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How do I teach my child another language?

Published on 14th September 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Would you like your child to learn another language? Here at Club Hub, our kids activities directory is filled with thousands of language classes for kids so we have spoken to a few kids activity providers to tell us a bit more about their language based businesses and how you can help teach your child another language.

Language Classes for Kids

Language Classes for KidsIn today’s world never has it been more valuable for children to speak a foreign language. How do I teach my child another language?

Speaking another language opens the door to new possibilities & opportunities.  Travel and lifelong friendships are built with the people they meet along the way if able to communicate easily. Learning a second language is incredibly rewarding and can enrich personal life too by developing confidence and self esteem, which in turn enables children to overcome fears and doubts leaving them feeling much more confident. 

At school it can also help boost other learning with research proving that pupils, who study foreign languages, tend to score better at standardised tests than their monolingual peers; particularly noticeable in maths, reading, and vocabulary.  Plus, being able to speak another language can help improve employability within our globalised world; companies are constantly expanding overseas and dealing with clients from all over the world.  Therefore speaking a second language enables communication and a broader network. 

About La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children 

About La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children has a 35 year proven track record of successfully teaching French and Spanish to young children, therefore a brand you can really trust.  We inspire children to gain a love of languages that’s pressure free so learning becomes a thoroughly positive experience. 

Nursery & Primary age children learn through our award-winning Structured Programme that’s taught in some of the leading prep schools, in the UK & abroad.  Our 30 minute sessions, organised by age, are delivered in schools, nurseries and venues, or through our popular Online Classes via our amazing network of over 560 teachers through engaging and interactive activities such as songs, games, stories and roleplays in a positive and supportive manner.   Every child who starts their bilingual journey with us receives: 

  • Their own A4 quality Pupil Activity Book that enables continued learning at home, plus parents can see how they’re progressing 
  • Access to our fantastic media player app for supporting audio materials – perfect for singing along to at home or in the car 
  • Reward stickers, plus encouraging recognition messages 
  • A Certificate and Medals as they complete each programme 
  • Regular feedback on their progress 
  • The chance to enjoy a fun and positive approach to languages which in turn will help them become a skilled, confident and enthusiastic language learner

We truly believe young children have a wonderful advantage in that they pick up languages with ease; therefore, through the positive experience we nurture, by the time your child begins primary and secondary their foundation of language learning will provide them with a significant head start. 

To find your nearest French or Spanish Class for 0-12 year olds visit:  

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How do I teach my child another language? – Language Classes for Kids

How do I teach my child another language? - Language Classes for KidsI’ve had several native French speakers attend my classes as the parents don’t want the learning isolated to their home. I’m often asked for 1:1 tuition but usually decline as it can be limiting. In a group, children conform. They chant, they sing, they wear bunny ears, they take on roles and complete tasks. Group learning allows for loud and joyful singing, friendships to be formed, learning through role play, movement and group play. It encourages turn taking, learning from each other and encouraging one another.

The learning is impressive! Children will often learn to count in French before English or will be able to count higher in French as group learning accelerates the learning. The songs have a huge part to play, many of which I’ve written myself to teach the vocabulary of different themes. Parents regularly send me videos of the children singing my songs to their younger siblings or performing to grandparents. All my songs are available on my website 

About Les Petits Pois Fun French – French Language Classes for Kids

How do I teach my child another language? I launched Les Petits Pois Fun French in September 2015 to provide children aged 0-8 and their families in Warrington, St Helens and Wigan areas with the exciting opportunity to start language learning at the best possible time. Research shows that children benefit from language learning from birth and ideally before the age of 4. Besides the weekly baby, toddler and after school groups, I run groups for childminders and local nurseries along with private events such as Christmas and birthday parties. I also get booked for festivals and other local events.

The sessions seek to produce inquisitive language learners and provide them with an early passion for languages. Sessions are themed and incorporate mainly my own songs, plus traditional French songs. The children learn through singing, stories, games, dance and props, drama and puppets, parachute play, and crafts. Visit the website to book for community classes or subscribe to the members area for online courses to enjoy at home.

123 Spanish Club – Eliana Tuesta – How do I teach my child another language?

123 Spanish Club – Eliana Tuesta - How do I teach my child another language?As a mum of two young trilingual children, for me the key is patience and consistency. Make it part of their daily routines, something that will come naturally to them. If you are not a native speaker in the language you’d like to teach, expose them to as many resources as possible: from their favourite cartoons and shows to even language classes if available in your area.

No classes around? Then try meeting parents with similar age children that speak that language. You will see the results of learning through play! If they have a positive experience, they will want to learn it, and the most important thing, it will come natural to them! Nothing more amazing as a Spanish Teacher myself than hearing my 3-year-old students pronouncing the words perfectly! Even better than their parents, most of the times!

About 123 Spanish Club – Fun Spanish classes for children and adults

123 Spanish Club was founded in 2019 with the aim to provide to families in the Wigan area the opportunity to learn a second language in a fun and engaging way. From humble beginnings with 1 group of children to becoming a small business that has reached more than 100 students big and small, our biggest reward has been our students’ positive feedback and reviews.

