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The Best Bikes for Kids in the UK

Published on 26th April 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Interested in buying your child a new bike? We have put together an article all about “Best Bikes for Kids in the UK” for you to enjoy.

Hornit – Best Bikes for Kids

Hornit - Best Bikes for Kids

Hornit’s bikes not only look great but they have been designed to make riding as smooth, safe and as low maintenance as possible.

Hornit is a British brand based in Exeter, Devon. Well known for its range of innovative cycle accessories & helmets, Hornit launched its beautiful balance bike, the AIRO, in autumn 2020. Its incredibly lightweight, durable magnesium alloy frame combined with its stylish good looks means it has already won several accolades including Loved by Children ‘Best Ride On’ and ‘Best Sports Toy’, Made for Mums and Cycle Sprog ‘Best Balance Bike 2021’.

Hot on the heels of the success of the AIRO, Hornit have now turned their attention to pedal bikes. Their HERO range is made from high quality 6061 aluminium making them as lightweight as the leading competitors, but with unique child friendly geometry, including longer crank lengths which makes for less pedalling and a faster cruising speed.  You’ll also be glad to hear that Hornit bikes are low maintenance and super hard wearing. The carbon belt drives mean no more oily chains and the 20” and 24” bikes feature 3-speed Shimano internal gear hubs rather than the external gears used by other brands. Why does this matter? With external hubs there is a high chance that the rider will damage the derailleur over time and that it will need regular adjusting and oiling to avoid rattle and rust. Hornit HERO’s internal Shimano hubs should last forever and require zero maintenance. In addition, Hornit’s bikes come with a lifetime warranty on the frames and forks.

In order to provide customers with the very best components at the lowest prices, Hornit bikes are available exclusively at The AIRO balance bikes are available to purchase immediately. Prices start at £129.

Forme Bikes – Best Bikes for Kids

Who are they?

Forme Bikes - Best Bikes for KidsForme Bikes are a British brand based in Derbyshire, as you may have gathered from their model names!

As the UK’s fastest growing and largest British bicycle range, Forme supply over 300 specialist bicycle shops across the UK and Ireland and also work very closely with the UK’s largest specialist junior bike subscription service, as their primary supplier.

Their range consists of almost all bicycle categories (MTB, City, Hybrid, Road, Gravel, Ebike, Junior) ranging from £100 balance bikes to £6000 Full suspension Bosch electric bikes.

Despite Forme being a relatively new brand, established in 2010 although fully re-launched in 2019, you may already be aware of Forme Bikes before as they provide Center Parcs with tens of thousands of custom hire bicycles.

More than just a bike brand.

Forme focus heavily on the junior bike category. Building on their experience as both parents and bike riders Forme are involved as Coaches in their local British Cycling Go-Ride Club helping them to make the very best junior bikes in their category with real world findings.

Forme Bikes provide a limited lifetime guarantee to the first owner of their bicycles as well as the lightest weight products within their class.

Their junior bikes offer bicycles for all ages, categories and abilities. Some examples are:

  • Cubley – Lightweight all round hybrid bikes, easy to handle first pedal bikes from 14” to 18”.
  • Kinder – Lightweight all round hybrid bikes, with 8 gears ranging from 20” to 26”.
  • Calver – From multi-route adventures to racing in a local Cyclo Cross league or Triathlon race built on a super compact frame with adult sized 700c wheels.
  • Hartington – Sophisticated and fashion focused vintage bikes from balance bike to 24”.
  • Curbar – Premium Hardtail Mountain bikes from size 24” upwards.
  • Black Rocks FS Junior – Full suspension kids bikes built for trail rippers in size 24” and 26”

The Bike Club – Best Bike Subscription Service

The Bike Club - Bike Subscription ServiceThe Bike Club is the UK’s number 1 kids bike subscription service. Starting from as little as £3.50 per month, members can choose from a wide range of high quality, lightweight bikes from the top brands including FrogForme and Squish. When your child grows out of it, you simply send the bike back and then the next size up is conveniently delivered to your door.

Their 26,000 members can choose from either a new bike or a preloved bike. The latter has already been on some adventures with another family. Upon its return, it is refurbished and goes through a 30-point safety check before going out to another family to make more wonderful memories. Whether you’re looking for a balance bike, a first pedal or a bike for a more experienced rider, they have a fantastic range of options to suit your needs.

Website – 

Facebook – @thebikeclub

Instagram – @jointhebikeclub

Twitter – @jointhebikeclub

Frog Bikes – Best Bikes for Kids

Frog Bikes is a leading manufacturer of award-winning lightweight kids’ bikes. Designed following ground-breaking research from Brunel University’s sports scientists and built using bespoke componentry, our premium bikes accommodate the specific needs & anatomies of children.

