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The Best Car Journey Activities and Products for Kids in the UK

Published on 24th May 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Have you organised any car journey activities for your children? Are you going on a long car journey and looking for the best buys? Check out our fantastic list of all the must haves for your next car journey.

Tiny Trekker – the perfect travel companion 

The Best Car Journey Activities and Products for Kids in the UKThe team at bopster have dreamt of their next getaway throughout lockdown, and so have their Tiny Trekker characters. Dreams are slowly becoming reality, so grab your Tiny Trekker and get ready for an adventure!  

Tiny Trekker is bopster’s range of cute and colourful children’s luggage and they are the perfect companion for your kids on their next adventure. The range includes cabin friendly luggage cases, super cute backpacks, and compact keychain pouches, in a range of characters and designs. 

Simply pack up clothes and shoes ready for a weekend away in a sturdy and lightweight cabin friendly unicorn luggage case. With a 17L capacity, you are good to go! They make preparing for a long journey much more exciting and even enjoyable! 

Take the Purple Cat Backpack on a road trip, ideal for carrying books, bottles, toys, and teddies and keeping all your child’s belongings together. With a storage capacity of 4 litres and an elasticated mesh pocket to keep any valuable items safe and in place. Or fill up a tiger keychain pouch with coins, badges and other small items or shells and pebbles after an exciting day out. With a handy retractable pull cord and clip attachment. 

Whether you’re going on an adventure near or far, simply fly on over to to view the entire range. We’d love you to tag us in your pictures on Instagram and show us where you and your Tiny Trekker are in the world. 

View the full Tiny Trekker range – 

Tiny Trekker keychain pouch £8.49 

Tiny Trekker backpack £14.49 

Tiny Trekker luggage case £34.99 

Travel Activities with Learning Resources

The Best Car Journey Activities and Products for Kids in the UKFun ways to keep kids busy on the go with Learning Resources® educational games

Whether you’re going by plane, train, or car, keeping children occupied and entertained when travelling on a long journey can be challenging. To help make family trips less stressful, the play experts at leading educational toys company Learning Resources® have some great toys and activities what will keep children busy and entertained for ages and are also perfect for playing in small spaces.

Make up a travel busy kit with these fun ideas….

Playfoam® is the squishy, squashy, sculpting toy that’s perfect for creative play. Playfoam only sticks to itself, and never dries out, so it’s great for on-the-go fun. Playfoam® Go! is a travel set for ages 3+. It has 8 bricks of squishy, squashy Playfoam in a sturdy travel case with handle that’s easy to play with while travelling and pack away when you arrive.

Help kids aged 5+ hone their critical thinking skills while travelling with Mental Blox® Go!. Whether it’s solo play or in a small group, there are 10 ways to keep kids busy with this boredom-busting set. Each time they play, children are building problem-solving, shape recognition, memory skills and more.

BrainBolt™ is the light-up memory game for ages 7+. This compact, hands-on game promotes develop memory skills and helps with visual scanning. Children memorise the light sequence and repeat without breaking the pattern. It sounds easy but this exciting game gets more challenging as the sequence gets longer. Perfect for solo play, two-player mode, timed mode for quicker games, and advanced mode for expert players.

The 200 logic challenges in Kanoodle® Duplexity™ will keep kids aged 8+ busy for ages. This single-player game has magnetic pieces, and the travel case with handle has magnetic surfaces so kids can play Kanoodle Duplexity on the go. Designed to put their brains to the test, Kanoodle Duplexity builds logic, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills.

For more fun, free ways to keep kids busy, download free activity sheets for kids from Learning Resources.

The Best Car Journey Activities for Kids with Hannah’s Games

The Best Car Journey Activities for Kids with Hannah's GamesLet the family fun begin the moment you pull out of the driveway with the best car journey activities and products from Hannah’s Games!  Our range of great fun travel games turns all that scenery whizzing by into a family mission to complete…either co-operatively or competitively!

Choose from one of our Road Trip Spyhunts or Car Badge I Spy with everyone trying to find the items on their cards before the journey is up!  Otherwise, choose to get to know everyone a bit better with our family friendly Travel ‘Would You Rather’ Game. We can even make a trip to a drab service station fun with our Services Selfie Challenge!  If you are driving to the airport we also have some games for you to play before you jet off.

Hannah’s Games is a family run, Award Winning UK small business with all our game content written in house and manufactured in the UK.  We create games we love to play ourselves and hope you’ll love them too.

Order now, with FREE UK Delivery:

Use the code CLUBHUB for 10% off!

Follow us on social media:

Award-winning KeepEmQuiet Entertainment Packs

Need to entertain the kids…SCREEN-FREE?! WE GOT YOU!

Car Journey Activities🏆Our award-winning KeepEmQuiet®️ entertainment packs are crammed full of NEW surprises to discover!

🌎We are world-famous for creating our original and award-winning KeepEmQuiet® ULTIMATE entertainment packs for kids! Our kits are used by the Royal Family, by celebrities & by hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide

⭐Our 5 star rated entertainment packs are crammed full of super fun items that are sourced from all over the globe, such as: toysactivities, arts & craftseducational itemsbookslearning activity workbookspuzzlesgamescollectibles, healthy Vegan-friendly snacks & MORE, all crammed into our KeepEmQuiet® branded child-friendly rucksacks that kids love to wear! Our surprise bags include everything needed to keep them happy, entertained, occupied, and QUIET whilst off-school & traveling (also great for sick days, weddings, stay-cations, stocking fillers, surprise gifts, hospital stays, and parties!)

KeepEmQuiet®️ Travel Activity Tray

Car Journey ActivitiesWe are delighted to introduce our new KeepEmQuiet®️ Travel Activity Tray, to help keep your children entertained whilst on long car journeys, plane trips, train journeys, or anywhere they need a sturdy, portable surface to doodle, play & snack!

Our KeepEmQuiet®️ Travel Activity Tray play table provides a sturdy, flat and erasable surface and an all in one organiser for all their things whilst travelling. It is ideal for all on-the-go activities such as drawing, reading, colouring, snacking, or playing with toys. Designed to kids happy, engaged, and busy during long road trips, train journeys, and of course on flights.

There is a transparent surface on the tray where you can slip your activity sheets (included) underneath and use the erasable markers (also included) to colour, doodle, or draw – then simply use the eraser on the end of the marker to erase your work and start all over again. You can even tear out colouring pages from their other favourite colouring books or print off activities to slip underneath.

There is ample storage and mesh pockets for all their favourite toys, plus a transparent tablet holder to keep the iPad or tablet upright and sturdy whilst on the move. There is a zip compartment on the back to keep their drawings too.

Sits on the lap of your child once their seatbelt is done up.

We Hope you enjoyed reading all about Car Journey Activities and Products for Kids in the UK. New to Club Hub? You Can Find Kids Activities by searching on our App or Website. 

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