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What to expect at your child’s first football match

Published on 7th September 2020 by Tessa Robinson

So what does happen at a child’s first football match? Here at Club Hub, our kids activities directory is filled with thousands of football classes for kids so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more about their businesses and what to expect at your child’s first football match.

What to expect at your child’s first football match at First Touch

What to expect at your child’s first football matchWith your child’s first visit to First Touch football, they will be met by our qualified and friendly coaches, making them feel welcome and at ease, in a safe and warm environment. Our ultimate goal is for your child to have fun whilst learning all about football. If the focus of football is based on fun at the beginning, children will likely fall in love with the game and will want to continue.

About First Touch – Football Classes for Kids

First Touch is located in Central London and we have successfully coached over 200 students from all around London. In actual fact, some of our kids have gone on to train with Premier League teams such as QPR, Chelsea and Fulham as well as swim for the local county.

At First Touch we believe in kids development and in nurturing their skills and abilities all at their own pace. Our journey began in 2011 and since our club has been growing fast. We are a group of very passionate and inspiring individuals and our team is here to create a fun and safe environment for your children to develop their passion for sports into something more.



Twitter: firsttouchlondon

Instagram: firsttouchfcldn

What to expect at your child’s first football session with Football Magic Coaching?

Football Classes for KidsFrom the very first session, we aim to build your child’s confidence and get them involved. We buddy up newcomers with those who have been to an FMC session before – this means no child is left behind and encourages peer-to-peer play.

Every child is given the same opportunity to try new things, and play to their full potential. For children who are more comfortable on the sidelines, there will always be a friendly coach nearby to help them get the most of the session, and get them to participate. You can expect your child to come home with a smile on their face, buzzing to come back and play again!

We’re offering you a free taster at one of our Saturday sessions. Use the code FREEONE when booking from our website, and your first session will be completely free!

About Football Magic Coaching

Over the past ten years, Football Magic has provided high-quality, fun football coaching for children between 5 and 14 years old. Our sessions have helped thousands of children keep active, gain confidence, and explore their love for football. We offer a wide variety of affordable sessions run by our F.A. approved coaches – including weekly weekend coaching, girls-only football, and holiday camps. Not to mention our magical football parties, which are individually tailored to your child’s needs.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our football classes for kids check out the links below:





Email: [email protected]uk

What to expect at your child’s first football match?

Football Classes for KidsWhether its your son, your daughter, niece or nephew, the first time they step on to a football pitch for a match will be a day of pure excitement. From putting on their new kit, to the journey in the car, to their first touch of the ball, your child will be starting a journey that in some cases will last a lifetime.

But what can you expect………………..chaos………absolute chaos………..excited children, excided parents, excited grandparents………..let’s say 8 children on a team, both parents come to watch, maybe siblings, grandparents, that’s well over 50 people, all with the same excitement of their child first football match……similar to the last day of primary school for year 6’s, a pure rollercoaster of emotions…….and then add in the first goal, that feeling of pride if your child scores!!!!!

But what should be the most important factor on this day……….FUN!!! This day should be FUN for everyone involved. As long as at the end of the game, 16 children go home with a smile on their face, then that day has been a success, regardless of the result. As adults, we need to remember WHY we are there…’s for the kids. We need to work together to create an footballing environment all children feel safe and happy in, and want to return to.

At the end of that first game, your only question to your child should be “Did you enjoy that?” if the answer is “Yes”, as a parent, you’ve completed your job on your child’s first football match.

About Concept4Football – Football Classes for Kids

At C4F, we strive to create an environment players feel confident to try new skills and learn the game, without the fear of making a mistake. We want them to understand that mistakes will happen and it is all part of the learning process. Our technical centres are open to school Years 1-9, with our Tiny Tekkers programme open to 3-7 year olds. We focus on individual player development, and have designed a programme that caters for all abilities.

For more information, or to arrange a free taster session please visit or email [email protected]

What to expect at your child’s first football match?

What to expect at your child’s first football matchWith your child transitioning from their weekly football class into a football team playing their first match, it will be a super exciting moment for your Superstar (get ready for the baggy kit that won’t fit them properly for at least two seasons!) and a proud moment for you and your family.

Parents will be asked to stand on the opposite touch line to where the manager and children are and should be told to be on their best behaviour on the side lines! No shouting instructions or aggressive behaviour should be tolerated. Be very mindful that this is brand new to your Superstar so they will have some nerves and you shouldn’t expect too much from them in their first few months in their team.

Allow them to develop and learn at their own pace – they will learn very quickly on match days as they will most likely be playing against children with a bit more experience than them. As long as you remember that all children play for fun, and that it isn’t the world cup final, your Superstar should develop with your support in no time. You may even witness their first goal in their new team pretty quickly, which is something that will stick with your Superstar and your family forever!

About Skillz UK Ltd – Football Classes for Kids

Skillz UK was founded in 2012 by Ashley Thomas. Our first ever class started with just 10 children attending.

The goal has been simple! To create football classes centered around CHILDREN (or our Superstars as we like to call them). That means lots of energy, themed games and tonnes of smiles, and progression pathways into local football teams and for our more advanced children, in to local professional football academies.

To date, we now have over 500 weekly members within Croydon and Sutton at our children’s football classes, teaching an additional 350 per in our local nurseries and schools.

With classes starting from the age of 2, there is something for every budding footballer at Skillz! Why not check out our FREE home practice e-book full of 16 football games that your family can enjoy together!  – Football Classes for Kids

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We hope you have enjoyed reading about these amazing Football Classes.

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