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Our Little Globe – A Club Hub UK Review

Published on 11th March 2018 by Tessa Robinson

Our Little GlobeWhen I saw ‘Our Little Globe’ on twitter I was immediately drawn to it. I hadn’t seen any kids subscription box like it before so I had to get in touch with them and see all the amazing things they had for children to discover.

‘Our Little Globe’ provide monthly country-themed activity boxes to inspire children to learn about the world around them. Each month a package will arrive addressed to them! Their boxes will be filled with crafts, cooking cards, stickers and so much more to encourage learning through fun!

When I received my subscription box I couldn’t wait to open it. What I couldn’t believe at first on how well done the packaging and outside of the box looked! I felt like I was about to go on an adventure straight away. As I started to open the box I was astounded by how many cool and educational items could fit in one subscription box. First I opened a beautifully, well presented letter from my Spanish Pen friend “Miguel” and he told me lots of interesting facts about Spain. Then as I looked further into the box I found a passport, craft bag, Spanish recipes, stickers and even a small bag of paprika! All of these lovely items are fitted neatly into your own mini suitcase!

‘Our Little Globe’ is aimed at children aged 5 to 10 years old and all the activities in the box fit in with the national curriculum.

How Our Little Globe works?

It’s so simple! Simply pick a monthly, six month or 12 month subscription and kids will receive a country-themed activity box at the end of each month. For the prices listed below you can enjoy hours of fun.

Monthly – £9.95
6 Monthly – £74.95
12 Monthly – £145.00

Thoroughly Recommended by Club Hub UK.

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Words from the Our Little Globe Founders

As mums and passionate travellers, we were keen to build an adventure kit that introduced children to

Our Little Globe

the wonderful and unique aspects of countries around the world.

Our aim to create a monthly box that inspires fun learning whilst nurturing children’s natural curiosity saw Our Little Globe come to life in August 2016.

We understand the importance of solo play, it encourages independent thinking and decision making. We also know the value of playtime and exploration with family, something we believe builds strong communication skills and confidence. It is for these reasons that we provide various activities each month.

Erin & Fi Co-Creators of Our Little Globe

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