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Horse Riding Lessons For Kids in the UK

Published on 11th April 2023 by Tessa Robinson

Does your child love horses? Have they ever asked to go horse riding or have you ever considered taking them to horse riding lessons for kids? Horse Riding is an exciting and really rewarding sport! If your  child enjoys being outside in the fresh air, loves animals and or looking for a new hobby, then horse riding lessons for kids could be exactly what your child needs.

Picture credit: @maddieteddyandme at The Ramblers Riding Club http://www.theramblers-ridingclub.co.uk/

Picture credit: @danni.ever.aftere at The Ramblers Riding Club http://www.theramblers-ridingclub.co.uk/

In this article we talk about horse riding lessons for kids, what they may entail, the best age, the benefits and we will try to help you find horse riding lessons for kids close to you. Firstly, why not take a quick look at the Club Hub directory to find horse riding lessons for kids near you. Simply head to the Club Hub website, enter your postcode, age of children (you can select multiple) then activity. You might want to search several such as “sport” “fitness” “nature” as various kids activity providers may have entered these categories when adding their horse riding lessons for kids onto our directory.

Benefits of Horse Riding Lessons for kids

Benefits of Horse Riding Lessons for kids

Photo credit:  @_olivers.adventures

There are so many benefits from horse riding lessons for kids. Horse riding lessons for kids require and rely on focus, determination, understanding, and a calm temperament. This in turn can increase a child’s patience and respect, which can have a positive effect on all aspects of their life. Horse riding is not only good physically but also mentally and can help engage the mind

Horse riding lessons for kids can engage children in the world away from technology and can be a fantastic escape from reality, and can be great for the mind. You can read up about more great mindfulness activities for kids  in our other blog article.

As well as improving mental health Horse riding can help to improve Physical health and fitness.

Horse riding lessons for kids gets children outside in the fresh air and encourages them to engage their bodies and core strength to work in time with the horse’s movements. They also promotes hand-eye coordination and teaches children about mobility and agility.

Horse riding lessons for kids can also help to improve a child’s ability to problem-solve and handle real-life situations, this can have a really positive effect on their school life and learning too. As they ride they will learn the value of a strong partnership, they begin to experience and become accustomed to team work, a great skill to possess

Horse riding for kids can be really positive for a child’s social life too, the riding community is well known for sociable rides and beautiful scenic trips . Children will be able to make new friends with their fellow riders, but also to develop a bond with the horse itself.

Horses rely on their rider for non-verbal direction and look up to the rider as their leader, which can encourage children who may lack confidence to open up, thus developing a bond with their animal. All of this can help to boost self confidence and well-being. Learning to ride a horse can provide a real confidence boost to children of all ages, as it shows them that they can accomplish something. This is an empowering experience, putting them in a position of trust and power, developing early leadership skills and responsibility. The horse becomes a companion and enables the child to build their confidence.

Is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. We have specific confidence building classes that you can find on Club Hub, which can help to build up your child’s confidence.

So, to sum up a few of the main benefits of horse riding lessons for kids:

  • Can increase a child’s patience and respect
  • Helps to build their confidence.
  • Develops early leadership skills and responsibility.
  • Positive for a child’s social life
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination
  • Help to increase a child’s patience and respect
  • Improve Physical health and fitness
  • Increases ability to problem-solve
  • Engages them in a world away from technology

What age can my child start horse riding lessons for kids?

So if you are wondering what age can my child start horse riding lessons for kids? There is no correct age, however  Generally with proper supervision, children can begin riding as young as two or three years old. In order for a child to be safe in a barn, whether riding or on the ground, they need to be able to follow instructions. Some riding schools offer courses for toddlers because the earlier a child is introduced to a horse, the easier it becomes for the child to be comfortable around them. At four years old, most children are able to follow instructions well enough for lessons as long as they have the appropriate attention span.

Most horse riding schools or camps usually cater to children aged six and up. In addition, a six year old is likely to have reached the height to be seated safely on a full-sized horse. Also, the child will have developed a sense of awareness and be able to recognise the potential hazards of working with a larger animal. At the age of six, the young rider is also more likely able to focus and easily follow commands.

How can I encourage my child to want to have Horse riding lessons?

