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Why are Fitness Trackers Good for Kids?

Published on 13th June 2019 by Tessa Robinson

So, you’ve decided you want to spend your money on some quality gadgets for your kids’ fitness, to stop them sitting inside, playing with toys in their room all day! This is a brilliant idea- helping your little ones’ bodies get used to more exercises gives your kids more responsibility over wellbeing, and will project them safely into adulthood. But, just what are fitness trackers? And are they good for kids?

You’re in luck, families, because we’ve compiled a guide of the key questions you’ll ask when you log onto to find your fitness tracker for your kids. We’ve saved you all kinds of effort by giving a light rundown of the basics, what kids might require, and the top picks for kids, right here – so you can maximise your search with efficacy. We’ll help you see why your family members, your kids, your young girls and boys, deserve a fitness tracker and why they’re useful in avoiding childhood obesity for your kids by helping you to monitor your kids’ physical activity.

What Are Fitness Trackers, Exactly?

An activity tracker, or fitness tracker, is a device designed to track fitness-related metrics such as daily activity levels and activity goals. The most popular fitness tracking devices include the Fitbit Ace 2, and tend to tell you how many steps you’ve taken in a day – as it tracks steps and other useful measurements. This is really helpful for kids as it helps them to understand how their physical activities can impact their health.

When your fitness watch comes, you’ll want to know how your kids can use it to achieve fitness goals – especially with a kids fitness tracker, which can help your kids to track kids activity types and their level of active minutes every day.

Why Do People Use Fitness Trackers?

Many consumers will use a fitness tracking device, fitness tracking watch, or a similar device to help with their fitness activity. There are adult fitness trackers, but also many fitness trackers for kids. These fitness trackers for kids will help to monitor heart rate, monitor activity level, step tracking, and more for your kids. Step counting is a brilliant idea to give your kid power in how much they walk every day.

Many fitness trackers also involve sleep tracking, which will help your kids work out whether they’re getting enough sleep. This can be enhanced by setting bedtime reminders. These features can easily be monitored on a family account with different modes such as kid view and parent view, so parents can check their kids’ sleep tracker
on the LED display to see what their child is getting up to.

Are Fitness Trackers Safe for Children?

Some might argue that enforcing an activity goal with some sort of reward system could encourage weight loss via activity challenges, which could easily lead to negative body image. However, the World Health Organization recommend an activity tracker watch for children, claiming that the best fitness trackers for kids will actually help your child to maintain their activity levels as opposed to developing eating disorders.

Bottom line: fitness trackers for kids are a worthy investment. If you’re concerned, you can easily get in touch with a customer service team which are available five days a week. These sorts of fitness trackers will easily enforce a fun kids activity such as step challenges, so your kids aren’t stuck watching Star Wars for the fiftieth day in a row.

With fun settings and a positive feature for all, the capabilities of these kids fitness trackers will provide a positive experience for all, with little disadvantages. Getting your adolescents to exercise has never been less of a mission or chore – in fact, just read reviewers’ words about all the accomplishments and developments their kids have achieved in comparison since getting a tracker to give encouragement of development.

Is a Fitbit Good for Kids?

A Fitbit is a type of gadget that functions very well and provides useful stuff for your kids in lots of countries. Giving your kids a Fitbit as a gift is bound to report well, as it can provide entertainment and, in contrast, also help improve activity with fitness games. Parents should consider these things, and the benefits of fitness trackers, to make sports seem less like chores and more like rewards – you could even take care to provide incentives to your smartphone or pedometer users by giving them prizes to aid motivation. Get their heart rate up and the number of food packets in your trash down.

What Is the Best Fitness Tracker for A 10 Year Old?

The best fitness trackers for these kids, 2020 appropriate, need to include:

  • A decent battery life on your fitness tracker or activity tracker, to help your kids’ activity by counting active minutes
  • Sleep and activity trackers – so your kids can see their sleep patterns in relationship to their physical activity
  • Some sort of fitness goal
  • Fun features to make a Fitbit or fitness tracker fun to use – maybe they could even take part with their friends
  • Durability features such as water resistance, if your kid likes swimming, and adjustable wrist bands

In addition, for kids, 2020 has never been easier as there are lots of great activity trackers and similar products which even have fun themes and game contents. Our market favorites, suited to this particular audience, include the Garmin Vivofit Jr, Garmin Vivofit Jr 2, and the Fitbit Ace 2. The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is particularly handy as a kids’ activity tracker. The Vivofit Jr 2, as well as the Fitbit Ace 2, both monitor physical activity whilst providing lots of helpful content at a stunning price. The Leapfrog Leapband also provides a fun color screen.

Our Favorite Fitness Trackers for Teenagers

Want to get your teens to do more physical activity? Well, the best kids fitness trackers for this age will have to have really cool technology akin to an Apple watch or smart watch. This might include mobile app compatibility, camera control, or Bluetooth connectivity.

It’s not so much the brand that will sway your kids and give them a way to stand out amid friends their age, but teens appreciate cool designs and some of the best handy tech.

Your kids will rule the school with a fitness tracker like a Fitbit Alta, which gives anything and everything needed to provide high performance for a teen lifestyle with little problem and the option of progress reports, whilst giving you little to no concern that your youngsters will be going the distance to do exercise with enjoyment. In effect, this is way better than any Android tech they can take selfies on. Just check out reviews to see how other parents have had their concerns reduced!

Teen appropriate fitness tracker types include:

  • Garmin Vivosmart 4 Fitness Tracker
  • Fitbit Ace Fitness Tracker
  • Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Ace fitness tracker particularly provides hundreds of choices that kids might need, as do the Garmin models.

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