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Music Kids Clubs, classes and activities. Club Hub UK has the largest selection of Music kids clubs near you. If you see a Music kids club in your area that is missing from our list, tell the owner to add their listing for free.
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Choirs4kids – ZoomSing
club type Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Joeys: Mon & Wed: 7,30am & 3.30pm, Tues & Thurs: 7.30am, Sat: 8.30am & 2pm, Roos: Mon & Wed: 8.15am & 4.15pm, Tues & Thurs: 8.15am, Sat: 2.45pm, Stars:Sat: 9.15am
club type Age Range: 4-15
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French for under fives
club type Thursdays (am & pm), Saturdays
Thurs 10 am & 2:30 pm, Sat 9:30 am
club type Age Range: 0-5
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Rhythm Time : Alderley Edg...
club type Thursday
Toddler 9.30am / Baby 10.20am & 11.10am
club type Age Range: 0-5
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BilinguaSing – Embrook
club type Fridays
10:00 am - for (12 mths - 4yrs) 11:15 am (for 6 mths - 4yrs)
club type Age Range: 1-4
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Street Dance in Buckley 
club type Wednesday and Thursday 
Wednesday:8-16 year olds - 4.40-5.25pmThursday:3-7 year olds - 4.30-5.15pm
club type Age Range: 3-16
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Drama in Connah’s Quay
club type Monday
4.30-5.25pm - 3-7 year olds5.35-6.30pm - 8-16 year olds 
club type Age Range: 3-16
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Drama in Buckley 
club type Wednesday, Thursday 
Wednesday: 5.35-6.30pm - 3-7 year olds6.40-7.35pm - 8-11 year oldsThursday:5.25-6.20pm - 3-7 year olds 6.30-7.25pm - 8-11 year olds7.35-8.30pm - 12-18 year olds
club type Age Range: 3-18
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club type Tuesday Thursday Saturday 
club type Age Range: 0.6-6
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Adventures with Kids Class...
club type Monday (13-30 months) Tuesday (6-13 months) Wednesday (2-6 months) Thursday (2-6 months) (13-30 months) 
Monday 10:30am, Tuesday 10:30am, Wednesday 10:30am, Thursday 10:15am, Thursday 4pm
club type Age Range: 0.2-2.6
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Drama in Hawarden
club type Thursday
3-7 year olds - 4.30-5.25pm 8-16 year olds - 5.35-6.30pm
club type Age Range: 3-16
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Tiny Tunes
club type Tuesdays & Thursdays
club type Age Range: 3-5
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Nimble Arts Drop-off Holid...
club type Monday - Friday Southwark School Holidays Only
8:00am - 6:30pm
club type Age Range: 4-11
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BCMG Music Maze
club type Sundays about once a month throughout the year
club type Age Range: 8-11
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ISTD Modern & Tap
club type Monday - Saturday Term Time
Timeslots available daily
club type Age Range: 4.5-16
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Singing Lessons at Studio ...
club type Monday - Saturday Term Time
Timeslots available daily
club type Age Range: 8-16
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Kiddibops Music Babies to ...
club type Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
9:45am Mondays, 9:45am Wednesdays, 10:30am Fridays
club type Age Range: 0.3-1
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Junior Street Dance at Stu...
club type Thursday - Term Time
4PM - 4.30PM
club type Age Range: 7-10
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Ballerina Babies at Studio...
club type Monday - Saturday
9AM - 9.30AM, 9.30-10AM, 10.10-10.40AM, 10.45 - 11.15AM, 1.20PM - 1.50PM,
club type Age Range: 2.5-4.5
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