If your child is already showing an affinity for animals, it’s usually quite easy to encourage their interest in horse riding lessons. Here are a few things you can do to encourage them:

  • Read books about horses / horse riding
  • Go to a field and have a look at the horses
  • Go to a farm with horses and get your child to have a stroke and get them used to being around horses
  • Watch films with horses in / horse riding scenes
  • Talk about horses, talk about why you love horses

Once you are certain that your child would be happy to try horse riding lessons, you could visit a horse riding school or camp and enroll him or her for a trial lesson.

If you decide to give horse riding lessons for kids a try, try not to be too disappointed if your little one does not like riding as much as they or you thought they would. It’s very common, especially with younger children, they are really excited but become a bit nervous when they see how big a horse is. If this does happen to your little one, don’t worry. Talk to your child, see if they would prefer to work with a smaller horse, however if they are dead set against it don’t pressure them. If they remain interested in horses in later years, try horse riding again. When they are older, they may be more ready and enthusiastic enough that their excitement overcomes their nerves!

The first encounter of getting close and personal with a horse stays with us forever. So try to ensure that memory and experience is positive.

Finding Horse Riding Lessons for Kids

Finding Horse Riding Lessons for Kids

Photo credit: @girlaboutgloucestershire at Newbridge Park Farm http://newbridgefarmpark.com/

Maybe you are looking at booking your child a horse riding experience this summer? with High Beech Riding School, a family run Riding School set in the heart of Epping Forest.

High Beech Riding School

As well as riding lessons, they offer children aged 6yrs and over holiday activities such as:

  • Own A Pony Mornings
  • Day Camps
  • Ice Cream Rides
  • Jumping Courses
  • Riding Competitions
  • Various Forest hacks for those with experience.

For younger children aged 4yrs upwards they offer led pony rides to help introduce the young enthusiasts at a steady pace.  Pony rides help children gain balance and confidence in preparation for lessons and are a fantastic way to get started.

Parklands Riding for the Disabled (RDA)

Parklands Riding for the Disabled (RDA)

On the Club Hub directory we are really pleased to also have listed Horse riding lessons for SEN children too. Parklands Riding for the Disabled (RDA). 

Parklands RDA offers horse riding & animal/equine assisted activities to anyone with additional needs whether physical, learning or mental health struggles. Activities vary from horse riding (weight limits apply) to agility, grooming etc. They have badges and certificates to work towards and do both groups and private sessions. They also have a small sensory room and classroom on site and are in the process of creating a sensory garden & trail.

RDA is the only major UK charity whose focus is primarily on the therapeutic and health benefits of bringing people and horses together. Their activities are recommended by Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, and the majority of their participants are referred to RDA by a medical professional. Many of their participants say that RDA activity is their main way of accessing physical exercise, and we have a positive, long-term impact on confidence levels, relationship building, communication skills, enjoyment and physical ability.

According to the RDA Benefits of horse riding for children with additional needs includes:

According to the RDA Benefits of horse riding for children with additional needs includes:

  • Improves core strength
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Their welcoming groups help to combat isolation and loneliness
  • Lessons help to boost wellbeing and happiness.

Saddles Riding centre, Bexley

Saddles Riding Centre, Bexley

Saddles Riding Centre in Bexley is another fantastic place for you to book horse riding lessons for kids listed on our directory. At just £20 a lesson this horse riding Centre, offers private and group rides. They also have Pony Club teaching you how to care for horses and gain achievement badges. The centre has Fun activities in the holidays and pony days you can book too.

So if you want to find horse riding lessons for kids you may be wondering how you go about finding them? Here at Club Hub, our directory is filled with many many lessons for children, so you are bound to find something near you If you take a look. If you are struggling to find anything do let us know [email protected] so that we can help you.

credit @lundunmum at Aldersbrook Riding School, London https://www.aldersbrookridingschool.co.uk/

Photo credit @lundunmum at Aldersbrook Riding School, London https://www.aldersbrookridingschool.co.uk/

We hope you have enjoyed this article  “horse riding lessons for kids” and found it useful. New to Club Hub? Pleaes check out our website or app to find activities near you – https://clubhubuk.co.uk/kids-activities-near-me/

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