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Which Dance Form is Best for Kids?

Published on 21st September 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Looking for children’s dance classes? Here at Club Hub, our directory is filled with thousands of dance classes for kids, so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more which dance form is best for kids to learn.

Ellen Elphick – Founder of Ellen Elphick Dance Academy

Which Dance Form is Best for Kids?I believe that ballet is the best dance form for kids.  It is the founding technique to most, if not all dance styles and will allow a child to gain control, balance, coordination and great posture.  Ballet is a very disciplined dance form and children respond very well to this and fall in love with Ballet.  Ballet is a flowing, imaginative and structured dance form that allows a child to express themselves through movement, particularly when they are more advanced. Here at EEDA we believe ballet is the fundamental technique to all other dance styles and therefore, the most important dance form to learn.

About Ellen Elphick Dance Academy – Dance Classes for Kids

Ellen Elphick Dance Academy is a dance school in Ewell, Surrey where we believe that all children deserve the chance to dance.  Ellen Elphick is a retired professional ballerina and is able to use all her experience from training and performing to bring out the best from all her students.

Ellen’s passion for teaching is evident in her students passion and love for dance and she instills good discipline and technique in all classes. We follow the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, where Ellen Elphick holds a Registered Teacher Status after gaining her teaching diploma.  All our teachers are qualified and DBS checked and we offer dance classes of the highest standards.  We welcome any child that wishes to trial a class and discover their passion for dance.


Instagram: ellenelphickdanceacademy

Email: [email protected]

Which Dance form is best for kids?

Dance Classes for KidsResearch shows that dancing improves mental health as it boosts overall happiness, therefore I believe that any style of dancing will be beneficial to a child. I would advise to start as young as possible to make it a good habit and part of their routine. Taking part in a dance class like Ballet, Contemporary or Jazz will help them to grow healthy by having a good understanding of how their body functions, it will improve their posture, muscle tone, it will strengthen their bones, it will also increase creativity and it’s fun!

About SA Dance – Dance Classes for Kids

A dance school that nurtures and inspires the next generation of dancers in a happy and healthy environment. The styles offered are Acro, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern Jazz & Tap. Whether to train to become a professional dancer, improve on current skills or for the sheer joy of dance, we invite you to join our S A Dance family and to dance with us!




Email [email protected]

Which Dance form is best for kids?

Which Dance Form is Best for Kids?At Dance4U we offer a range of different dance styles and aim to meet the wants and need of each individual, therefore we believe therapeutic dance & movement is the best dance form for children and here’s why;

What is Therapeutic Dance?

Dance Therapy recognises body movement as an implicit and expressive instrument of communication and expression, it’s a creative way of using dance and movement to help the individual deal with emotional, social, physical and psychological issues.

Who Does it Benefit?

Anyone! In particular dance therapy may assist development of self-esteem and confidence, assist in building health perceptions of body image, improvement of communication skills verbally or non verbally.

Dance4U uses a Humanistic Approach.

The Humanistic Approach suggests that humans should be viewed holistically, a persons behaviour is influenced by their environment. Individuals are conscious of past and present, they have the right to make informed decisions concerning self.


Dance4u use a range of modalities within sessions such as, music, art, fancy dress, roleplay, drama, toys and lights and much more… Every individual is special and not every group of people enjoy the same things, Dance4u collaborates with others in order to meet the needs of the clients.

Does it work?

Based on the belief that a persons body movement reflects their pattern of thinking and feeling, dance therapy allows for expression of whole self. The dance therapist will observe and asses the clients movements during session, within an individual or group setting. Dance Therapy works well for those who struggle to communicate verbally.

About Dance4U – Dance Classes for Kids

Emily Bollard founder and owner has over 25 experience in dance, qualifications with British Theatre Dance Association, Dance BA Hons and is a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist.

Here at Dance4U we deliver Dance Lessons both in person and virtually online, my primary aim for this company is to offer therapeutic movement within a safe and non-judgemental space. Our door is open to everyone, all ages and all abilities with both private 1-1 and group lessons. I want individuals to be celebrated for who they are rather than for what they do or how they do it. This Is what makes our lessons so special because we embrace individual uniqueness through creativity.

Offering FREE 15 minute Online Dance Lessons, this allows for any anxieties to be lowered and a mutual understanding to be achieved


Facebook: Dance4UBham

Instagram: dance4u._

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: 07788969193

We hope you enjoyed reading about the different dance classes for kids.

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