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How to Help Your Child to Do a Scholarship Essay

Published on 18th January 2020 by Tessa Robinson

How to Help Your Child to Do a Scholarship EssayThe nightmare that disturbs most parents concerning their children’s education is how they will clear school without debts. Many students drop or take longer to clear from college due to lack of fee. The situation is worse now than it was a few years ago.

It is possible to overcome this nightmare by proactively applying for education scholarships. There are hundreds of testimonies from parents and students who studied through scholarships and it can happen to your child if you make the right decisions.

Help your child prepare the paperwork needed

A study by CDC shows that healthy children learn faster as compared to poorly fed children. The study further says that well-fed children achieve higher grades, are consistent in school attendance, and have above-average behavior.

Before writing the scholarship essay, your child must prepare all the paperwork they need to attach to their essay. You can help them gather all the paperwork and tick against the list. Your child may have the best outstanding essay, but if they lack an important attachment to support their essay, it can be rejected.

Some of the paperwork your child might require is a recommendation letter, admission letters, awards, transcripts, photo, volunteer certificate and essays.

Professional scholarship essay writing service

A reasonable alternative for parents overwhelmed with work and responsibilities and have little room to support their kid on their own may contact experienced writers for help.  Studyclerk’s scholarship writers  will support the students fast with all sorts of essays at a reasonable price and deliver the work in a quick deadline without compromising on quality. Most customers, including college students, regularly use their services and propose them online. High school students can also get writing help for their scholarship essays. If you are not sure how to help your child do a scholarship essay, Study Clerk scholarship writers will help them go through all the steps smoothly.

Gather information online

There are hundreds of websites that post scholarship opportunities every year. Some  ask for money to open or download, others are free, and others scams. Your child might not be able to make a clear distinction on which to take.

You can support them by searching online for scholarships relevant to their grade level or area of study. Some scholarships have strict requirements and could be hard to qualify for. Search for those that are favorable to your child.  The search can be customized – if your child is schooling in Florida, they can search for Florida scholarships. If they are studying arts, they can search for arts scholarships.

Sourcing from third parties

You could be better exposed to other sources of information. For example, if you are employed by a tech giant, they mostly give scholarships to students. You can help your child by inquiring from your manager if they have openings for scholarships.

Alternatively, you can ask your friends working in various businesses like banks, insurance companies, NGOs and sports clubs who find out on your behalf if the companies are giving scholarships. The other option could the colleges and you can help your child find out from the deans or the admins.

Identifying talent

The awarding judges are keen to give scholarships to talented students or students who show a consistent commitment to society. Help your child identify a particular special ability they may have when they are young.

If your child is good at music, help them nurture the gift because it can give them a better chance to win a scholarship. Children who show commitment to society are also easily considered for a scholarship. Help your child love community volunteering like visiting the senior’s homes, needy kids and so on. Help them get recognition certificates and awards.

Writing, editing and proofreading

Motivate your child during the process of writing and help them get striking essay titles and subheads. Remember to let them write because it will help them do better in their school assignments.

Once they finish writing, help them with proofreading and editing to make sure the final copy is free from errors and plagiarism. You can help them access online editing tools or let a close friend assist in editing. If you are busy, help them get a professional writer.


Scholarship opportunities are many and your child should not fail to clear college because of fee arrears. You can make your child’s education a priority and help them apply for at least ten scholarships each year.

Some children have cleared college with excess money received from scholarships. The parent may not play a greater role, but if you keep motivating your child, they will understand the importance of searching and applying for scholarships.

Author’s Bio:

James Collins has a master’s degree in communications and works as an editor at a digital media agency that specializes in the movie and live streaming industry. He is also a freelance thesis and dissertation writer at a leading online academic writing agency. In his free time, he likes to take language classes, swim, and go thrift shopping.

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