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The Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Published on 6th April 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Are you looking for indoor activities for kids to keep your child entertained? Whether it is during the coronavirus outbreak or just one of the Britain’s rainy days, here at Club Hub we have created a list of fantastic businesses offering amazing ideas to help families that are stuck inside.

Really Giant Posters – Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities for KidsReally Giant Posters have created the best designed Really GIANT colouring in posters, at the lowest prices, available in the world. After wading through poster sites filled with lots of simplistic designs we decided to concentrate on bespoke and beautiful designs.

Indoor Activities For Kids

That’s why we contacted the UK’s leading artists and children’s illustrators and asked them to design bespoke beautiful works which we turned into amazing colour in posters.

For a whopping 20% off our posters please click here or visit us at and at checkout use discount code 20%off and remember we also offer FREE p+p when you buy 2 or more posters!

Butterfly Garden Home School Edition – Indoor Activities for Kids

 Indoor Activities for KidsNew for 2021!

The Butterfly Garden Home School Edition is the perfect resource for at home or small group learning.

Give every child the Gift of Metamorphosis with the Live Butterfly Garden!

Watch the Miracle of Metamorphosis Up Close

This educational kit gives children, students and families an unforgettable opportunity to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Raise and feed your very own butterflies and then release them into the wild! The entire transformation from caterpillar to adult butterfly takes about three to five weeks.

Caterpillars are dispatched from March 2021. Learn about life cycles and then bring your learning to life!

The STEM Butterfly Diary is a complementary tool designed to enhance your child’s learning.

  • Make notes from daily observations as the caterpillars grow and develop
  • Learn about the four stages of the butterfly life cycle
  • Develop written language skills and learn through creativity

Living Twig – Stick Insect Kit – Indoor Activities for Kids

Living Twig – Stick Insect Kit – Indoor Activities for KidsIs it a twig or an insect? Well, both, kind of – it’s an insect that looks just like a twig and acts like one too!

Insect Lore specialises in many innovative educational products for young learners. Our goal is to give children a friendly, hands-on introduction to insect metamorphosis, entomology and life-cycle learning. While our main focus still lies with our butterfly-related kits and educational material, we have expanded our product line to include ladybird, ant, stick insect and silkworm kits, as well as bug catchers, keepers, viewers and other exciting items for insect lovers.

Indoor Activities For Kids

Raise Indian Stick Insects from a tiny egg. When they hatch (which could take up to two months) feed them bramble leaves, privet or ivy. Watch them moult and grow into adult stick insects in their airy habitat.

Your little pets will live for around 12 months and will start laying eggs from 4 months old, so you can raise a new generation if you wish!


Grow a plant in a test tube – Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities for KidsWatch roots, stems and leaves grow within a few days in a colourful nutrient-rich gel. The gel is a unique recipe which contains the optimum balance of phytohormones designed specifically for this plant variety.

A choice of plant varieties are available including: Garden Peas, Sunflowers, French Bean, Sweet Corn etc The test tubes can be used all year round, just place near a window.

We have added a ‘growing scale’ to each of the tubes which allows measurements [cms] to be taken while the stems, leaves and roots are growing in the tube. Once mature the test tube plant can be grown outside, potted into compost and developed into a full-size plant.

Test tubes can be purchased from

Designed & Manufactured in York, North Yorkshire

The Love Writing Company – Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities For KidsThe Love Writing Company is on a mission to help children Love Writing from the start. We want to make it fun, we want to make it engaging and most of all we want to make it easier for children to learn to write.

Our age appropriate Writing Pencils and Erasable Colour Pencils have been specifically developed for a child’s hand. Available in 2 sizes (3-5 years and 6-9 years), they have been designed with a wider diameter so they are easier to hold, a softer core so the pencil moves smoothly across the page, a hexagonal shape to encourage the correct tripod grip, and a premium finish so they are simple to clean. The pencils are also the correct length for a child’s hand, making them easy to balance and control and our colouring pencils are fully erasable.

Our Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Books are full of fun and engaging activities that will help your child learn letter and word formation, build pencil control and establish a solid writing foundation.

Indoor Activities For Kids

We are committed to help all parents and children with home schooling and have some fabulous free worksheets for children age 3-9 years

All are based around learning to write but are fun and engaging!

We will be launching our Home School subscription service in June – 20 fun and engaging activity worksheets based around pencil grip, phonics, letter formation and much more!

