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Things To Do with Kids Before they are 5 years old

Published on 23rd August 2023 by Tessa Robinson

Are your looking for Things To Do with Kids Before they are 5 years old ? Club Hub have put together a fantastic list of the best Things To Do with Kids Before they are 5 years old. Please do take a look at their website and everything they have to offer for your child.

Bug Hunting with Bugzarre.co.uk

Things To Do with Kids Before they are 5 years old

My Name is Rob Harper and I have been mad about bugs for most of my life

I left the corporate world about 10 years ago, to start a business called Bugzarre.co.uk supplying bug related products and insect housing, to  individuals, schools, zoos and even TV.

The fact is Children are inquisitive about their environment, and the creatures that they share it with and you don’t need to take them far to go on a bug hunt, it maybe the garden, park or even a window box will harbour and attract bugs, another great thing , it is not expensive either and will provide hours of fun outside.

On our website Bugzarre.co.uk you will find both small and large bug hunting kits, for groups and individuals & fun spotter cards to help indentify what types of bugs they have managed to find.

Some exciting news is that I have just had a book published (release date sept 1st) called The Very Lazy Caterpillar, with them aim of getting young children 2-6yrs interested in bugs, the story follows the caterpillar on its journey to become a butterfly and meets many bug friends along the way, most of which can be found on your bug hunt.

In the back of the book are some learning questions, and also a spotter sheet of the characters that you may find in your garden. You will be able to purchase the book direct from Amazon or our brand new website called The Very Lazy Caterpillar from SEPT 1ST

So go on be brave and go bug hunting


Ride a Bike with Hornit – Things To Do with Kids

Ride a Bike with Hornit - Things To Do with Kids

Learning to ride a bike is perhaps one of the most important skills to teach your kids when growing up. Not only does it teach them patience, it also teaches them coordination and balance, key skills when their minds and bodies are developing so fast. When a child is right at the start of their cycling journey, often parents choose to opt for a balance bike. These are great at developing early independence as well as allowing them to learn how to balance and navigate.

The lighter the balance bike the better, but make sure that it doesn’t fall short in other areas such as quality of materials or tyre type. Air filled, rubber tyres are better for bumpy terrain and give your little one that extra manoeuvrability​ in comparison to solid foam tyres which are uncomfortable to ride on and can split.

The winner on all fronts is the Hornit AIRO balance bike. Combining style with safety, the AIRO really is a great starter bike for your little ones. Aimed at kids with an inside leg measurement of 30-46cm (which is approximately 18 months to 5 years) the AIRO’s super lightweight magnesium alloy frame weighs just 2.95kg, which is lighter than all similar styled balance bikes on the market. With grip taped footrests that are contoured into the frame for easy freewheeling, air-filled tyres for a smoother ride and a padded stem for extra protection, the AIRO will be the first step into the world of cycling for your budding mini champ!

Safety is also essential, so make sure they are learning to ride with a helmet on! Knowing your little one is feeling safe but looking cool has never been easier with Hornit helmets.


Bread Making with Tapas Catering – Things To Do with Kids

Things To Do with Kids Before they are 5 years old

We have created a kids bread maker kit at home !! It’s not only a box with a fun recipe, dry ingredients, stickers; it’s an activity for the little ones and not so little to do at home!

I’m a busy mummy of two myself, spending time with them in the kitchen it’s helping to build a strong bond between us, developed their sensory motors and learning new life skills.

Who’s looking forward to receiving their bread maker kit at home? you will be surprise with the results!

Don’t forget to post your results and tag us on our social media in order to win fantastic prizes!

Instagram @tapascatering.uk

Ordering through our website: www.tapascatering.uk/product-page/kids-bread-maker-kit

Gardening with Seedbom – Things To Do with Kids

Here at Kabloom, we make fun, easy to use and innovative products that are also super environmentally friendly. Designed for interaction, inspired by our relationship with nature in the urban environment.

Seedboms are friendly flower bombs that grow. 100% compostable bio-based Guerrilla Gardening Grenades filled with an explosive mix of organic peat-free compost and nectar-rich wildflower seeds. Help rewild dull urban areas with a blast of life and colour! Super easy to use by anyone of any age. Simply Shake it, Soak it, Throw it and Grow it to create your very own wildflower patch. Be a responsible rebel and help brighten up dull and lifeless spaces with a blast of life and colour; whilst at the same time helping out our vital pollinating insects with a much-needed nectar source.

Great fun, eco-gardening for families and kids to help spark a love of nature and the environment.

Plastic-free, compostable, organic compost, biodegradable & recyclable packaging. Seedboms will fully biodegrade in approx 5-6 weeks leaving only plants and flowers behind.


Create Memories with Blossom Keepsakes

Create Memories with Blossom Keepsakes

The first five years of your little one’s life goes by so quickly, with many milestones passed, logged in memory books and photos building up on our phones.

Blossom Keepsakes is a company that helps hold those moments in time in a different way, by capturing the finest detail of your loved ones hands, feet and fingerprints.

A variety of beautiful keepsakes are hand made using exact replicas which you’ll be able to touch, hold and treasure forever.

Our studio is based in Birmingham, with people visiting for their appointments from around the West Midlands and further. We also offer a variety of products and kits that can be posted to you to make perfect impressions from the comfort of your own home nationwide.

What we offer:

  • 3D Castings. An exact replica cast of your baby, child and even adult hands or feet.
  • Raised Impressions. A reverse copy of an impression made from hands, feet & paws.
  • Hand, foot, paw and fingerprint silver jeweller
  • Hand stamped silver initial jewellery
  • Home impression kits for hands, feet or paws

I have so many clients come to me with their 2nd or 3rd baby wishing they’d had a keepsake made with their first born. Then they go on to have the most unique piece made with all of their children and sometimes parents too creating a stunning sibling or family piece.

If you would like to view our products or have any queries please take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages or email for the full brochure and prices.

Email: [email protected]

Wesbite: https://blossomkeepsakes.co.uk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blossom_keepsakes/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blossomkeepsakes

We hope you enjoyed reading all about “Things To Do with Kids Before they are 5 years old”. Looking for Kids Activities Near You? Please check out our website or app – www.clubhubuk.co.uk

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