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The Best Baby and Toddler Groups Near Me

Published on 17th May 2023 by Tessa Robinson

Looking for baby and toddler groups? Here at Club Hub, our directory is filled with thousands of classes for babies and toddlers, so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more about their businesses and their activities for babies and toddlers.You can use the search engine above to find a baby and toddler group near you now.

Say hello to a world of possibilities with Baby Sensory

Say hello to a world of possibilities with Baby Sensory

Discover the wonder and benefits of Baby Sensory together, with classes that are designed to stimulate your baby’s senses, promote bonding, and support their cognitive and motor development right from birth to 13 months.

Through interactive play and sensory experiences, your baby will learn, develop, and grow at their own pace. Our classes provide a safe and engaging environment for your baby to interact with other parents and babies, building social skills and confidence.  At Baby Sensory, we also believe in supporting parents. Our trained practitioners provide a welcoming and supportive environment where you can connect with other parents, share experiences, and receive guidance and advice. Join our classes to explore a new world of play and bonding, gain support and connection with other parents and watch your baby’s confidence grow, their motor skills develop, and your bond get stronger each week.

Welcome to Baby Sensory

Welcome to Hartbeeps – Baby And Toddler Groups Across the UK

The original multi-award winning musical story tellers and creators of multi-sensory classes for babies and young children, making magic happen since 2003.

Hartbeeps is nationwide with community hubs running sensory classes by our specialist team of passionate Imaginators, who are driven by unstoppable imaginations, limitless creativity and years of educational research.

HARTBEEPS BABIES – The immersive multi-sensory classes for babies began over 20 years ago and we have continued to lead the way innovating creative enrichment experiences for babies and their grown-ups! We offer our unique ‘age/stage’ programmes which have been carefully created to support babies age/stage.

Classes are suitable from birth and include:

NEWBORN BABIES – Welcome to the World Baby – Suitable from birth to 12 weeks

Relax and connect with your baby through the ancient art of baby massage, discover what your baby is telling you through reading and observing your baby’s cues, cries, reflexes and behavioural states. Meet and make new friends locally.

BABY BELLS – Suitable from approx 8 weeks (younger babies very welcome)

Baby Bells classes are designed to ignite and delight those freshly acquired senses and help baby to uncurl and release trapped energy. Sessions focus on bonding and building confidence.

BABY BEEPS – With Baby Signing – Suitable from approx 7 months (suitable for babies that are sitting unaided and up to first steps)

All aboard the Babble Express, next stop Babble Station! Sessions offer BIG fun in full colour, with larger than life puppet characters, rhymes, raps, claps and rhythmic beats; supporting baby’s blossoming speech and language development


HAPPY HOUSE – Suitable for toddlers (younger siblings welcome in this family fun session)

Join Dexter Cat & Adrian Mouse in the Hartbeeps Happy House. Participants take a different sound journey every week, as we set the scene and your Little Hartbeepers build their story! It’s fun fun fun all the way, with our own versions of classic nursery rhymes, the most fabulous original songs, gorgeous puppet characters, dress-up, props and more…

See you soon at Hartbeeps

Inspired by curiosity, backed by research and sprinkled with magic!

Find a class near you – hartbeeps.com

Facebook: facebook.com/hartbeeps

Instagram – Hartbeeps

Amanda Frolich, CEO of Amanda’s Action Club – Best Baby and Toddler Groups in London

Looking for toddler activities?

I’ve been a children’s activity provider since forever. Almost thirty years now and although things have changed massively in that time, one thing remains the same – the need to keep toddlers active, engaged and developing through play. The activity market is crowded and there’s so much choice, but in my opinion, the best classes for two and three-year olds are ones which…

Are Energetic – we all know children find it hard to sit still. They have oodles of energy so help them harness it. By moving their bodies and exploring their surroundings they develop personally and socially.

Play Music – but not just any music. Music that has a strong beat (as this helps them move) is relevant, stimulating and entertaining. I produce my own modern nursery songs which teach children about themselves and the world around them.

Use Props – children are tactile. They don’t just learn from listening. Props help them link what they’re being told to an activity and make connections with the real world.

