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9 Apps to Protect your Child from Inappropriate Content on the Internet

Published on 19th October 2019 by Tessa Robinson

How do I protect my child from inappropriate online content?

There is a lot of “bad” and “wrong” content on the Internet, for which the child is not ready. And it can even cripple his psyche. Setting firm Internet boundaries for your small kids prevents them from unsuitable information, online bullying, online fraud, and child abusers. Enabling pop blockers or telling your child never to provide their real identity, ages, or location online are good places to start. However, in the digital age, sharing and texting, even these safeguards are insufficient. Various parental phone apps are there for parents to use to safeguard their children.

List of applications that will save the child

A few of the best parental control apps are:

1.  Net nanny

Net Nanny is an application that utilizes artificial intelligence to filter out dubious or harmful information before it reaches your kid. For example, the software may block particular web pages and track your child’s online activities, as well as track and regulate media exposure. In addition, the app’s Family Feed function can track what your kid searches on the internet and what applications they access, as well as warn you of potentially harmful information such as obscenity, guns, and drugs.

Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Firefox, are all supported by Net Nanny. The system costs $55 a year for 5 household devices and covers Pcs, Mac, and smartphones. In addition, net Nanny has a $40 yearly subscription that covers one Mac laptop and a $90 yearly plan that covers 20 devices.

Net Nanny now has a specialized filter that blocks coronavirus-related websites and results, easing children’s anxiety in the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic.

2.  VPN extension

A VPN connects to networks, such as wireless connections and the Web, to provide protection and privacy. Your internet protocol (IP) identity is hidden behind a VPN such as VeePN, making your online activities practically anonymous. VPN services, above all, provide private & encrypted connections, providing better anonymity than protected Wi-Fi hotspots.

A VPNs have a function of ad blocking. This feature turns off any advertisements on the sites. This is useful if your child likes to visit various blogs and social networks. Not every ad is harmless and Ad-block will remove it instantly.

​Child-Friendly VPNs are an excellent method to keep kids and teens safe online by preventing them from viewing unsuitable content. Download the best Mozilla firefox VPN addon to protect your child. As well, if you have another browser or OS – there are versions for Chrome, Safari, Windows, etc.

3.  Bark

Another alternative for families who wish to keep their children safe on the internet is Bark. The software scans your child’s messages and emails, as well as YouTube, including over 30 online channels, for potentially harmful information. If Bark identifies symptoms of bullying, stress, cyber harassment, sexually explicit content, and other issues, it notifies parents. Unless you want to offer your child some autonomy, you may choose which sites you wish to track. In addition, parents can now check their children’s accounts and impose screen time restrictions on the same application.

Bark offers a free trial for a week and, after that, charges $14 each month ($99 yearly) for android & Ios phones per household. Bark Jr, the firm’s access offering, is also available for $5 per month ($49 yearly). Time on-screen control, internet restriction, and location check-ins are the main features of Bark Jr.

4.  OurPact

On Android & Ios smartphones, the OurPact parental feature enables parents to manage screen time. For example, parents may use the app to restrict access to specific applications, censor websites, activate GPS tracking, and plan time on screen and regular routines such as sleep. This also helps families to control whether their children have access to the internet and apps at any moment.

In reaction to the coronavirus epidemic, OurPact is providing three months’ worth of free premium services, which would typically cost $7 each month. Premium will handle up to 20 gadgets, track all of your child’s applications, and label them like Always Blocked, As Scheduled, or Always Permitted.

5.  SafeToNet

Because they won’t see their peers, children will communicate via electronics while under lockdown. The SafeToNet application, now accessible on iPhone and Android, features an AI-powered protective keyboard that instantaneously judges, guides, and advises a kid. In contrast, they browse for material and text others. The application’s objective is to assist the children in becoming more accountable and secure online while maintaining their privacy.

Parents wouldn’t be able to see what is said, but they will be able to see information such as the timing during the day when high-risk conversations are exchanged and their children’s top five applications. SafeToNet may also highlight which problems the kid has the greatest difficulty with.

6.  Google Family Link

If your children are under the age of 13, Google Family Link allows users to create an Email address to enable them access to many Google apps, like Gmail & Photos. If your children are over the age of 13, they must provide their permission to use Google Family Link. Parents may use the app to maintain tabs on their children’s Google accounts and direct access to age-appropriate stuff. Apps that their children download from the internet can also be approved or denied by their guardians. Parents may add applications that instructors recommend straight to their children’s phones via Family Link.

7.  Children TV

Would you like to make sure your child is viewing the correct stuff on the internet? If that’s the case, this is the application for you. Children’s TV is a Channel on youtube dedicated to adults and children who like viewing kid-friendly short videos. Parents might look for their children’s favorite short videos on the internet. The software also allows parents to propose a youtube clip that may not be featured on the application but is available by finishing out a basic form. Age and languages can both be used to make choices. Thus, parents can be confident that their children view age-appropriate online content and are not exposed to anything unpleasant.

8.  Kids Place

In your home, there are visitors. When your kid asks for your cell phone, you realize you won’t be able to monitor something they are doing with it since you won’t be there. So, what exactly can you do? In these kinds of cases, this parenting control software may be helpful. It’s an application that allows parents to set up parental controls and safety lock devices to secure data and prevent children from getting explicit material or inappropriate applications. It also keeps kids from installing useless applications, materials, and so on. Launch Kids Place when giving the phone over to your child, and you’re good to go.

9.  Safe Browser

It is a cloud-based software that analyses over 8 million sites and a billion online pages each day to ensure that minors do not access harmful content. When a kid uses social media, this software provides that they do not access inappropriate sites.


Many children are investing greater time in front of screens and laptops due to the rise in eLearning and the inability to meet pals in real life. The fears about children’s internet security haven’t gone away, but understanding regarding parental settings and safety applications may allow parents to relax.

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