We know that learning Spanish is more than just doing some grammar and listening exercises; it’s being part of a new culture and way of thinking. That is why this new course and for the first time we are doing ALL our children sessions via FULL IMMERSION. Yes! You heard right, from the moment your little one starts their session they will only hear the teacher guiding all the activities in Spanish. This new approach is proved to have tremendous benefits on learning a second language at an early age.

Don’t worry! children have an incredible ability to understand what is going on, much more than adults. So they will still have lots of fun! Our sessions will turn into ‘little Spain’ and other ‘Spanish speaking countries’ for 45 minutes.  They will learn about ‘Los Reyes Magos’, or how to make your own ‘Tortilla de Patatas’ And you’ll see, that’s what will make all the difference! Face to face or online, we strive our best to adapt to the students’ needs and abilities. With affordable prices and no long-term commitment. You decide how much time you invest on their learning adventure!

Check our latest news:

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How do I teach my child another language? – Language Classes for Kids

How do I teach my child another language? - Language Classes for KidsBabies and toddlers instinctively understand that language is something to explore and have fun with, so it’s never too early to introduce them to a second one.

Early exposure to a second language has a whole range of developmental benefits – for a start, it boosts their brain power, enhances their speech development and increases their self-confidence.

Any exposure to a second language is a good thing, and there’s lots you can do at home, such as watching foreign language versions of favourite TV shows or playing foreign songs. Try getting the whole family on board, you’ll be amazed how much you all pick up!

If you don’t speak a second language yourself, think about joining a local class. Sometimes being part of an organised group can give you that little push on those days when you can find at least five reasons to do something else instead!

About BilinguaSing

Multi-award winning BilinguaSing is a sensory music-led programme with the added benefit of an extra language for babies and children from birth.

As well as boosting your little one’s brain development & learning skills, our specialist classes encourage relaxation and bonding. And many mums tell us their weekly BilinguaSing class is the only one they attend that offers them some mental stimulation, helping to stave off ‘baby brain’!

At BilinguaSing, we always present our catchy bilingual songs and nursery rhymes in English first, followed by the second language.

The bilingual approach has many benefits: children’s understanding is enhanced through improved communication; frustration is reduced; enjoyment is increased; they remain engaged for longer; and a love of languages develops!

Our classes are always sociable and a great way to get to know other mums and dads, and while you don’t need to know any languages to join us, we promise you’ll be singing along in no time!

Find out more here

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How do I teach my child a language? – Language Classes for Kids

How do I teach my child a language? - Language Classes for KidsThe best time to start teaching your children additional languages is as soon as possible!

Babies are great at differentiating sounds, let the listen to music in the language you want them to learn, maybe learn a song and sing it to them. Toddlers love repeating and playing with words, use this to reinforce everything they learn. Use daily situations to teach them new words and phrases, greet them in the language you are learning in the morning and when saying good night, learn clothes names as they are dressing up, look for animals to say when you are out and about, read bilingual books or books in the language you are learning, find songs to do actions with them, mostly use a little bit each day! Every resource will add a little bit, books, songs, videos, classes, the more they hear it the better!

About Nanos Spanish – Spanish Language Classes for Kids

Parents are very aware of the value of languages in today’s world and they know of the advantages that young children have when learning them in early childhood. By exposing young children to other languages, you are giving them the opportunity to tap into their natural ability to hear and distinguish sounds, and their capacity to make sense of what they are hearing.

Nanos Spanish language program for little ones is based on the children’s natural curiosity and an innate ability to learn. It is a program that makes the children “live” the language, play with it, we move, dance, sing, play and learn.

Both children and parents learn together in class.

Starting or supporting a language learning journey together is a stimulating and enriching experience to treasure and enjoy.

We offer:

  • Weekly life online classes
  • On demand online resource to learn at home
  • Weekly in person classes

Find us:

How do I teach my child another language?

How do I teach my child another language?When it comes to learning a second language, babies and young children are at a distinct advantage as the brain’s plasticity is far greater, leading to an increased capability to learn languages.

Teaching your child another language is all about starting young and using the right tools to capture imaginations and inspire them to love languages. Simple things can make a big difference – climb the stairs whilst counting, point out different colours around the house or outside, use words whilst playing a familiar game (i.e. Twister /Playdough), listen to music or watch You Tube videos. The more natural and play-based you make the experience, the more effectively your child will learn.

Combining music with visual cues, drama, games and stories can provide the perfect backdrop for effective learning. These techniques are at the heart of the Kidslingo approach in both our face to face and online classes.

About Kidslingo

About KidslingoAt Kidslingo we aim to inspire young children to LOVE languages. Our fun and interactive French and Spanish classes, available face-to-face, online or via pre-recorded videos, are a combination of songs, Makaton, games, story-telling and let’s pretend.

Our multi award-winning programme, covering the 0 – 11 age range, is available via school clubs, classes in community venues, nurseries and schools, online group classes as well as private 1-2-1 sessions.

Language learning has many benefits including increased cognitive development, improved listening skills as well as boosting self-confidence and ‘wider world’ awareness. Kidslingo classes are designed to be as interactive as possible with themes ranging from Circus Fun to Under the Sea, Superheroes to Wild Animals and many more besides. We believe in language learning that engages children in a play-based approach as we know that this is absolutely the best way for them to absorb a new language.

To find out more about the classes and to search for an online or face-to-face class – please visit

For fun free French & Spanish resources see here

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