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The Ultimate Essentials Checklist for a Minimalist Mum

Published on 23rd March 2019 by Tessa Robinson

When you are expecting a bundle of joy, there are several items you need to buy as a minimalist mum.  However, the current baby market may push you into thinking that you must have all baby products. Honestly, you can survive with a mini cot bed, diapers, lotions, moses baskets, and a few others. You need to keep your baby items at a minimum while still meeting their essential needs. Below is a comprehensive Essentials Checklist for a Minimalist Mum

Sleeping Essentials

To start of our Essentials Checklist for a Minimalist Mum Come up with several sleeping arrangements for your newborn, depending on your personal preferences. Get a mini cot bed where your baby can lie within the first few weeks or after some months. You also need a mattress and a mattress pad to support safe sleep. If you love travelling, you can buy moses baskets that are portable and comfortably supports your baby at various stages. You can also place it in your bedroom during the early stages and move it to another room as the baby grows. As a minimalist, you must keep your baby item lists minimal as you get the best out of each product. Buy a swaddle blanket that you can either use as a light blanket, a nursing cover, or as a protective layer while playing on the floor.

Clothing Essentials

Although your baby will require regular outfit change, you don’t need an extravagant wardrobe. Have a few babygrows at hand to cover the newborn’s delicate skin since they tend to get cold quickly. Protect the head and feet using hats and socks, respectively to keep your baby warm and comfortable. You also need several onesies depending on how frequently you plan to do your laundry. Buy some leggings, especially if you live in a colder region and sleepers to keep your baby cosy during bedtime.

Bathing and Skincare Essentials

A baby’s skin loses moisture faster; thus, you can buy a gentle moisturizer from, which is fragrance-free to protect and relieve her sensitive skin. If you want to achieve a soft and hydrated skin, be careful with the type of products you use to bath your baby. Get natural skincare products designed to protect a newborn’s delicate skin from Grab a hooded towel to dry your baby, which will also keep her warm and fully covered. Get a gentle washcloth and a baby bath to clean her, but you can use sink baths until your baby sits up.

Feeding Essentials

You need a breastfeeding pillow to prop up your newborn, which allows your hands to feel free and acts as a support for you and the infant. Babies are messy when feeding; therefore, get burp clothes to prevent spit-up messes on your clothes. It will help if you get yourself a hands-free bra to make the breastfeeding process simpler and facilitate multitasking. When you are away from the baby, a rechargeable breast pump can help to store up milk if you chose to.


There are several baby items which are helpful but aren’t essential. However, don’t forget vital diapering products like wipes, diapers, and cream. Additionally, CCTV installation is an option to keep an eye on a babysitter if you have one. The above Essentials Checklist for a Minimalist Mum is a clear guideline, but you need to choose what suits you best.

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