink and Navy and ready to order at Hipseat Baby Carrier | Back Saving Carrier | Hippychick – £39.95

Kiddiwhizz – Festival Ideas for Kids

The Award-winning Must-pack Toilet Solution, the Whizzer, now comes in a Glow-in-the dark version perfect for camping and festivals!

Kiddiwhizz - Festival Ideas for Kids

As a potty-training Mum, Kiddiwhizz Founder Zoë Chapman was in a familiar parenting predicament.

Not just dreading the process but hating the inconvenience of carrying around a huge potty. After failing to find a product that was compact, leakproof or discreet, that she could also use while caring for her disabled Father, she set about inventing her own.

6 years on, the innovative product aptly named the Whizzer™ exploded onto the market thanks to its game-changing qualities and magical response from kids of all ages.

After delivering an emotional pitch on BBC’s Dragons’ Den that had viewers in no doubt that Kiddiwhizz was a deserving winner of a double dragon backing, the Whizzer is now set to become the must-pack parenting product for a mess-free on-the-go toilet solution.

Much to the delight of Mums, campers, festival goers and the disabled community, the bigger 500ml version pre-launched in time for the Entrepreneurs’ appearance on popular show in February selling out 3 times since!

Zoë announced her latest game-changing Whizzer on her social media ahead of another TV appearance in June, this time to celebrate the collaboration of the solo-mum run business with the biggest family festival, Gloworm. She has wowed Whizzer fans and raised the innovation bar with the Biolume Whizzer which lights up for night-time wees!

Imagine never having to leave the tent for a wee ever again! A game-changer for night-time potty training too. This product is now launched for pre-order with delivery estimated just in time for the Summer holidays.

CLUBHUB 10% off all non-offer Whizzers


  • £19.99 Kids
  • £24.99 adults (On offer for £19.99 – ends soon)
  • £24.99 Biolume (On offer for £22.99 – ends soon)

Buy Now: www.kiddiwhizz.com

Business/Wholesale Enquiries: [email protected]

PACMAT® Picnic Blankets

PACMAT® Picnic Blankets

Inspired by family life and a love of the outdoors.

Lightweight | Compact | Waterproof | Washable | Durable | Made in Britain | Recycled

A light, easy to carry, comfortable to sit on, easy to wash waterproof PACMAT® picnic blanket. So compact you won’t think twice about popping it in your bag, ready for any day out. Ideal for picnic walks, beach days or just lounging in the local park.

Available in various sizes from a one person Patch to a supersized XXL big enough for the whole family..


  • Waterproof Polyester base 10,000 mm Hydrostatic Head
  • Soft feel Polyester fabric top
  • Embroidered button holes for pegging down (pegs not included)
  • Mesh stuff sack
  • Recycled fabric
  • Made in Britain

Here are our favourite designs to get the kids having fun out and about:

And to get your started with picnic games we’ve developed FREE Pocket Pals to download and print out to take out with you and your PACMAT on your outdoor adventures. 

Dr Zigs Bubbles – Festival Ideas for Kids

At Dr Zigs, sustainability matters.  It is a way of life. Our products are made from non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan, and ethically sourced ingredients. We do our absolute best to package them in eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled, refilled, and or repurposed.

We would like to highlight three products which would be prefect for picnics, making three different types of Bubbles!

Firstly, the classic way to make Giant Bubbles – our Travel Kit. This Giant Bubble Kit is small enough to fit in your pocket but can still be used to make amazing Giant Bubbles! The Bubble wands are made from sustainably sourced FSC-approved wood, and the rope is 100% untreated cotton.


Secondly, making Mini Bubbles is just as fun as Giant Bubbles! Our Mini Bubble Kit has a mini wand made out of not plastic, but sustainably sourced bamboo and cotton. This kit comes with scented Bubble Mix too!


Finally our NEW Bubble Pollinator Kit is all about combining play and learning! The educational toy gets kids out in the garden and interacting with nature. Learn all about pollination, and how you can support our natural pollinators, whilst giving a helping-hand with pollinating Bubbles!


All three of these Bubble Kits are part of our flatpack range, fitting into a small form-factor box, making them easy to carry, and perfect for posting. They fit straight through your letterbox, so no need to stay at home to wait for post!

Use the exclusive discount code CLUBHUBBUBBLES to get 10% off your order from drzigs.com.

Kids Festival Leggings – House of Happy Threads

Looking for your perfect festival outfit this summer, the House of Happy Threads has them in abundance. Unique, funky and cool designs that are prefect for your baby, junior and more advanced festival goer. Disco balls, Vinyl records, cassette tapes, and its very own festival design. New to the collection this summer are designs which have a UV glow, giving that festival fan the ultimate spotlight whilst shaking their booty!

Buy Now: https://houseofhappythreads.com/

Sign up to the newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase!

About House of Happy Threads

A handmade clothing business based in Greater London. Specialising in adult leggings for exercise and leisure and kids clothing (from 0-12 years), all in unique, bright bold, original quirky designs based on the founders love of all things Disco.  Lucy, the founder, works with other independent female businesses to create these original designs and is part of a wider network of female entrepreneurs all supporting each other through social media. The fabrics are printed in the UK in a lovely soft jersey, or super stretchy athletic fabric giving you the ultimate comfort for both kids and adults.

The Adult leggings have become a real focus for the House of Happy Threads since launching. These are being bought and worn by all age groups from 18-80 whether at the gym, shopping, at a festival, or just feeling fabulous at home.

House of Happy Threads want all of their customers to feel comfortable and confident in the House of Happy Threads bright and colourful clothing, whatever their age! All of the collections can be found at Houseofhappythreads.com and are made to order especially for you.

You can also check out their socials @houseofhappythreads.

Lights4fun – Festival Ideas for Kids

Outdoor festoon lights are the ultimate choice when it comes to illuminating your tent and making a magical atmosphere for children at a festival. Lights4fun’s warm white vintage style festoons will uplift your camping area, battery operated and perfect for children, they’ll bring your camp to life and create a warming glow throughout.

Simply style up above, from one tent to another, or hanging inside the tent and affixing to tent poles. Secure in place with either cable ties or fishing wire for simple yet magical display. They’ll be the perfect finishing touch and make for a great addition to any festival set-up which you will bring out year after year, for the summer season.

Power for lifeFestival Ideas

Power for life

Mobile Solar Chargers have specialised in fit-for-purpose portable power for the past 10 years.  MSC  batteries and portable solar have powered Expeditions across the Arctic/Antarctic/Atlantic/Himalayas and most places in between. Our products are not available on Amazon or eBay.

We have used our experience to put together various power packages for family Camping and Festivals to give maximum value and flexibility or you can pick and mix from our wide range of portable solar and rechargeable batteries.  The key with portable power is ‘recover the charge you have used’ i.e. use power banks at night and top them back up during the day from the folding solar panels.

If you are not sure which mix of solar and batteries would be most suitable for your needs, you are welcome to get in touch.

We hope you enjoyed reading all about “The Best Festival Ideas for Kids”. Looking for Kids Activities Near You? Please check out our website or app – www.clubhubuk.co.uk

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