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Top 7 Unknown Facts To Consider About Adoption Process

Published on 23rd June 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Becoming an adoptive parent is a life-changing decision, and it’s not unusual for a thousand things to run through your mind during this time. Apart from the immense happiness it brings to your family, it’s needless to say that it comes with many additional responsibilities.

You need to make sure that you are making the right decisions before you welcome your child into your life.

You could also be on the other end of this process, where you are considering placing your baby for adoption. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, here’s a list of interesting facts you didn’t know about adoption.

1. Kids On The Adoption Waiting List Are Older Than You Think

Here is the most interesting fact about adoption, you may be under the impression that it’s always little kids who are placed in adoption. But a study conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2014 showed that the age of the child waiting to be adopted is 7.7, among them 11% are likely to spend at least five years in foster care. So, by the time a child is successfully adopted, they are teenagers or even adults.

One time, a 16-year-old working with the National Adoption center stated that when he graduated high school, he wished someone to be there for him, just one person. So, when adoptive parents start to explore their options, it is not necessary to offer shelter, food, and the love of a family to young kids; older kids deserve it too!

Well, adopting an adult is relatively easier for the new parents, as adults are allowed to legally consent to the entire process, while children below the age of 18, cannot. This works in favor of the courts, as it diminishes their concerns regarding the adoption. However, when you are adopting, they are still your kids, regardless of their age or maturity. They still need the right care and guidance of a loving parent.

2. Adopting Kids Can be Controversial

Did you know that adoptive kids are more prone to having learning disabilities? The reasoning behind this is that adoptive parent who is affluent and more caring than birth parents struggle with their adopted children’s behavior and learning problems. However, there are multiple learning approaches and tips to build your child’s confidence and help with their behavioral issues. Another effective alternative to speed up your child’s developmental delays is to explore mindfulness and well-bring activities for kids.

The whole point is, that when you are dealing with children who have lived in foster homes without proper guidance, pressure is abundant on you, as parents, to fill up those gaps for your adopted child’s wellbeing.

But regarding physical health, the Human Health Services in 2007 expressed positive feedback about adoptive kids. The report stated that 85% of adopted children were overall healthier. They were also more likely to acquire health insurance and less likely to live in deprivation compared to other children in the general population.

3. Celebrities Have Increased Visibility of Adoption

There were a lot of unnecessary stigmas around adoption in the past, but the stigma seems to have lessened in recent times. This is often linked to celebrities or famous people turning to adoption. It has helped the mainstream norms shift slightly from the stigma and be open to the idea of adoption. Angelina Jolie, who has three biological children of her own, and three adopted kids, play a huge role in making it more visible. Other than her, actress Viola Davis and musicians such as Madonna and Sheryl Crow are great examples of adoptive parents.

4. Adoption is Costly

Various factors influence adoption. The most common factor that impacts the costs is whether the child is being adopted through an agency or the state’s foster care system. Another factor influencing the adoption costs is whether it is a domestic or international adoption.

The average adoption cost in the US ranges between $8,000 to $40,000. This is applicable for domestic adoptions. International adoption, however, can cost somewhere between $15,000 to $30,000. Foster care adoption is known to be less expensive and can cost up to $2,500.

5. LGBTQ Couples as Adoptive Parents

Interestingly, gay and lesbian parents only contribute to 4% of adopted children all over America – this is probably due to the strict state laws that often make it rather difficult for LGBTQ parents to go through the adoption process successfully.

Here’s an unknown fact: South Dakota’s law suggests religious exemptions that apply to adoption agencies. They hold the permission to reject adoptive candidates who violate religious beliefs, such as same-sex couples.

6. Adoption is Surprisingly Common in America

Regardless of the social stigma or high costs of adoption, approximately 6 out of 10 Americans are likely to have encountered adoption in their personal life. Either they could be adopted, or have a sibling who’s adopted, or have adopted a child. These are the statistics shared from data in 2013, showing the numbers of Americans associated with adoption. It’s fair to say that almost one-third of Americans have personally experienced adoption in their very own families.

7. Adopting Carries Tax Benefits

Last, but not the least, there are tax benefits for adoptive parents. Mainly, there are two types of benefits, tax credits for the costs incurred during the process of adopting a child. These qualified expenses may include travel expenses, adoption fees, and court costs.

The other tax benefit is employer-provided adoption assistance, which can be excluded from wages or income. According to a report from 2017, the maximum amount was $13,570 for one child.


This brings us to the end of this list of interesting facts you didn’t know about adoption. Hopefully, you enjoyed learning about these hand-picked factors about adoption. For more information, you should check your state laws for private and public agencies, including social welfare services.

Additionally, if you are willing to place your child for adoption for unavoidable circumstances, you should seek adoption coordinators for proper guidance. Good luck!

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