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Club Hub UK reaches 2000 Kids Activities!

Published on 17th September 2017 by Tessa Robinson

Club Hub - 2000 Kids ActivitiesThank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am absolutely over the moon to have over 2000 Kids Activities on our app and website.

Right from the beginning it has always been about the Kids Activity Providers and the Parents.

In the app industry it’s more than just about downloads or reviews and getting paid.

I created Club Hub because I found it so hard to advertise my business to the local community. Everything cost way too much money and I just wanted to teach kids how to sing, dance and act. Not to make a huge money making business. A kids musical theatre class.

And as for the activities, they’re usually owned by parents that want to build a community, an extended family where kids can make friends and parents can relate to other parents. 

This is our why and this is why we continue to go that extra mile for our audience because they’re a part of our family too!

Without your support we wouldn’t be where we are today and we want to say thank you to every parent, every child that uses not only our app but the activities they take part in

10 Brand New Club Hub Updates

  1. We have an updated contact button for kids activity providers! Also in celebration of Club Hub UK reaching 2,000 kids activities we have decided to offer 50% discount on this package to the First 50 Kids Activity Providers that upgrade their listings who have already signed up with us. £6 per listing for 1 Whole Year.  (Normally £12 per year per listing). This package adds a bright yellow contact button on your listing on our app for parents to directly message you! Upgrade your listing now
  2. “Club Hub UK Featured Club of the Week” Returned on the 1st of September!  Tweet us Club Hub UK every Friday and describe your activity to us in one tweet – including the all important hashtag #ClubHubUK. The winner is chosen every Sunday at 6pm! The Winner will be on the homepage of our website for Two Whole Weeks. Is first seen in their area on the website up to 15 miles for Two Whole Weeks. And has Social Media Publicity for Two Whole Weeks! The winner will also be added to our private Club Hub UK Winners Facebook Group!
  3. We have a brand new Weekly #wetalkmakaton video clip with Rhyme & Sign. Every Monday we will Share the The Makaton Charity‘s Sign of the week. So Please Join in and Share your Video using the hashtag #wetalkmakaton
  4. Our Kids activity finder has been updated on the website. Of course Featured Activities are still first seen in their area. Discover what is in your area now on www.clubhubuk.co.uk  (Interested in having a featured listing? Please get in touch)
  5. We have a Brand New Advert! Have you seen and shared it? www.youtube.com/watch?v=leOoTfPXOJ0
  6. We have brand new categories including Halloween, Christmas, Media and Chess!
  7. We beat our record and received 15,007 views on our website and app lats month (August). Thousands of Families are searching for kids activities every day. It’s totally free to upload your details now via www.clubhubuk.co.uk
  8. We have added a price range option for kids activity providers who upload their details. So now all listings will have their exact prices on for parents to see. (For example – 5 – 10)
  9. Kids Activity Providers can now “Clone” their listings! So when adding a new location or club you can click the clone button next to the green upgrade button on one of your listings on your my clubs page. This (Clones) adds the same listing to your profile. You can then click the edit button on the listing to add the details or change details for your similar listing.
  10. We have a brand new App Update available on the App Store and Google Play! It would be absolutely amazing if you could leave us a brand new review.

Hope that has kept you updated.

Please do get in touch, I love hearing from you.

We can always schedule a phone call?

Thank you and Kind regards

Tessa Robinson

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