Encourage Social Interactions Between Parent and Child – I say children move better when adults move too – and it’s so true. That bond is so, so special. No caregivers on mobiles in my classes please – when we all have fun together, we create so much energy and positivity it makes the experience 100 times better for everyone!

About Amanda’s Action Club – Baby and Toddler Groups Near Me

Amanda’s Action Club is for children from 4 months to 3 years.  Classes are fun, energetic and packed full of music, activities, early learning and fitness. Children are encouraged to move around, explore their environment, communicate with each other and express themselves.

Amanda’s passion to develop healthy minds and bodies has led her to work tirelessly to get her message across to families across the country and indeed the world. She’s  developed an app, co-written a book and her animation series is in production. Amanda has recently become a Children’s Champion in Parliament and is working to make sure politicians and policymakers put children first in all decision-making. Amanda’s mantra: children are the future – let’s help them be the healthiest and the happiest they can be.

Website: www.amandasactionclub.co.uk

Facebook: amandasactionclub

Instagram: actionamanda

Boogie Beat Music and Movement – Baby and Toddler Groups Across the UK

Boogie Beat Music and MovementBoogie Beat Music and Movement offers award winning classes across the UK. Our classes are full of traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes with an active dance twist.  Let your child’s imagination come alive…

Mixed age classes (babies to 5 years) are energetic and fun, they combine music and dance with carefully structured learning.  We use our own composed music and illustrations along with lots of fantastic props. Our classes are designed to help children to develop their confidence, coordination and social skills whilst learning to express themselves in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Our baby classes (newborn to pre-walkers) are less active but still provide all the engagement and fun that you get from the mixed age classes. The babies enjoy the stories and time with the props which helps to develop their listening, coordination and social skills.

To find out more about Boogie Beat Music and Movement baby and toddler groups in your area visit www.boogiebeat.co.uk 

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/boogiebeatuk

Instagram : boogiebeathq

Twitter : @boogiebeatcouk

Email : [email protected] 

3 Benefits Of Starting Parent & Baby Swimming Lessons Early – SwimWay Swimming School in South West London

SwimWay Swimming School offers parent & baby swimming lessons for children aged 3-36 months. Introducing a child to the water early in life is extremely beneficial. It enables them to learn basic skills and water confidence while becoming comfortable with the environment. Here are 3 benefits of starting swimming lessons early.

  1. Safety

Many young swimmers are fearless of the water, and this can be an excellent start. However, it can also cause parents’ concern. Teaching them foundation skills from an early age is extremely important. Breath control, flotations and submersions are all life-saving skills that are just the start of their learning journey with SwimWay.

  1. A Good Start

Swimming from a young age is not only fun, it also encourages children to improve and enjoy swimming. This can lead to faster progression when they begin work on technique and strokes. Having a parent in the water during the SwimWay parent and baby classes helps ease the transition for young children into 1:1 or 1:2 swimming lessons, and kicks off a healthy, swim-filled life!

  1. Bonding & Social Interaction

One of the major benefits of these lessons is the opportunity for bonding with your child. You will share the experience as your child learns. Additionally, SwimWay’s small group parent & baby swimming lessons offer a great social element for both you and your child without being too busy or overwhelming. A wonderful opportunity for parents and children to meet and make friends!

SwimWay’s small group parent and baby swimming lessons run for 30 minutes on weekday mornings for children aged 3-36 months in warm, private pools located in East Sheen, Kensington/Holland Park, Kew Gardens and Wimbledon/Southfields.

Visit their website at www.swimway.co.uk, or contact [email protected] or 02088713972.

Mini Monkey Gym – Baby and Toddler Groups Across the UK

Mini Monkey Gym - Baby and Toddler Groups Across the UK

The Original Soft Playgym Programme for 0-5’s – Developmental Classes across the UK!

At Mini Monkey Gym we have unique soft obstacle courses to explore which support a weekly movement theme and physical skill. Mini Monkeys enjoy jumping off blocks, balancing on beams, rolling down slopes, sliding on tummies, moving backwards, crawling through tunnels, climbing in, out, up and over and lots, lots more!

