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Safe Clothes for Kids

Published on 19th September 2019 by Tessa Robinson

Safe Clothes for Kids

Safe Clothes for KidsChildhood is the time when you can be innocent, completely light-hearted, and not concerned with any problems. It’s the time of playing, making dreams come true, and getting to know the world.

Clothes are something that we get bombarded with every day – it seems like there’s something cuter and cuter out there everyday. But a few of us have ever considered clothing to be a safety issue. It can be!

Whether it’s wrong fitting clothes or clothes that are potentially toxic or allergenic – here is a short child clothing safety guide. Something to keep in mind next time you’re impulse buying or rethinking your child’s whole wardrobe!

Choose Natural Materials

The first step to take when choosing appropriate clothes for kids is to pay attention to the material that it’s made of. It shouldn’t be artificial, as it can cause skin problems and irritation, lead to excessive sweating, or be troublesome during moving around.

Remember that kids are constantly on the run, so they need fully natural, airy materials. A good choice will be cotton or linen. These clothes are usually a little more expensive than polyester or acrylic ones, but it’s definitely worth investing some money in the comfort of your own kid!

Some examples of good-quality cotton clothes for toddlers are available at Tee Junction.

Avoid Buttons, Zippers, or Metal Elements

Kids love moving – that’s why any unnecessary elements of clothing shouldn’t stop them. As a parent, you should dress your child up in clothes that don’t contain any buttons, zippers, or metal elements. They can potentially hurt the kid, for example, while having fun on the playground.

It’s best to go for plain, cotton t-shirts and hoodies, comfortable pants, and simple dresses. Remember that life is not a catwalk and comfort is the most important part for the little one! Of course, the choice of clothes is huge, and it’s possible to find items that will be both comfortable and smart.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

It may not be common knowledge, but clothes are often dyed with chemicals that can potentially be harmful to the kid by causing allergic reactions. That’s why it’s important to go for natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, with a certificate. To read more about organic materials, visit this website.

Also, the country of production can tell you a lot about the quality of an item. If possible, choose locally-made clothes from small manufacturers, as they are produced on a smaller scale and therefore more ecological. You can also follow the production process when it’s made near your location.

Think About Shoes

As long as the majority of parents pay attention to the comfort of t-shirts or trousers for their kids, some of them forget about choosing the right shoes.

What should ideal shoes for kids be like, then? Comfortable, easy to wash, and breathable. If shoes don’t let the feet breathe, they are not appropriate for kids! No one would like to sweat during running or playing.

Another crucial aspect of shoes for kids is the washing. As a parent, you should choose trainers or sandals that are easy to wash, for example, in the washing machine, without losing its shape or color. To read some tips about choosing appropriate  shoes for children, click here.

Let The Child Choose!

It may not seem that obvious for the parents who tend to choose outfits for their kids, but .. sometimes it can be real fun if the child decides about their clothes.

How can you do it? Simply prepare two or three outfits for the child to choose from. This way, the child will be happy to decide what they wear, and the parents will be calm not to harm the little ones with inappropriate clothing. Plus, it will be an important lesson for both parents and children – kids really can make decisions on their own! It will surely repay in the future.

Choose Less Known Brands (Or Second Hand Items)

The very fact that a brand is well-known doesn’t guarantee the safety and quality of its clothes. Sometimes even the most expensive clothing can be of poor quality – you have to do your research and touch the clothes before you buy them. That’s why in-person buying is recommended when shopping for children’s clothes.

That’s why it’s advisable to look for less common solutions and look for kids’ clothes, for instance, in second hands, or local showrooms and flea markets. Children tend to grow really quickly, so by choosing second-hand clothes, you can save up some money. To get more tips on selecting second-hand items, click here.

Conclusion – Safe Clothes for Kids

Buying clothes for kids can be a nightmare for some parents. However, apart from looking for attractive design and good quality in the clothes, it is worth paying attention to the potentially harmful elements of a t-shirt or a pair of jeans.

Keep in mind that safety should always come first, and even the most beautiful and fashionable clothes should be researched before purchase.

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