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Mysteries in Time Review by Club Hub UK

Published on 5th February 2017 by Tessa Robinson

Mysteries in TimeFirstly, Wow! What an amazing children’s subscription box we have come across. Mysteries in time is a wonderful attractive history box which is very user friendly with fantastic illustrations.

The subscription box is great for all abilities with lots of cross curricular activities and something for every child. It is well written, eye catching and very well laid out. Your child will be hooked in with all these fabulous activities.

A great idea for any rainy day that will keep your child entertained for hours. For Only 12.95 per month plus postage and packaging you receive in your bumper box

  • Story packed with mystery & adventure
  • Easy-to-follow history booklet
  • Word puzzles & other fun activities
  • Themed bookmark
  • Colourful sticker sheet
  • Three colouring-in pages
  • Mini colouring pencils
  • Timeline sticker
  • Free in first box – world map & timeline
  • Sent in a personalised time machine box
  • Craft inspired by history
  • History-related gift (may differ from images)

Interested in subscribing? The box we received was Ancient Egypt which is the first exciting box in this history series. You can order 1, 3 or 6 with a cancel at any time option!

Looking for a fun, educational way to keep your kids entertained? Travel through history with an exciting adventure for 7-11 year olds. Each month, a time machine is delivered to your door bursting with fun activities.  Follow Max and Katie as they travel back in history to solve a mystery in the illustrated adventure story and learn fun facts in the colourful history booklet. Get creative and make a stunning craft and have fun solving the puzzles. Be inspired to love history.

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The History of Mysteries in Time

Where does your love of history come from?

As a teacher, I enjoyed teaching most subjects, but history has its own sparkle for me. Having a history teacher for a mother tends to encourage a love of history! My summers were spent visiting various castles, manor houses or museums.

Did you love history in school?

I loved learning about history when I was at school. I remember being fascinated by the intricate detail of Queen Elizabeth I’s elaborate gowns, in comparison with the gruesome process of mummification in Ancient Egypt! I also remember interviewing my grandparents about daily life during the Second World War for a school project. Hearing my grandmother’s stories really brought the history to life for me. This is our aim with Mysteries in Time, to bring history to life.

What was the inspiration for Mysteries in Time?

In order to understand history, I think you need to be able to imagine what a place looked like and what it felt like to live there. That was the inspiration; we wanted to immerse children in the history by basing the various activities around a fictional story. Max and Katie soon came to life!

In this digital world, we see Mysteries in Time as a refreshing step back to the days before computer screens took over. Children can experience the simple excitement of receiving a gift through the post each month, while discovering new worlds in a fun and creative way. We feel there are endless possibilities for historical topics to cover, so many times and places that are waiting to be explored!


Co-founder of Mysteries in Time

Category: Activity Ideas

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