Our pre-mobile Mini Monkeys have fun with movement activities to strengthen their bodies in preparation to become mobile, including rocking, rolling, standing, pull ups, and of course lots of tummy time!

We use different sensory and musical props each week to compliment the movement theme such as, ribbons, beanbags, hula hoops, transparent scarves, maracas, bells and lots more! Mini Monkeys are on the move all the time with our active musical movement, which really gets everyone, and even the adults, moving! We enjoy lots of bending, stretching, jumping, turning, shaking, wiggling, stamping, clapping and swinging at Mini Monkey Gym!

Our classes follow the same structure each week which promotes recognition for your child and builds their confidence to join in with the circle time activities, songs and parachute play.

Mini Monkey Gym classes are very relaxed and friendly so children join in when they are ready and are free to explore in their own way! Our classes are fun and social, offering parents a wonderful opportunity for special one-on-one time with their child and a chance to meet, and chat with,  other like-minded families.

Mini Monkey Gym classes run across the UK. Contact your local class teacher for availability and to find out more: minimonkeygym.co.uk/find-a-class/

Funics – There are so many classes available for preschoolers these days…

About Funics - Toddler Groups Near Me

Sometimes their diary can feel overloaded at the age of just 3! So which classes are actually worth spending the time and money on?

Most people agree that classes which stimulate your child to think imaginatively, concentrate, learn and practise new skills, develop motor skills and build their confidence are all worth investigating. You will know your own child better than anyone else so you will be aware of the areas which need a little bit of boosting and also the areas where they excel. It’s a great plan to find a balance between both these elements when they are young – plenty of time to specialise later!

Classes where you will also benefit as a parent can often be really helpful too. A good toddler group will give both adults and children an opportunity to develop friendships which can support everyone in the family. These are usually inexpensive and local, it’s worth trying out a few to see where you and your child fit in.

About Funics – Toddler Groups in Worcester

Funics is our preschool class. We are two specialist early years teachers who have worked in the classroom for many years. We have also seen our own children grow up through the education system. Funics is a little different to many toddler classes because we work with both adults and children in our sessions. The idea for the group came because we were seeing many children entering the classroom still needing opportunities to develop listening, physical development and creative skills which needed more time to embed into their learning before they were able to effectively learn at school.

Funics focuses on preparing ears, voices and fingers for reading and writing. We’ll show you creative ways which help children develop their hand muscles to help prepare them for writing. Our classes introduce you to activities for listening and distinguishing between sounds so that children can hear the sounds which make up words – this makes both reading and spelling much easier!

The activities are loads of fun and are designed to help you, as the carer, to understand and apply how your child learns and we explain it to you as we go along! We aim to use resources which are readily available to you so that you can replicate activities at home. The groups work in a really supportive and friendly way to look at each child as an individual and we try our best to help specific needs. So Funics is a class for preschool children, but it’s also a class for carers – we’d love to see you there.

Facebook – www.facebook.com/worcesterfunics/

Website – www.funics.com/

Instagram – funics.phonics

Beebops – Best Baby and Toddler Groups in Norwich

About Beebops Classes - Baby and Toddler Groups Near Me

The best classes for toddlers are ones which engage and stimulate their creative and inquisitive minds and help to channel that never-ending energy. Toddlers cognitive, emotional, and social development are important at this stage of development.

Safety is paramount for this age group, they have lots of energy and like to explore through touching, tasting, even throwing equipment. It is important to ensure that the class is well designed and using age appropriate equipment, materials, and instructions and does not expect a newly walking toddler to stay sat down the whole time.

Social interaction for both your toddler and you are particularly important at this stage in their development. Some toddlers may have not had much interaction with another child the same age and they need to develop social skills.

Toddler classes that are fun and enjoyable for both your toddler and you are most suitable. There is no point expecting a toddler to play a full symphony, paint a Picasso or score a goal like Beckham. The classes need to be age appropriate and concentrate on making the activity light-hearted and most importantly fun!!

About Beebops Classes – Baby and Toddler Groups Near Me

Beebops classes are a fun, lively and interactive Sensory, Music and Dance class for your babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers.

