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Mum2Mum Market – Planning a New Year Clear Out?

Published on 22nd January 2017 by Tessa Robinson

At mum2mum market our expertise is encouraging families just like you to clear out the junk and reap a big cash reward for their efforts. Are you drowning in kid’s clutter and desperate to free up some space? Or maybe you need to make some cash and are wondering how much value is hidden in the mountain of baby and children’s stuff you have accumulated?

Start smallMum2mum Market

Start small so that the whole task doesn’t overwhelm you…Start with one cupboard or drawer and finish it before moving on to the next. Keep it contained to as smaller space as possible and keep your sanity intact.

Break up the task

Don’t attempt to clear out 10 years of baby stuff I one go! The best strategy is to book a stall so you have a clear timeline and clear out a bit, sell it and do the whole thing again.

Dump the junk

Those cheap plastic toys that are played with for 5 minutes before they break…bin or recycle them. Nobody wants to take possession of a broken toy even for free.

Get the kids to help

Children are surprisingly ruthless when asked to help sort out their own toys. Encourage them to sell some of their old toys to raise funds to buy new ones. This is a great way to introduce lifelong habits of regular decluttering and learning the value of money.

Create a halfway house

If something hasn’t been played with in the last 3 months move it on to a box in the garage halfway house to being sold. If the children don’t ask for it or miss it, it’s fair game to sell…if they ask for it they it has a new lease of life…it’s a win –win situation

Keep a lid on the sentiments

Most people feel sentimental and nostalgic when sorting through their old baby things, some of our past sellers have told us they were tempted to hang on to lots of things but when they got chatting to expectant mums at their mum2mum market they actually enjoyed seeing their treasured items finding loving new homes.

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