The ergonomic range comprises balance, first pedal, hybrid, road, MTB & track bikes, for all ages, abilities, and disciplines, made in Great Britain and enjoyed by millions of children across the globe.

As a brand that cares about the planet, we are continually working to integrate sustainability into each aspect of the business and ensure our bikes are designed forlongevity so they can be enjoyed by more than a single owner.

We collaborate with like-minded renowned brands to bring you amazing designs and products, including Team Sky, Tour de France, USA Cycling and Muc-Off.

Our bikes are designed and built in Great Britain and can now be purchased in over 50 countries through independent bikes stores.

THE BRUM BRUM BIKE. – Best Bikes for Kids

THE BRUM BRUM BIKE. - Best Bikes for KidsLatvian design studio Brum Brum has created a bike that helps your little ones develop their sense of balance and kinetics from an early stage, while keeping a focus on their safety and integrating features that ensure it.

“It’s a never seen before, outstanding peace of award winning design. Created for our own kids it has the highest standards and best features we could come up with. The bike is safe, has got a clean look and the injury proof design offers endless fun for all new generations. While riding, kids develop their motor active skills in the most natural way and in a very early age.”

“The idea was to create the balance bike for kids that is user friendly – weight. suspension, tubeless tires, fingersafe discs, high quality and lots of fun. The father of the idea is Krisjanis Jermaks. We believe that this is the future of balance bikes because in such sensitive age kid has to develop in the most natural way & learning how to balance and developing kinetics is a great asset to a small kid.”

“Thanks to the U-shaped plywood frame which provides a unique natural suspension the kid’s spine is exceptionally well protected at any given moment. As the lightweight wooden bike is held together by only one screw assembling and maintenance is easier than ever before.”

“While the bike grows with your kid, it is also possible for siblings and friends to take a quick ride at any moment as one can simply adjust the bike to 3 different heights in seconds without any tools. The discs are finger safe, the tires are puncture proof – nothing can go wrong.”

“Latvia is one of the world biggest birch plywood producers, everything is created local and the gathered knowledge of our key partner’s craftsmen Kvist Industries is outstanding. This guarantees the highest quality and durability one can ask for. May your kids grandchildren will still ride this bike.”

“All parts are specially made for the Brum Brum balance bike within the Baltic region. This thoughtful use of raw materials is sustainable, keeps us happy and our environment clean. We as a team are always giving our best, aim high and dream without borders in order to open up for any idea that universe will send and present us with. And in the end sharing this with you is our duty.”

– Zigmars Lacis.

The Brum Brum Bike has been awarded with IDA 2015, A’Design Award 2015, Good Design Award2015 & was the runner up for the Core77 Design Award.

Our web page

Our Instagram feed:

Woom Bikes – Super Lightweight Bikes For Kids

Woom Bikes are designed in Austria and are some of the lightest children’s bikes available. With their distinctive design, child appropriate, high quality components and obsessive attention to detail, woom Bikes make a great choice to help your kids progress in their cycling journey.

From the super lightweight woom 1 balance bike (it weighs under 3kg) to the woom UP 6 kids’ e-mountain bike, the range of bikes has been created with the intent of making cycling as much fun as possible. Being incredibly light, combined with an upright ride and a low centre of gravity makes all the woom bikes much easier to ride compared to many other kids’ bikes on the market.

Along with the bikes, woom also have a wide range of well-designed, eye-catching accessories – from cleverly designed kickstands to shorter, child-friendly bike locks and easy to use pumps.

Like many lightweight bikes, woom are a bit more expensive than some of the heavier alternatives. However, buying a woom bike is an investment. The quality means it will happily serve the needs of younger siblings (or friends and relations) for many years when passed down. Once you’ve finished with it, the bike will also hold its value in the second-hand market.

See the woom range here

Vuly Classic 20″ Bike

Vuly Classic 20" BikeVuly is a world-renowned manufacturer of kids play equipment, including kids’ bikes!

The 20″ Classic bike is one of the best kids bikes on the market. It’s aesthetic design, quality build and advanced gear system make it stand out from the competition. Our bikes are designed to be durable, easy to ride and include a number of features to make riding enjoyable no matter the trail. These include soft compound grips, ergonomic saddles and high traction wheels. This bike is designed for both boys and girls, and comes in a range of different colours including black, orange, cyan and pink.

Website – 

Facebook –

Instagram –

Youtube –

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