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Pro Elite Football Academy – Improving Children’s Development

Published on 20th June 2019 by Tessa Robinson

Pro Elite Football AcademyPro Elite Football Academy know that exercise is good for the human body. Exercise helps improve our physical and mental health and studies show that people who exercise often have a lower risk of developing dementia when they’re older. In fact, exercise has a positive effect on everyone, of every age, and that includes children.

Physical Development

Playing football and other sports encourages strong bones and muscles and helps build a child’s immune system. Furthermore sports like football help massively with improving a child’s balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Cognitive Development

Studies show that exercise can help with mental health. It relieves stress, whilst promoting relaxation. It also ensures children can use up any unspent energy and this in return help them achieve a good night’s sleep. In addition to the above, Sport has been proven to encourage better academic performance.

Social & Life Skills

Children who actively take part in exercise obtain many health benefits but engaging in a sport like football can also help improve a child’s social and life skills.

Football is a sport that requires lots of communication and teamwork. This means children are placed in an environment where they are able to freely express their emotions, and this helps improve their personal confidence.

Sport can help boost social inclusion, encourage citizenship whilst also encouraging a child’s natural leadership abilities.  

Pro Elite Football Academy is an organisation that recognises the many benefits of sport and in particular football.

They operate football training for kids in many areas of London. There are four different classes tailored specifically to the needs of young boys and girls between 18 months and 9 years of age.

Get in touch with Pro Elite Football Academy via their website or call them to learn more about their classes on 020 8360 8997.


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