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Fun and Easy Flower Arrangement Tricks for Mum and Kids

Published on 13th December 2017 by Tessa Robinson

Flower arranging is always fun and exciting. As a mum, it can be more captivating when doing it with kids. It creates the best bonding times as you try to bring the pieces together. Through it, your kids sharpen their psychomotor abilities. However, you need to learn the best ways to make such sessions fun and easy. Here’s how to achieve that.

Plan on a Flower Arrangement Design

There is nothing as appealing as working with a sense of direction. In flower arrangements, you can achieve this by having a leading design for the flowers. If you have a list of options to choose from, allow the kids to select the ones they see more appealing. If you already have a specific design in mind, you can proceed with it right away.

When buying the flowers, consider a scheme that allows the colours to blend well. In a monochromatic scheme, you can have flowers that have various hues of the same colour. Think also about the proper ways to complement the colours. For instance, if you have red roses, let them pop against white ones. The best thing with deciding on the schemes is that you can be open-minded about the flower patterns.

Buy Quality Flowers

If you want to have a wonderful moment by being hands-on, consider having the right flowers. This gives you the motivation to make the arrangements even more attractive. You don’t have to visit local stores for the purchase as you can do it online. It’s crucial to find quality roses as they’ll remain fresh for long. Besides, it makes the kids even more inclined to design the arrangements. Reliable dealerships will make the flower delivery fast; hence you’re sure of no interruptions to the flower-arranging mission.

Cut and Prepare the Flowers

Ordinarily, the flowers you buy come in specific sizes depending on which ones you order. However, in your craftwork, you may need some pieces to be longer than others. In this case, cut them carefully and work with numbers. It gives you the ability to come up with uniform patterns of flowers.

Choose the Right Vessels

After doing the main work of cutting and organising the bouquets, it is time to decide on the flower vessels. The trick is in finding the one offering enough space for the flower pieces without looking too squeezed. Again, focus on the type of flowers you have. For instance, if you have some tulips, find straight-sided vases as they offer the best support.

You can, however, consider other options other than the traditional vases, such as the woven baskets. The good thing is that they’re more child-friendly. Glass vases can make you more cautious, as kids can have slippery hands. Besides, the baskets bring a natural feel to the flowers.

Create a Base with Greenery

One trick to making a corner with flowers spectacular is by giving it a natural touch. You want them to imitate a natural environment. Find a way to make the base look green. One easy way is by finding some ivy or fern fronds. The trick is cutting the stems such that their vertical height will be below the flower petals by inches.

Flower arranging sessions can be the best bonding time between mums and children. For this to be fun, learning some tricks such as suitable flower designs is crucial. Also, think about the quality of flowers you buy as they need to be fresh to last longer in the vases.

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