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Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UK

Published on 26th July 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Here at Club Hub we absolutely love reading Mum Blogs. They are packed full of fantastic ideas and top tips for mums across the UK. So we have decided to put together our own list for “Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UK”.

Baby in Bucks – Top 10 Mum Blogs

Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UKBaby in Bucks was started by me, Hollie, when I was placed on furlough from my job in the travel industry last year. I began writing the blog to help other Bucks parents find fun things to do and places to visit with their little ones during lockdown when all the usual places to visit were closed.

At the time it was hard to find fun places that were quiet and uncrowded so I used my blog to share hidden gems and places off the beaten track. A particularly popular one has been the Musical Trail in Watford.

As well as places to go out and explore I shared fun things to do at home. Lockdown saw a huge rise in the number of activity boxes available with many kids club providers getting creative and producing some really fun activities that children could do in their own homes. Clubhub has been a fantastic resource for finding out about a wide range of activity boxes and virtual classes.

When the UK started opening back up again I started reviewing more attractions both locally and further afield with my daughter Ashley (3) and baby Theo. I’ve genuinely loved introducing so many people to new places through the blog and helping make the last 18 months that bit more fun!

Future plans for Baby in Bucks are to share more on travelling with a young family, from travel tips to destination guides. My big passion personally and through work is travel and I’ve visited 52 countries to date!  We are currently in the middle of planning a 2 month long haul trip whilst I’m on maternity leave!

So for ideas on days out, playing at home and travel inspiration give @babyinbucks a follow and check out

The Mummy Stylist – Top 10 Mum Blogs

Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UKI’m Sabrina and my blog is called The Mummy Stylist. I’ve been writing it for over 5 years now. It started off as an interiors blog but moved into parenting as I found sharing my experience of being a mum was helpful to others, especially in my local area. I did a pregnancy diary whilst I was pregnant with my second child and of course the newborn days. I also reviewed baby products to share what is useful to a new mum.

I then started blogging about things to do with children in my local area in Berkshire, as it was hard to find activities and days out. I wanted there to be somewhere online where you could be inspired to do things with your children without having to go far. My blog also has interesting history articles about my home town of Slough, which are alway popular as people stumble upon them on search engines. Like did you know we had an underground pub?!

Nowadays my children are 5 and 9, and we love experiencing new things, discovering new places. That is where Clubhub has been so helpful, finding us things to do indoors during lockdown, and ideas for classes and days out now places have reopened again. We love reviewing places and sharing them with our audience on my blog and on social media.

My blog has brought me so many opportunities, including my daughter Lily being chosen to be the face of the LEGO International Women’s Day campaign this year and my son Tyler being chosen to work on many collaborations with book publishers. I love writing my blog, and it’s good for my children to see, as it encourages them to want to write. I will continue to write it as I do enjoy sharing our experiences to inspire and help others.


Instagram: @themummystylist

The Unyoung Mum – Top 10 Mum Blogs

Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UKThe Unyoung Mum blog was born out of my desire to stress that no matter what your background, your age, your preferences in life – we will all have to surmount the public tantrum, the projectile vomit and the pure exhaustion that comes with motherhood.

I’m Karen: 44 fabulous years old, mum to 4-year old Harry, wife to the long-suffering Christopher and ex Head-teacher. I gave up a twenty-year career in education to be a stay-at-home-mum. I may have retired the high-heels, but I didn’t however give up a lifetime’s habit of over-sharing. My blog celebrates the highs of my parenting journey and graphically presents to you my lows. From getting him to sleep through the night (23% of you have just blocked the smug, geriatric mum) to experiencing the futility of a post-partum pelvic floor at a trampoline park – there’s something there for everyone! Children’s book reviews, places to visit, getting them eating, getting them learning, getting them active, getting them through the day without injury…!

Life doesn’t revolve around our offspring (keep telling yourself that Karen) so you can also delve in to my exercise regime, my attempts to eat healthily, what I’m reading and basically whatever nugget of Essex life I currently feel the need to unburden myself with! Yes – that includes famous celebrities who share my birth year of 1977. Shakira no less – we are clearly twins separated at birth!

So join me on this tumultuous ride as we hit the next exciting milestone of… starting school. You can find me at:




Single Parent Pessimist – Top 10 Mum Blogs

Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UKSingle Parent Pessimist started out as it’s namesake, but it’s morphed into an ironic name, with the focus of a journey of removing pessimism and learning positivity for mental wellbeing.

The self-proclaimed proud pessimist, Claire Jacobs, has recently started to explore other ways of being to change her mindset in order to improve her mental health and in turn, her experience of life.

