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The Best World Book Day Kids Activities and Ideas 2023

Published on 21st February 2022 by Tessa Robinson

Looking for World Book Day Kids Activities this March? We have spoken to some amazing kids activity providers and small businesses to tell us about their Best World Book Day Kids Activities. World Book Day is on Thursday 2nd of March this year. 

World Book Day returns this year on 2nd March 2023 with its annual celebration of books and shared reading!

World Book Day changes lives through a love of books and shared reading. We are a charity that operates in the UK and Ireland. We will next be celebrating World Book Day on 2 March 2023. Our mission is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own. Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances, their parents’ educational background or their income. We want to see more children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a life-long habit of reading for pleasure and the improved life chances this brings them.

World Book Day – Mitchy Titch- Around the World

World Book Day – Mitchy Titch- Around the WorldMitchy Titch award winning baby and children’s yoga classes take families on an adventure through yoga poses and flows, stories and games – so what does this have to do with World Book Day I hear you ask?

Well… proud owner of Mitchy Titch, Avril O’Brien has taken her passion for yoga and created an exciting bestselling children’s book- ‘Mitchy Titch- All Around the World’, featuring beautiful illustrations by Helen Robinson MA.

The story takes you on an adventure as Mitchy and his friends head off on a trip ‘All Around the World’ having lots of fun practicing yoga poses to help build confidence and inner strength.

As you take each step on the Mitchy Titchy journey you have catchy rhyming phrases keeping little ones engaged alongside beautifully illustrated yoga poses for the whole family to try.

Avril said:

“I have loved yoga all my life and it has helped me through many a stressful day. I love my job with a passion and the best part of all, I get to spend my days with beautiful babies and children. So, I created Mitchy Titch- All Around the World to share my love of yoga with all my little yogis”.

Yoga can be an excellent form of relaxation for children, guiding them through controlled breathing, clearing your mind and focusing on your body. Combining this with a story can help children stay engaged and have lots of fun too.

Mitchy Titch Around the World is one World Book Day activity you will want to keep coming back to, again and again.

Order you copy of Mitchy Titch Around the World here: Mitchy Titch – All Around the World Book

Watch a reading from Avril here: (1) Mitchys Yoga Story – All Around The World – YouTube

Would you like to learn more about Mitchy Titch Yoga?

Mitchy Titch offer award winning yoga sessions for baby, toddler and school aged children providing them with a toolkit to help build calmness and resilience, strength & self-confidence. Many exercises are enjoyed together, some with the use of props such as scarves, hoops, gym ball, puppets etc. All using rhyme, songs, and music. Learn more at our website. (

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum with Sparkle Club

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum with Sparkle ClubWorld Book Day, a day to celebrate the wonder of books and what better book to celebrate than The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum. And what better character for a young girl to dress up as other than the wonderful Dorothy. Take a blue gingham school dress and add our fabulous red sparkly ‘Dorothy’ shoes along with white socks and gingham hair bows and you have a perfect Dorothy. And we are giving a free Wizard of OZ book with every set just add the promotion code HUB at the checkout.

Sparkle Club is an online retailer specialising in children’s sparkly shoes, bags, accessories and gifts. We have years of experience in supplying high street retailers with children’s shoes and now we sell them to you directly. Great for all special occasions and dressing up designed with quality and fashion in mind. We are very proud of our Trust Pilot reviews so why not take a look to see what our customers think of us.


World Book Day Kids Activities with Reading Eggs

The Best World Book Day Kids’ Activities 2021 with Reading EggsNeed some fresh ideas for World Book Day this year? We’ve got you covered! Why not start out by asking your child to pick one of their favourite stories, and after you’ve finished reading it together try:

1. Re-enacting the story

Children love dramatic play, and when your child acts out or retells the stories you’ve read together, they’re demonstrating and enhancing their comprehension skills – an essential part of learning to read. Ask your child to act out a story in the right order and take on different roles. This will help them gain an understanding of narrative structure, and consider how different characters have different personalities and motivations.

2. Asking your child to draw what they’ve read

After reading a book, ask your child to draw a picture to depict the story and its main characters. Practice doing this with books which include little or no illustrations. This is a fun and creative way for them to think about what they’ve just read and & retell a story in their own way.

For more World Book Day activities you can do at home including hundreds of exciting reading games, over 2500 e-books to choose from for every reading ability and self-paced one-on one lessons that help teach your child how to read, try a 30-Day FREE Trial of Reading Eggs.