Our parent and child classes include both structure and free play and use many ways to encourage and engage your child. Beebops classes incorporate singing, dancing (or bouncing), Nursery rhymes, Percussion Instruments, Popular Songs, Exciting Props and Sensory Mediums for your little ones to explore.

Planned around the Early Years Foundation Stages, our class helps to develop both gross and fine motor skills, speech, rhythm, co-ordination, confidence, social interaction, and school readiness, and more. These skills are developed while the children Learn through Play.

Our main aim is to spend some quality time interacting with your child while stimulating all their senses in an exciting and engaging way, but most of all we want you to have fun!!

For more information see our website www.beebopsltd.co.uk

Or Facebook www.facebook.com/beebopsltd

Email [email protected]

Phone: 07934 276167

Mini Mozart – What classes are Best for Toddlers? (London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire)

Mini Mozart – Baby and Toddler Groups Near Me

Let’s start at the beginning. Why do we take babies and toddlers to classes at all? For us grown-ups, it might be just to get out of the house and enjoy a change of scene, meet some mum mates, have something to do, swap advice, have a moan, heck, have someone else do the entertaining!…

But for babies and toddlers, it’s all about learning. Classes provide a safe sanctuary for them to interact and socialise with others their own age, where they learn to start coping with their emotions (or not!) and begin to understand their own capabilities. They begin to learn to listen, to make mistakes, to understand the importance of routines, to grow their confidence by getting their expectations realised, to make friends. But most importantly, they learn all about having FUN!

The best classes provide all of this – and in the case of good music classes, more besides – singing, listening, actions and dancing too!

Mini Mozart – Baby and Toddlers Groups Near Me

Let’s be honest – there are LOADS of pre-school music classes out there for babies and toddlers. But why would you choose one without live music? Why would you choose one not taught by professional musicians who are all music graduates?

Why would you choose one without a piano accompanist for the children and musicians to interact with, and who plays some of the world’s best loved classical repertoire?!

At Mini Mozart, your little one will experience many magical musical moments with live music – and we bet you’ll love the classes too! The course has been constructed to introduce children to the concepts of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo through fun games and exercises – with the emphasis being placed firmly on the FUN!

Classes available throughout London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Website: www.minimozart.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/minimozartherts and www.facebook.com/minimozartlondon

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minimozartmusic

Samba Sports Coaching – Best Baby and Toddler Groups in Chesterfield and Matlock

Samba Sports Coaching - Toddler Groups Near Me

Samba Tots is a multi-sports programme designed for ’18 months to 5 years’ which aims to improve fundamental movement and skills in a fun, safe and welcoming environment.

Within our programme we use a range of fun game which helps the children improve their gross motor skills, confidence and social skills.

Children will collect stickers and complete their Samba journey by improving different skills over 4 themed sessions. Children will have their own sticker chart as well as a chance to win Macaw, our Samba Mascot! Tots will participate in a range of different sports – Football, Tennis, Hockey, Gymnastics and themed games to music! Your child will make friends, improve their bond with you and become a more confident child. Find your local samba tots and book a free Samba Tot session

  • The Jungle
  • The Crazy River
  • The Beach
  • The City

Samba Sports Coaching – Toddler Groups Near Me

Samba Sports was founded in 2017 by professionals who have considerable experience in Sports Education. Over the last 3 years the company has grown tremendously to becoming a franchise. The unique programmes that have been designed are extremely successful. We deliver a range of provision to all age rages with a focus on tot and primary school aged children. Samba Sports deliver the following provision

  • Primary Schools
  • Safe and fun holiday camps
  • Samba tots
  • Samba Football Development
  • Birthday Parties
  • Samba Smile Project – Care Home sessions

Website: www.sambasportscoaching.co.uk/

Samba Tots Chesterfield Booking: www.sambasports.coordinate.cloud/event/82177

Samba Tots Matlock: www.sambasports.coordinate.cloud/event/74923

Email: [email protected]

Contact Area Manager Ben Moss: 07902402180

We hope you enjoyed reading about all the “The Best Baby and Toddler Groups Near Me”. Search for Baby and Toddler Groups Near Me on the Club Hub Website Now! – https://clubhubuk.co.uk/

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