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Muddle Puddle Pottery

Published on 15th July 2018 by Tessa Robinson

Hi I’m Helen and I am the founder of Muddle Puddle Pottery, a mobile pottery studio, with a degree in Primary teaching with Art and many years experience in this. I am also a mum to 2 children.Muddle Puddle Pottery

Muddy Puddle Pottery started last summer, after a few years of deliberation on my part I decided to step away from part time teaching and bring my skills in ceramics to all kinds of people. As a parent of young children I would get frustrated taking them to art groups because usually both my children couldn’t go to the same group because of age, one would be bored or run riot, whilst the other created.

Most of my local pottery studios where I would take my children to have their hand prints glazed, hands cast in clay or let them make or create were surrounded by breakable items, I couldn’t spent very long there before they wanted to run about. And so my mobile pottery studio was born… whether it’s glazing, or clay prints, after school clubs, holiday workshops, community groups, NCT groups, baby fayres, schools or
even nursing homes, I bring everything to you!

I have found my first year to be so successful, I expected a quiet introduction but as soon as people heard that I was mobile, it was really popular, in particular with groups of young children.

You can let your children play and enjoy an environment they’re comfortable in (whether that’s your own home or a village hall baby group) whilst I set up and have glazing or clay activities available.

My sessions run all the time, I have no set opening hours, I take bookings when I am free and able to, I also offer different sessions around hampshire and various locations so keep your eyes peeled on my website and facebook page for these details.

I encourage all participants to try out new techniques and skills and offer everyone the opportunity to explore their creative side. Even a baby foot or hand print can be magical!



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Twitter link: @muddypudpot

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