About Reading Eggs

Proven to help your child learn to read in just 15 minutes a day, the online award-winning learn-to-read programme is designed by primary school teachers to build your child’s essential reading skills. For ages 2–13, Reading Eggs has been enjoyed by over 10 million children around the world. Kids love the fun characters and catchy songs and you’ll love seeing their confidence grow as they learn essential reading skills – skills that will stick with them for life.

World Book Day Activities with Bring a Book to Life

World Book Day Activities with Bring a Book to LifeAre you looking to engage a child in reading? Or perhaps you have a bookworm that loves anything to do with books. In either case, Bring a Book to Life is the perfect book gift to celebrate World Book Day as well as birthdays and other celebrations throughout the year! There are four categories available suiting children aged from 3-13 years: Little Reader, Independent Reader, Reluctant/Dyslexic Reader and Confident Reader. All boxes include a fantastic book, author signatures and/or letters and a whole range of fun activities and gifts matched directly to the book.

I began Bring a Book to Life when my own children weren’t keen to read for pleasure. They could read but saw it as a chore. As a primary school teacher I know the huge importance of reading for pleasure and how it will impact on their futures. I was desperate to hook them in so began by leaving trinkets on their beds to do with the books we were reading. Somehow, by having something tangible to hold my children began to show far more interest in what we were reading. It formed a bridge connecting them on a deeper level to the book.

I read every book included in the boxes and make sure they are just perfect for their intended age categories. Each box is curated by myself, a primary school teacher of 20 years and my passion for reading for pleasure is at the very heart of each box.

If you’re looking for something different for World Book Day this year please take a look at the selection of boxes we have on offer. They are all available to buy as single boxes or as part of an annual subscription.


Instagram: @bringabooktolife

Twitter: @BookBring

FB: @bringabook

World Book Day Activities with Mysteries in Time

World Book Day with Mysteries in TimeWorld Book Day is all about inspiring and encouraging a love of reading and bringing characters to life, which is at the core of Mysteries in Time. Mysteries in Time cleverly combines a non-fiction magazine with a fictional adventure story, so children can be inspired to love both forms of reading without even realising they are learning.

Customers regularly praise Mysteries in Time on the following:

  • Engaging reluctant readers
  • Making reading fun
  • Bringing history to life

What is Mysteries in Time?

Mysteries in Time is an award-winning subscription for 7-11 year olds that brings history to life through books, magazines, puzzles, crafts and more.

Inspire a love of history with these fun & educational activity packs. Each month, your time machine package is delivered to your door bursting with adventure and fun activities. Follow our characters as they travel back in history to solve mysteries in the illustrated adventure chapter books. Learn fun facts in the supporting history magazines which are packed full of exciting puzzles, recipes, jokes and hands-on activities.

What was the inspiration for Mysteries in Time?

In this digital world, we see Mysteries in Time as a refreshing step back to the days before computer screens took over. Children can experience the simple excitement of receiving a gift through the post each month, while discovering new worlds in a fun and creative way.


World Book Day Kids Activities with Just Love Reading

World Book Day Activities with Just Love ReadingWorld Book Day celebrations will be looking a little different for us all this year, but you can still celebrate in many ways from home!

Dressing up is lots of fun, but why not make it all about the books and reading with one of these activities that all the family can enjoy!

  1. Share your favourite nursery rhymes with babies and toddlers.  You could even join up with other parents for a virtual “Rhyme Time”!
  2. Young children can play bookshops or make their own library for their toys and teddies to visit.  What books will they recommend for them to read for their bedtime story?
  3. Create a Scavenger Hunt for the house and garden.  Children can read the clues to find different items or types of books.
  4. Baking!  A great activity especially for reluctant readers, as they’re still using their literacy skills and you all get to enjoy some yummy treats!
  5. Do some puzzles!  Whether it’s crosswords, wordsearches or even just following instructions for a game all types of reading count.
  6. Host a family quiz!  Children can find out facts from their favourite books to create the quiz questions.
  7. Read to a friend or relative that lives alone.  We’re all used to meeting up virtually, so why not enjoy a story together, connecting with people is so good for our mental health and wellbeing during lockdown.
  8. Create a reading den or find an unusual place to read.  Grab your favourite book and find somewhere new to enjoy it – bliss!
  9. Read a new book and write a review to share with friends.  You never know, you could introduce them to their next favourite read!
  10. Share a bedtime story – this will always be the very best way to end every day!