Use discount code CLUB10 for 10% off 

Free Resources –

Easter Fun –


Learning Resources® – The Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities For KidsLearning Resources® creates educational toys and games that parents and children love, and teachers trust. During this time when families are stuck at home, Learning Resources is offering free downloadable worksheets, weekly planners, fun activity guides and more to help families with home learning. They’re ideal for young, preschool and primary school-aged children. Developed in partnership with learning experts, topics include maths, literacy, coding, STEM, early years and outdoor exploration. All material is free, and there’s no subscription or paywall. Simply click, print and go!

Learning Resources’ blog is packed with inspirational hints, tips and ideas to help families navigate home learning. Plus, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find a supportive, like-minded community of families who love learning.

Visit for more information

Follow us on Facebook at @LearningResourcesLtdUK and Instagram @learningresourcesuk

Tonies – The Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities for KidsSince schools and nurseries have closed their doors for the foreseeable future, parents are searching for new and innovative ways to keep their children educated and entertained at home.

Enter the perfect indoor fun gadget: the Toniebox. Simply place the Tonie character (a story or song), on top of the Toniebox cube, and the content aligned to that character will begin to play. There’s no screens or complicated controls and children can learn – through listening to the educational Tonies on topics such as Space Travel and the Deep Sea – engage with stories – such as The Gruffalo and The Lion King – and even build their numeracy skills – with the Counting Songs Tonie.

Indoor Activities For Kids

If you’re currently apart from loved ones, why not ask them to record their own message on a Creative-Tonie (maybe it’s an educational quiz, a spelling test, or their favourite story), there’s space for 90 minutes of audio, which opens up a world of possibilities.

Toniebox RRP £69.99, Tonies £14.99 each, Creative-Tonies £11.99 each.


The Phoenix Comic – The Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities For KidsThe Phoenix is a weekly comic for 7-14-year-olds that is perfect for tearing kids away from the screens and getting them reading. Every issue is packed with brilliant stories, non-fiction and puzzles with no wasteful plastic toys on the front and no annoying adverts for games or movies. 

We are focused on publishing brilliantly entertaining content for children that promotes reading, writing and drawing.

Get 4 issues of The Phoenix comic for £1 today –

WordUnited – The Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities For KidsWordUnited: Where learning and playing is one! Discover thousands of excellent quality toys, books and learning resources that are fun and inspiring for children, parents and teachers with WordUnited. For a 10% discount, use the code ‘wu4kids’!

WordUnited has created hundreds of free home learning resources available on its Free Resources Hub, including worksheets, activities, videos, home and classroom displays, to support independent learning, complement home learning and support the EYFS and KS1/KS2 National Curricula. Parents and teachers can contact [email protected]com with requests to create free resources. Perfect indoor activities for kids.

Osmo – The Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities for KidsOsmo’s groundbreaking system fosters social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up the iPad and Fire tablet to endless possibilities of physical play. Osmo (Tangible Play Inc.) was founded in 2013 by Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler, who set out to create “something awesome that inspires the youngest generation,” while at the same time addressing a concern of many parents about how to have their children interact with technology without losing the value of hands-on play.

Since its début, Osmo has expanded its family of kits and games to include Little Genius Starter Kit, Genius Starter Kit, Numbers, Masterpiece, Coding Awbie, Monster, and Pizza Co., incorporating unique characters, such as Awbie, Mo the Monster, and the Pizza Co. gang. We’ve taken the Osmo fun to new heights (while pleasing mom and dad with enhanced learning).

Indoor Activities For Kids

To date Osmo has been named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions, is a Parents’ Choice award winner, a winner of the prestigious Oppenheim award, and a 2016 finalist for Toy of The Year.  Most Osmo games are designed for ages 5–12. For younger children, we recommend the brand-new Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit, which includes four games designed specifically for kids ages 3–5. These games teach pre-reading, storytelling and fine motor skill development.

Osmo is a smart solution for at home learning and family entertainment. Please see for more information. Osmo is sold at Amazon, Target,, and local retailers.

Birdkids – The Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities for KidsBirdkids are all about helping kids get creative, have fun and learning, all at the same time !

Kids love to learn new things and show off what they’ve made to their parents, grand parents and friends.  With literally 1,000’s of different crafts to choose from,  we’ve got something for everyone, be it pens, pencils,  crayons and paints, through to decopatch or making your very own dinosaur or unicorn !!!

With new and exciting crafts being added to our site all the time, it’s well worth joining the Birdkids Club, as soon as you join you get 10% off of your first order,  you also get updates on new products arriving before anyone else gets to know about them, plus hints and tips on how to keep kids creative and engaged with indoor activities for kids!

Fun is the key to learning, so why not let the fun begin with Indoor Activities For Kids.

Ps. Don’t forget to join the Birdkids Club


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