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The Best Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids

Published on 31st January 2024 by Tessa Robinson

Are you looking for mindfulness and wellbeing Activities for Kids? Check out our “The Best Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids”. Please support these fantastic small businesses.

You can also user our search engine above to find mindfulness and wellbeing activities for your child in your local commuity.

How to help children with mindfulness and wellbeing – Learning Resources UK

How to help children with mindfulness - Learning Resources UK

When we teach children about mindfulness, we help them build strategies to cope with big feelings, manage stress, and prepare them to face life’s challenges with resilience. There’s increasing evidence to show that cultivating mindfulness in children helps with several areas in life including reducing levels of stress and anxiety, improving focus and concentration, and improved overall wellbeing at school and beyond.

At Learning Resources® we’ve been helping children learn through play for nearly 40 years, and our growing range of personal, social and emotional development toys and resources have all been developed to support families and schools as they help children build mindfulness through social-emotional learning.

Here are three ways you can cultivate mindfulness in your child and how we can help you do so:

  • Breathing techniques: Grown-ups and children benefit from the calming effects of deep breathing but sitting still to focus on breathwork can be a tricky ask for a racing young mind! Our Pawz the Calming Pup is a light-up companion that guides children through three breathing exercises, using visual light prompts. Pawz is perfect for a calm down corner and also helps little ones wind down and get ready to go to sleep.
  • Redirecting focus: Fidget play can be an effective technique to help a young mind focus on the here and now in the midst of mayhem. We have a wide range of fidget toys and tools, however our range of innovative sensory bottles such as our ColourMix Sensory Tubes are an ideal resource for redirecting focus and are perfect for use in the classroom and at home.
  • Gratitude practice: There is a lot of evidence to show the positive effects of practising gratitude in our daily lives and is something that even little ones can learn to do. We have a range of resources such as the Express My Feelings Journal that help children of all ages learn to identify and manage their feelings including helpful emotions such as gratitude.

Learn more about how we can help support children in developing mindfulness with our play-based toys and resources.  www.learningresources.co.uk

Picture-This Books – Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids

Read, Imagine, DRAW…


Picture-This Books - Wellbeing Activities for Kids

Picture-This Books is a growing series of children’s books for children to illustrate themselves. Each book has the story printed on one page, with the opposite page left blank, ready for children to add their very own drawings in pencil, crayon, colouring pen or paint!

This completely original children’s book concept encourages imagination, creativity, and originality and gives children an age-appropriate mindfulness activity. It’s also lots of fun and includes memorable characters and the perfect amount of silliness. With Picture-This Books, children have the space to feel seen, heard and understood as each title draws on kindness, empathy, connection, understanding, the beauty of our world and the joy of childhood, without shying away from big global issues and everyday childhood worries.

We recommend children first read the book with a grown-up and then go back to the beginning of the book and add their illustrations a page at a time. Picture-This Books needn’t be rushed. A page or two a day is a wonderful way for children to find their calm and express their creativity, especially after a long or difficult day.

The books allow every child the space to interpret a story as they imagine it; this means they can draw themselves, their friends and family onto the pages in front of them. As a result, the reader’s unique life experience is represented like never before. This wholly inclusive element is Picture-This Books’ way of challenging an industry that sadly remains predominantly white, ableist and gender stereotypical.

With Picture-This Books, no two finished books are ever the same – just like the children illustrating them. Picture-This Books have five titles available now and two more planned for 2022. Created for imaginers aged 5+ – plus a pre-schooler edition in the works!

Visit www.picture-thisbooks.com to shop.

Krishna My Friend – Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids

Krishna My Friend - Wellbeing Activities for Kids

Krishna My Friend is a family-owned small business, inspired by a lifelong vision to encourage children to engage spiritually and mindfully through the medium of soft toys and our other unique products from the get go. Our one-of-a-kind interactive 11′ Krishna plush toy is suitable for babies from 0+ and has taken us over 5 years to design and develop to ensure that it not only looks aesthetically great, but it also fulfils a deeper purpose: to promote spiritual, mindful and meditative practices on a daily basis via carefully curated nights lights and sound functionality providing children with the right tools for development and fun from an early age.

It is a soft toy that truly revolutionises the concept of fun for kids.

It is the only baby Krishna plush in the world that has interchangeable night lights, a live recorded flute sound and a live recorded mantra sung by young kids creating a multi-sensory experience all whilst providing the comfort, warmth and security a soft cuddly toy provides.

Whilst it is a cultural toy, we have had huge interest from all communities and backgrounds. With the increased importance of practices like yoga, mindfulness and meditation within your daily routines – it is a perfect toy for children to enjoy and support their well-being on a daily basis.

We also have some beautiful motivational prints for nurseries and kids’ rooms. A set of 6 prints with 2-word motivational phrases to inspire children every day with lovely vibrant and colourful pictures inspired by Krishna‘s real-life stories.