About Just Love Reading

After a twenty year career in Banking I wanted to do something where I could make a difference, with the flexibility to still be at home for my family. Running my own Usborne book business has provided me with the opportunity to do exactly that and promoting literacy and a love of reading has now become a huge part of my life!

My son has shown a great interest in books from a young age and now that he is learning to read himself, I’m able to be with him every step of the way. I love being able to make a difference by helping families find the right books for their children, as well as getting free books into my local nursery, preschools and school. By sharing the opportunity with others I’ve been able to support them in starting their own businesses too and I’m proud to see what they’ve already achieved!

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you, then please visit my Instagram page, Facebook page or website:

Bring books to life with HUE Animation Studio

Bring books to life with HUE Animation StudioLooking for a new creative activity to inspire the little ones this World Book Day? Then why not challenge your children or students to create a stop motion animated movie of their favourite story, poem or play?

HUE Animation Studio (for Windows) contains everything that a budding animator needs to create time-lapse videos and stop motion movies like Shaun the Sheep and Coraline.

Recommended for children aged 7-13, the kit includes the HUE HD camera, fully-featured HUE Animation software and the HUE Book of Animation with step-by-step instructions for creating 20 hilarious stop motion videos and ideas for even more.

Children love the thrill of making stop motion movies and they can be totally absorbed for hours! It’s the perfect gender-neutral activity for creative play and a highly popular medium for digital storytelling projects in schools.

To help you bring reading to life this World Book Day, we have collated some of our favourite free resources for making animated movie masterpieces!

Free animation resources for World Book Day

Visit to learn more about HUE’s range of colourful, affordable products for creative learning, work and play

Create your own comic story with Dekko Comics for World Book Day 2023

Create your own comic story with Dekko Comics for World Book Day 2022World Book Day is a celebration of all things reading and learning, encouraging a love of books and the written word among young people. What we love about World Book Day at Dekko Comics is that it celebrates the written word in all its forms, and yes, comics have their place too.

Comics have always been a great resource for those who struggle to engage with written stories. By mixing small amounts of text with visual storytelling in the form of illustrations, comic books make reading and learning accessible, easy to approach and simple to understand. Comics have made reading fun for countless young people who would normally shy away from opening a book.

At Dekko Comics we champion the concept that reading comics is “real reading”. One of the best and most obvious benefits of comic books is that they are often more fun and easier to read than “regular” books. Comics provide a space where the reader can learn at their own pace and in their own way – offering material for them to emotionally connect with and respond to without feeling judged.

By creating their own comics, young people can express themselves through drawing and storytelling. Comic creation helps young people learn to form story narratives that can be developed through short simple text bubbles and illustrations. It doesn’t matter how you get your story across, be it by using uncomplicated black and white stick figures or vibrant, fancy colourful cartoon figures!

To join the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day, and to reinforce the words of the day’s founder Baroness Gail Rebuck – “reading is fun, relevant, accessible, exciting, and has the power to transform lives” Dekko Comics is conducting a “create your own comic” competition.

Competition time!

Visit our “Create a comic” page at the Dekko Comics website to find out more about how you can win a copy of both the Dekko Drawing comic and the Dekko Mental Health and Wellbeing comic.

Entries close Thursday 31 March 2022.

Find out more about Dekko Comics on our website

Contact us with any questions or comments at [email protected]

World Book Day with Lingotot

World Book Day with LingototWorld Book Day is one of the biggest celebration events in the educational calendar. Why not share some stories with your children in a foreign language? It is WORLD Book Day afterall! We can make it easier than you might think!

In our community classes, as always our youngest Lingotots will be enjoying story telling in a new language…some are even coming to class in costume, including children at Harriet’s classes in West Hove.

We’re also doing an awful lot in schools and nuseries up and down the country. Annfield Plain Junior School are having a French day all about The Hungry Caterpillar and we’re REALLY looking forward to meeting all of the children! We would love to come into school to lead a free MFL assembly in your school. Just get in touch to find out more!

Those of you who don’t attend our weekly classes don’t have to miss out…you can watch a range of storytelling videos on our YouTube World Book Day Playlist and you can download our FREE colouring sheets here.

Lingotot wishes you a wonderful day full of lots of multilingual reading fun!

We hope you enjoyed reading about these “Best World Book Day Kids Activities”. New to Club Hub? Find Kids Activities near you by searching on our App or Website.

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