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TinyTalk Baby Sign Language Class – Fridays

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Days: Fridays

Times: 10am-11am

Age Range: 0 - 2

Price: £6.50 per session

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Activity Description

TinyTalk Baby sign language classes are interactive sessions designed to help parents and babies communicate using simple signs before they can speak. These classes typically involve songs, games, and activities to make learning fun for both parents and babies. They focus on teaching basic signs for common words like “milk,” “more,” and “mommy,” enabling babies to express their needs and desires earlier. Classes often emphasize bonding between parents and babies while fostering early language development.

In TinyTalk Baby sign language classes, the sessions are usually divided into two parts: 30 minutes of signing activities, where parents and babies learn and practice signs through songs, games, and interactive activities, and another 30 minutes of social time, allowing parents to connect with each other and share experiences while their babies engage in playtime. This balance ensures both structured learning and valuable social interaction for both parents and babies attending the classes.

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Parking Available
Trial Class
Baby Change Facilities
Public Transport
Buggy Park
Accessible for Buggies
Refreshments Available
Social Skills
Life Skills
Communication and Language Skills
Hand-Eye Coordination
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Mindfulness and Well-being
Activity Location
Address: Holy Family Parish Centre, Hutton Avenue
City: Durham
Town: Hartlepool
Post Code: TS26 9PN

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