If you would like to be a stockist of our lovely toys and prints. We provide very flexible terms, prices and minimum quantities (from 15 units) for any kids’ yoga sessions, nurseries, schools, day care centres and any others small businesses interested. Please do contact us directly within our email address below or alternatively click on the wholesale ‘Faire Platform’ link below.

Website: www.krishnamyfriend.com

Instagram: @krishna_myfriend

Facebook: @krishnamyfriend108 

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/krishnamyfriend

Faire Wholesale enquiries: https://krishnamyfriend.faire.com 

Email: [email protected] 

Forest Wild – Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids

Forest Wild - Wellbeing Activities for Kids

You don’t have to be a guru to introduce a mindfulness practice to little ones. As a Forest School Leader and Mum of two boys I use nature as a way to bring everyone into the moment.

Just getting outside is good for your child’s well-being and mental health but coupled with the act of focusing on your senses, creating some nature art or observing animals can bring you into the present moment together and can help to reduce levels of anxiety and stress, as well as being active, entertaining and calming.

Here are 3 ways to get children outside and out of their heads.

  1. 5 Senses Connection

Take some deep breaths together and starting with sight. Take a moment to notice and talk about what you can see. Then move on to sound and notice what you can hear, then touch and what you can feel, what you can smell and finally what you can taste (don’t actually lick anything though).

To extend the activity above, use the senses to go on a scavenger hunt. For example, for touch you could find things with different textures, bumpy, prickly, smooth etc… check out my mindfulness activity box.

  1. Nature Art

Create a nature mandala together. A mandala is a circular symmetrical shape containing repetitive patterns and they represent the universe and the idea of wholeness. Whilst out and about collect natures treasures, use the senses to notice the weight, texture or smell of the item found. Once you have a good selection, start getting creative.

  1. Nature Observation

Bird watching or bug hunting are great activities for bringing you both into the present moment. Look under logs for bugs or sit quietly and observe the birds. Check out my bug hunting activity box.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @Forever Wild at Heart

Instagram: @foreverwild_atheart

Website: http://www.foreverwildatheart.co.uk/

LuLi Crafts – Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids

LuLi Crafts - Mindfulness Activities for Kids

LuLi Crafts are launching brand new Mindfulness Craft Packs. We are offering individual packs as well as a subscription service which children will receive monthly. As mums we know first-hand just how much lockdown  effecting children’s mental health and so we wanted to create something with a Mindfulness aspect as well as a creative element. We know how creativity helps us reduce our own stress and anxiety levels and so we want this to be a tool for children to also do the same.

Our aim is for children to make meaningful products and so our subscription packs will also include personalised items that are specific to each child. We also offer themed crafts so that children can paint and then use the finished craft. For example in their play which helps with their imagination and exploration of the world around them.

As a brand we believe that it is the personalised touch and finer details that make us unique. We thrive on making something different and so we are always changing designs and adding new dimensions to our products.

Our packs include everything needed to produce a beautifully finished product so you don’t have to worry about buying or supplying anything extra.

Website: www.lulicrafts.com/collections/craft-packs

Ink and Scribbles – My Little Book of Happiness

Mindfulness Activities for Kids

My Little Book of Happiness is a positivity workbook and gratitude journal for kids that promotes mindful reflection and self-awareness. Ideal for children 7 years and over, it nurtures emotional intelligence and supports children to take time out and be in the moment with their thoughts. This book has been designed to help your child explore what happiness means to them. It lets your child know that it’s OK to experience all emotions, whilst teaching them strategies to develop a positive mindset and resilience. We know that your child’s happiness is your priority and how influential you are as their parent, so ‘My Little Book of Happiness’ initiates conversations between you and your child that empowers you to emotion coach them, nurturing their wellbeing.

About Ink and Scribbles

Ink and Scribbles was founded when I was looking for something to support my daughter with her emotions. After much research and learning, I found a route through my parenting approach that focuses on building a strong connection with her through emotion coaching techniques. I’m now passionate about guiding other parents to support their child’s emotional health and development. Ink and Scribbles is an online shop where parents can choose from a range of beautiful, supportive mindfulness resources for their child and themselves including workbooks, printables and affirmation cards.

You can find us at:

Website:  www.inkandscribbles.co.uk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/inkandscribbleskids

Facebook: www.facebook.com/inkandscribbleskids

nordicstork – Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids

nordistork -Mindfulness Activities for Kids

nordicstork is a curated gift shop with a difference. All of our products are designed simply, yet stylishly and most importantly with the recipient in mind. Founded and run by Leah, a blessed mother to three. We cut out the plastic in favour of ethical and natural. Every single item you see in our shop has been carefully sourced to meet Leah’s high standards. She believes that our customers deserve nothing less.

We are founded on 4 Core Values and nurturing and supporting the emotional wellbeing of children is one of them. Never has there been a more important time than now, to boost the self-esteem of little people.

We are soon to be expanding to gifts for grownups (because we all deserve something nice, too!) and would really appreciate a follow on social media.