The blog covers parenting (single parenting, co-parenting, blended families etc), food, mental health, relationships, fashion for the larger, taller ladies, kids clothes/toys/gadgets and so much more.

There are useful sections about home education, healthy and easy recipes, advice about tough topics like abuse, divorce and disability, and there’s even the odd giveaway!

The Instagram page focuses on similar things, with the main focus being on adult and child mental health, where she explores various conditions with the aim to reduce the stigma and increase awareness.

There’s also various posts on her daily life as a parent, dog mama and veg grower.

Claire has also created the Instagram account and hashtag, Mental Health Mumday was created to provide a safe, supportive space for mothers to talk about their mental health.


Instagram: and

Little Active People – Top 10 Mum Blogs

Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UKHi, we’re Jemma and Gill, two mums to five little active people. We grew up in the last generation not to have constant access to screens and we are keen to help families maintain that healthy balance with screen time. There are so many wonderful products created by small businesses that help keep little minds active both mentally and physically, that we brought them all together as part of Little Active People to help busy parents shop them all in one place.

We are not anti screens, we absolutely believe there is a time and place for them but there is more to screens than mindlessly sitting in front of one for ‘something to do’. This is where our blogs come in – to provide information on healthy screen time and activity ideas to help keep the balance. The blogs cover a range of topics on screen time from understanding what screen time balance is right for your family to tips on how to get children and partners to agree on limits. There are also blogs which educate on the benefits of different activities and are full of ideas – from gardening, baking, craft, fitness to screen free car journeys and bedtime routines.

Wishing you love, laughter and coffee

Jemma and Gill

Link to blogs:

SmallHouseBigTrips – Top 10 Mum Blogs

Hey, I’m Kelly and I run SmallHouseBigTrips, a Midlands based review site, sharing all the amazing things to do, in and around the Midlands. Everything from FREE days out to days where you splurge. We cover restaurants, theatre shows, attractions, parks and also some of the children’s groups we find on Clubhub UK like Phonics with Robot Reg and Theatre Minis with Oneday Theatre.

Our reviews are always honest, whether we have paid for them ourselves or if we have been invited as guests as our audience is important to us. We want you to trust our reviews and go to the places we recommend,  over and over again. We also run competitions for local people and followers to win days out and treats for the family. Life can be expensive and if we can help in any way, we love to do that.

We are nearly 4 years old now as I started the page in 2018. Working part time, I felt I sometimes wasted days with the girls, spent hunting for new places to visit. No one in the Midlands had a site wholly for reviews of days out, so I set mine up. A go-to place to find new places to visit with detailed reviews.

We have gone from strength to strength, having regular articles in local magazines, features in newspapers and have become the faces of many Birmingham local attractions. We have met some amazing people along the way and absolutely love what we do. Come and join us and find some new days out that you might not have known about before.

Instagram: /

Facebook : 



Out and About Mummy – Top 10 Mum Blogs

I’m Rachel, busy Oldham mum to Joshua, 9 and twins Oscar and Isla who are 5 years old. I started Out and About Mummy back in 2018, sharing some of our favourite outdoor places to go with the kids. I was always searching for things to do and days out with my kids in our locally area, it made sense to share with the community.

The blog has evolved from there but we still love to be out and about! I love to share what’s going on locally, reviewing days out and we can’t resist a good trail.





The Young Londoner – Top 10 Mum Blogs

The Young Londoner website is part magazine, part blog and is all about being a young person in the Big Smoke. Whether you’re a millennial mum, a toddling little person or a recent school leaver, we provide everything you need to know about the capital.

From family friendly events, art galleries and reviews, to London venues and news, we’re here to keep you in the know. We give insight and ideas into exhibitions, shows, cafes, soft plays, days out, freebie activities and much more.

Website is run by Ana who is a London addict and a firm believer in young people and encouraging a lifelong love of local things to do in London. Join us in our adventures.


Instagram: @younglondonist

WelshMummySteph – Top 10 Mum Blogs

Becoming a mother has been the best but hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. After having my son I connected with so many lovely mums on social media and sharing the challenges and triumphs of parenthood became something I found comfort in. This is when my blog was born, to share our experiences and the things I found useful! Nothing can really prepare you for motherhood but if my blog helps just one parent then this is the goal!

My mantra since becoming a mum: Tomorrow is a new day.



We hope you enjoyed reading all about our “Top 10 Mum Blogs in the UK”. Looking for Things To Do Near You? Check out our website or app

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