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What to Bring to Survive Long Flights and Car Rides with Toddlers

Published on 21st February 2022 by Tessa Robinson

Travel is never wasted on young minds. “Sure, travel doesn’t come for free,” shares mother of two Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore. “But what is priceless are the learning opportunities and character shaping possibilities that it provides especially for young children.”

This is easy enough to say, but the fact is that apart from the costs, travelling with multiple children can also be challenging, especially if your kids are very young. They might fight with one another, whine about boredom, get cranky during the flight, they might get motion sickness, their ears might hurt during take-off, or worse — they might throw a tantrum in the middle of the trip. But travelling with multiple children also gives them a chance to bond with one another. Individually, it also enhances their development and helps them become more adaptable and curious, among many other things. So if you’re looking to give your children the gift of travel but are hesitating because of the challenges described above, here’s what you need to pack to survive those long flights and even longer drives:

Snacks And Essentials

To keep your children from going hungry in between stops, make sure you have healthy snacks in small containers. It might also help to bring a change of clothes, some nappies, a small first aid kit, a microbead pillow, and something that would help to equalize your children’s ears. The Barefoot Nomad also recommends bringing a sippy cup with a secure lid so you don’t have to worry about your children spilling drinks all over themselves during the trip. Don’t forget baby wipes, changing pads, barf bags, and hand sanitisers, too.

Travel System Pushchairs

If your trip includes some rest stops, it might be best to bring a compact foldable pushchair. Pushchairs will allow you to move your child through crowded airports during long layovers, so you don’t have to carry them all the time. They also give your children a place to rest or sleep should they ever tire of walking. Parents with multiple children can save space by using a tandem pushchair. iCandy’s double tandem pushchairs show how these particular models can carry two children at once while still having the movability of a single stroller. These pushchairs are also extremely convenient for long car rides, as they can convert to a full travel system. This allows you to easily switch between car seats and pushchairs without disturbing your little one.

Activities, Books, and Games

If you’re going to be on the road or up in the air for more than two hours, it’s best to bring a lot of entertainment with you. Real Simple’s list of road trip essentials include things like children’s books, travel bingo, sketchbooks, crayons, washable markers, coloured pencils, and dry-erase boards. You can also bring some magnetic board games or your children’s favourite card games.

If you’d rather not put yourself through the hassle of looking for all of these items yourselves, KeepEmQuiet®’s entertainment packs can give your toddlers the super fun items they need to keep themselves busy during a trip. These include toys, puzzles, games, workbooks, and activities. Pair it with the KeepEmQuiet® Activity Tray to give them a flat working surface during long drives.

Travelling with toddlers can be quite the hassle if you’re not prepared. Fortunately, items like pushchairs, books, activity kits, and the usual essentials can help make long rides with toddlers both manageable and fun.

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