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Let’s All Dance – Does your child love to dance?

Published on 19th March 2017 by Tessa Robinson

We offer competitively-priced Let’s All Dance Parties all over London, tailored to your wishes, to make your birthday celebrations truly magical.Let's All Dance

Let’s All Dance specialises in making dance accessible to everyone, through dance classes, parties and theatrical tours across the UK.

We currently have 6 shows in repertoire, which tour to theatres and schools all over England. Let’s All Dance is known for condensing classics into perfectly formed, kid-sized professional productions. We believe that everyone should be exposed to high quality dance, regardless of age, location and background, and our tours aim to delight audiences everywhere.

If you would like to know about booking one of our shows into your venue or school, please use the contact form found below or on the ‘Contact’ page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As well as continually touring our current repertoire, we are developing our ballet retelling of the classic Teddy Bears Picnic tale, which will be launching in 2017!

“Natalie and Flossie brought SO much fabulous energy to the party and all the girls (even the one boy who came) really enjoyed it. The routine was so much fun and I’ve had lots of emails from Mums saying that they’ve had several renditions from their children since the party”

“From the first contact with you, all the way through, you’ve all been super efficient, friendly, helpful …just brilliant”.

Jo Bachelor, Bookham, Surrey

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Ever since I can remember, I have loved the theatre and adored dance. I have always performed and always organised shows, bossing my long-suffering sister, friends and neighbours around and charging 10p for our parents to watch.

The beauty of dance transcends all words and taps into something so deep and primal that it regularly moves me to tears. The relationship of the body with other bodies and with the surrounding space is endlessly fascinating. The shared experience of artists and live audience is transformative and exhilarating, and the richness that high-quality theatre adds to human life is quite beyond measure.

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