Instagram: @nordicstork 

Facebook: @nordicstork 

Website: www.nordicstork.com 

Mitchy Titch – Yoga Classes for Children in Liverpool

Mitchy Titch - Yoga Classes for Children in LiverpoolMitchy Titch prides itself on its award winning delivery of yoga, relaxation and mindfulness programmes covering from birth to age 12 showing its passions for childrens health and wellbeing.

Our baby and toddler sessions with parents and families have emphasis on fun and fitness, helping families to build health and wellbeing into the home. Through yoga poses, stories and games, our award-winning sessions stimulate and enhance learning, teaching our children the tools required to help strengthen both body and mind in their ever increasingly busy lives!

We have a wide variety of offerings for nurseries, schools, uniformed & activity groups. This enables our customers to build a personalised programme for their setting, ensuring we provide the best possible experience for children through yoga, relaxation, and mindfulness.

The benefits of yoga, relaxation and mindfulness for children are extensive and very positive.

Whilst being a fantastic form of exercise. It can be an excellent form of relaxation too. Guiding children through controlled breathing, clearing their mind and focusing on their body.

Our sessions show many ways in which yoga can help children relax, even from a young age:

  • Yoga teaches children to regulate and better understand their emotions, improve their concentration, and manage stress with breathing techniques
  • Group yoga sessions are a great way for children (and you or the class environment) to connect with their peers, build their self-esteem and have positive interactions with others
  • Our Yoga classes help children to recognise and respond to their emotions in a fun way through stories and songs creating the foundations of a mentally healthy mind

We promote that fitness can be fun. It can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and coordination for children, it can even support concentration and listening skills.  Yoga can even boost our immune system and improve sleep pattens.

Facebook: Mitchy Titch Yoga Fun & Fitness Classes & Accredited Instructor Training

Twitter: @MitchyTitchYoga

Instagram: @mitchytitchyoga

YouTube: Mitchy Titch Yoga Fun & Relaxation H.O.

Website: Mitchy Titch Yoga Classes 

Arlo & Jude Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids

Arlo & Jude began in 2019 after founder Emily had noticed her son who was 4 at the time was getting upset anytime he had to go somewhere without her.

After thinking about how she could help him. Emily designed the first ‘secret powers’ item. A t-shirt that said the word ‘brave’ but in a secret code so that only he knew what it said.

They launched via crowdfunding and since then have gone on to create lots of items to help children based around the ‘secret powers’ theme. The business has seen sales steadily grow over the past 2 years due to the pandemic. The most popular item is the worry doll which has even been purchased by adults for themselves!

Emily has also recently set up the ‘Secret Powers club’ which is a 6 week block of classes for children. The classes teach them strategies and tools to deal to help promote confidence, self esteem and resilience. 

The Arlo & Jude products are created with the aim of helping children feel brave, strong and happy. The business now offers a range of products from secret code clothing to worry dolls and badges. One of the best selling products are the ‘talking tokens’ which encourage little ones to open up and talk about their day.

Included in the box is an A6 instructions card, 4 wooden tokens and an Arlo & Jude cotton bag.

The tokens are:

  • star – something they are grateful for
  • heart – something they are proud of
  • moon – something they would like to remember about the day
  • cloud – something they might do differently

Buy Now:

Website: https://www.arloandjude.com/

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/arloandjude

Synergy Dance® – Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids

Synergy Dance®

Synergy Dance® offer a wide range of Mindfulness activities for kids & young people, both on site in schools & leisure centres, & via their pre-recorded digital classes and courses, including Yoga, Yoga & Meditation & Dance. The benefits include maintaining fitness, core strength, flexibility, motor skills, improved posture & learning a new skill. The lessons also help to relieve stress, improve mental health & wellbeing, boost the immune system & aid restful sleep.

As seen on Strictly Come Dancing, Synergy classes are for EVERYONE including mainstream children & young people & those with Special Needs (Autism, ADHD, ASD, Global development delay, MLD, ODD, learning difficulties, Down Syndrome, Dyspraxia, asthma, hearing loss, Cerebral Palsy, Visually Impaired & Blind, the Disabled & Long-Term Health Conditions. Their seated workouts are perfect for anyone with a long-term health condition or those in a wheelchair. Hand-picked teachers deliver sessions which are suitable for all abilities & keep children really motivated, happy and keen for more!

Their junior & teen yoga classes are suitable for all levels, boys & girls & combine yoga, meditation & breathing. Each lesson aims to create mental clarity & calmness. Benefits include increased body awareness; improved posture and flexibility, stress relief; relaxation of the mind and sharpened concentration. Synergy Junior & teen dance courses a introduce a wide mix of dance styles. With options & levels for all abilities to boost well-being, as children describe classes as “their happy place”.

To find a class near you or to arrange a package for your school or leisure centre contact [email protected]

Thank you for reading all about our “Best Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities for Kids“. New to Club Hub? Search for Kids Activities near you by searching on our App or Website – https://clubhubuk.co.uk/kids-activities-near-me/

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