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The Best Drama Games for Kids

Published on 14th September 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Looking for children’s drama classes? Here at Club Hub, our directory is filled with thousands of drama classes, so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more about their recommended Drama Games for Kids.

‘Led by the Nose!’ – Drama Games For Kids

This game is great for experimenting with self-control and spatial awareness!

Younger children love it, but older children can be challenged too to think about their physicality and character development.

Children are told to imagine that they have strings attached to their body (like a puppet). To start, children are told to move around the room in ‘neutral’ using the whole space and avoiding contact with others.

The practitioner then calls out a body part which the children have to react to; imagining they are being pulled around the room by the strings attached!

Start with some easy ones – the thumb, nose, elbow (just one- then both)- then move onto some more challenging body parts like the knees, feet, and eyebrows!

The game can be used as a fun warm-up, and provides a great opportunity to talk about the importance of spatial awareness– so important in theatre.

About ShowKids Drama Classes

Drama Games for KidsShowKids provides confidence-building performing arts workshops for children aged 4-16 across East London. Our after-school workshops provide a fun and safe environment for your child to reconnect with others.

Our caring, expert practitioners will bring out the best in your child through drama, singing and dance, and are trained to use simple mindfulness techniques to improve focus and relieve stress.

Find out more on our website, or have a look at our Facebook page to see some images and videos of our children in action!

10 second objects – Drama Games for Kids

This works well when it is competitive and you can have as many teams as you like.

You need 5-8 members in each team.  This works well with all ages and mixed age groups so a real favourite of ours at Jigsaw.

The teacher calls out an object eg. Alarm clock, Car, bunch of keys…..anything you like and the teams have a countdown of 10 seconds to create the object using their bodies.  The best creation at end of 10 seconds gets a point. Drama Games for Kids.

You can then move on to scenes eg. seaside, ballet class, tennis match! The crazier the better!

About Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools Drama Classes

Drama Games for KidsJigsaw Performing Arts Schools offers drama, singing and dance classes for children aged 3-18 in England and Wales and is dedicated to developing performance skills, promoting self-expression and building confidence.

Whether you aspire to be on the stage or you want to overcome shyness, Jigsaw is the place to belong. We help children to achieve their individual goals whilst making friends and having lots of fun!

Classes run on Saturday and Sundays and booking is now open for Autumn term 2020.

For more information and to find your nearest location visit

Come along and give it a go! Two week trial available.

‘Captain’s Coming’ – Drama Games for Kids

I love the game, ‘Captain’s Coming’, where the teacher will call out certain words or phrases and the class respond with an action or freeze frame.

Not only is it great fun for all ages, it also gets your class up, moving around and practising a range of skills, such as; listening and following instructions, creativity and spacial awareness to name a few.

It is also hugely adaptable for any story or theme you are exploring and can help your class get to grips with a setting and create further ideas. The participants feel safe to take part in this type of activity because everyone is doing the same actions around the room.

There are also great opportunities to allow for the kids to play the leader in this game which will introduce a number of additional skills and a fresh perspective. An all-round brilliant game for any theme at any age.

About Jump Drama Stories Drama Classes

Drama Games for KidsJump Drama Stories was created by Jo Emmerson-Fish who has taught drama and literacy for over ten years.

We offer Immersive storytelling sessions to children from ages 2 and up.

During our sessions, we immerse the class in a story through the themes, characters and plot by engaging in exciting activities such as sensory play, drama games, movement and song.

The classes are carefully created to explore and build upon a range of skills including; creativity and imagination, social skills and self-confidence. We also aim to expand a child’s vocabulary and develop a love of literature.

Currently we offer classes at The Inspired Hub in Hampton during the school holidays. We are excited about the prospect of offering a summer school from 2021 onwards. We also have more classes coming up during the holidays.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram to see pictures from our summer sessions and to get in touch for future classes. 

”Jump into a story, unleash your imagination!”

Five Top tips to turning a favourite story into a total adventure!

We love bringing a story to its feet, literally!

You can turn a favourite story into a total adventure with these 5 top tips;

1.Your voice is a powerful tool. When reading a story try using different voices for the characters in the story. It can be great fun and does wonders for comprehension and story building.

You can explore different voices with your little ones and ask which one they think is most appropriate before you begin. Use big voices, medium voices and whispers too. Warning: May cause giggles! Drama Games for Kids.

2. Animate the actions in the story. For example, when The Gingerbread Man is running, try using “running arms” and run with your arms from the comfort of your cosy spot. Why not come up with your own actions for the characters.

In Julia Donaldson’s Monkey Puzzle, “No, No, No,..” a phrase repeated in the story, has become a signature slow motion, head shaking move in our home. And, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but pretending to sleep and wake up is an action that never gets old, snores and all 🙂

3. Is there a phrase that gets repeated in the story? Why not signal to your little one that the phrase is coming and repeat the phrase together.

4. What’s your favourite moment in the story? Pick one together and explore it through drama. It might be a section in the story, one with the most suspense, a big moment for the character, or a win. Why not dramatize that whole scene (or the whole story, if you’ve got the time), because really what you are doing is play.

The kind of role-play which takes place between peers at nursery or in the playground, is an absolute memory made when it unfolds like this with you. Grab a prop and throw all inhibitions out the window….the sillier, the better! Drama Games for Kids.

5. Not a fan of the ending? Make a new one! Let’s be honest some stories are pretty dated, so start a conversation; “Did you like the ending of this version of The Three Little Pigs?”

If they do not, make a different one! We have had numerous endings to The Three Little Pigs in our classes and at home. My favourite was deciding that the Wolf clearly hasn’t experienced the power of a good friendship. So, we win him over with kindness. I love seeing how young people role-play kindness – it’s the sweetest thing.

Drama Games for KidsThat’s just some of the ways our DramEd Educators make memories with stories. We make learning fun and experiential through the skills and talents of performers who teach. Drama Games for Kids.

To find out more about our classes (online or in your local area), or why if you’re looking for a career change, becoming a DramEd licensee could be the best decision you make this year, visit:

We hope you enjoy these Drama Games for Kids. Looking for Drama Classes near you? Check out the Club Hub Website Now!

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