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What age should a child start music classes?

Published on 5th October 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Is your child interested in music? Would they like to start learning a musical instrument? Here at Club Hub, our directory is filled with thousands of music classes for children, so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more about their businesses and at what age they should start learning.

What age should a child start music classes? – Jo Jingles

About Jo JinglesLet’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start and with regards music and young children this is very true.

Active music making, singing or playing an instrument are amazing tools for stimulating a child’s imagination and increasing their development in areas such as language. There is a large body of evidence to suggest that interactive musical activities are very beneficial, even suggesting that music can be of benefit pre-birth!

Encouraging your little one to enjoy music is a great way of strengthening the bond between parent and child, but it also provides some very real benefits to their ongoing physical and mental ability which will aid them in their early development prior to going to school and also beyond. Indulging in more regular song-time at home and at pre-school classes will also provide your child with clear learning progression as they grow. Never underestimate the social and emotional benefits that music can provide – music is fun for both adults and children alike so the earlier they start joining music classes the better!

About Jo Jingles

What age should a child start music classes?Jo Jingles has been running music, singing and movement classes for babies and pre-school age children since 1995 and are a huge hit with babies, young children and families.

Jo is the happy little fellow all dressed in red and yellow helps to run our age specific sessions that are fun, interactive and educational and help to stimulate the imagination and early years development.  We have sessions available nationwide throughout the UK, Ireland and in Western Australia.

Many of our class areas are now restarting and getting back to doing what they love best – fun interactive music making!

Many of our providers are also continuing to offer [email protected] online sessions. For full details on our classes, and promotional offers, birthday parties and our fun range of musical goodies visit




What age should a child start music classes? – MUSIC with MUMMY

What age should a child start music classes?We believe in children starting our music programme with their parents (or other adult carer) almost from birth – starting with singing traditional lullabies/songs and nursery rhymes and introducing our own unique songs. The sound of singing used to comfort and stimulate and enhance each child’s preparation for language and communication.

As the babies grow and become familiar with the songs and activities we use, they begin to expect or anticipate the ‘surprise’ in a song which adds to the excitement of play – fun for both adult and child!

Our themed classes are also designed to develop their general awareness of the world around them and to enable them to make connections, to stimulate discussion and to extend their vocabulary.

We have three levels of classes – each level age appropriate – with music, games, songs, dance and musical games to encourage and develop each child’s awareness of pulse, rhythm and tone.

There are not enough words to describe joy, fun and laughter that singing/dancing and making music together can bring – the experience we offer makes memories that will last forever.

About MUSIC with MUMMY

MUSIC with MUMMY, established in 1992, provides a musical education through active play for the pre-school child. It is run by carefully selected franchisees, who are trained to use the material and deliver the educational games and songs specially prepared for their very young pupils. .

The full programme is made up of three streams

  • Age 0 – 1 Jolly Babies
  • Age 1 – 3 Music With Mummy
  • Age 3 – 4 Three Four Time

Discerning parents always choose our programmes because of their carefully structured educational games, songs, and content.



What age should a child start music classes? – Teddies Music Club

What age should a child start music classesAt Teddies Music Club we encourage new mums and dads to sing with their babies as soon as possible. It’s important to have an enjoyable activity to do together and to get out to meet other new parents and babies.

Obviously your new born is not going to burst into opera at this stage! But if you are like us (and most parents) you’ll probably only have a hazy memory of one or two nursery rhymes from your own childhood and now need to learn all the songs and rhymes you can! Babies and small children love to hear their parents sing and adore being rocked, bounced on a knee, swung and danced with. They don’t need Beyonce – they need you!

The more you sing, the happier they are and the more you help your little one’s brain to develop.

While talking to babies and toddlers reaches one part of their brain, music lights up seven parts of their brain and fires connections between them all. So when you sing to your tot you are doing something amazing!

About Teddies Music Club

Teddies Music Club is all about creating live music together in a group and having a lot of fun!  Two musicians lead each session, getting everyone to sing and dance together with their children.

We have been singing and collecting songs for young children since 1993, so we really know how to get children up and jumping!

Consistently voted the best music club parents have been too, we are now gaining plaudits for taking our music online, so now families everywhere can join us.

Our light-hearted, interactive music videos are filled with all the best songs and actions for 0-5’s, plus arty drawing and painting demos, as we love combining music and art.

We have just been voted one of the top 13 online classes in the country by The Independent, with amazing reviews from local papers, plus featuring in The Week, and Families Magazine as well.

So join us for a few months on Teddies Online and see you and your child’s confidence and creativity soar through singing together.

Subscribe to Teddies Online this month to catch our current half price offer of £0.50p a week. Visit  FB: @TeddiesMusicClub   Instagram: Teddies Music Club

What age should a child start music classes? – Harp Academy

What age should a child start music classes?The short answer is at any age, but ultimately once they express an interest. Musical appreciation can be learned from the womb, and pre-school sing-along groups are a great way for toddlers to build and share their musical experience. Fundamentally however, music learning should never be forced and it has to be fun.

During early years, music is perhaps an aid to learning rather than a subject in its own right. Visit any Nursery School and you will hear singing all day long. There comes a time in Pre-School however, usually around 4 years old, when children express a stronger awareness of music and are ready to explore things more formally.

Finding the right teacher and instrument may take time, but music is inclusive and has a place for everyone. It can provide sanctuary in an ever changing world, promote self-confidence and identity, and offer enjoyment for life.

About Harp Academy

In 2010, Harp Academy launched its music learning programme for Primary Schools using the harmonica. We’ve been lighting musical fuses for thousands of children ever since, and produced seven Junior UK Champions. Typically we provide small-group music learning and music clubs, but we also teach privately and in whole class settings.

Portable, affordable and sounding cool, harmonicas don’t need tuning. As long as you can breathe in and out, you can make music. Indeed, newcomers usually master their first arpeggio, major scale and a simple melody in their first session.

In 2018 we piloted a pre-school harmonica programme with Hopscotch Children’s Nurseries, providing access to music for 4 year olds. This continues to be immensely popular, and many children have taken their harmonica learning on to Primary School.

Regardless of age and ability, harmonica students also enjoy the thrill of live performance in a schedule of festivals and concerts.

For more information visit and click the Gold Harmonica, or call Richard Taylor on 07525 256954 / 01273 271203

We hope you enjoyed reading about music classes for children and at what age they should start learning.

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