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How to Advertise your Baby Class or Toddler Group

Published on 31st May 2023 by Tessa Robinson

Do you run a baby class or Toddler group? Are you looking for tips or maybe wondering how to advertise your baby class or toddler group? Maybe you have just set your group up? Or are you just looking to increase your bookings? In this article we will look at how you can best advertise your baby class or toddler group.

Marketing your class is a really important part of ensuring that your business is a success, but it shouldn’t be stressful or pricey.

So here are some top tips on how to advertise your baby class or toddler group:

Tip 1 – List your Class on the Club Hub online directory

Tip 1 - List your Class on the Club Hub online directory

Club Hub is the UK’s largest kids activity directory. Club hub has listings for newborn babies to age 18; from Cornwall to Aberdeen.

The directory  is free for people to use and has thousands of baby classes, Toddler Groups, Kids Classes and Clubs, Party Ideas and Holiday Camps for parents to book. Club hub is very popular with parents and is the most common place for parents to go online who are seeking a baby or toddler class. You may be interested to know that Club Hub now receives over 200,000 views every month and has thousands of Kids Clubs, baby classes, and Children’s Activities registered who are Club Hub Members.

Searching on the directory itself is super simple.

If you have any ideas about topics you’d like us to cover tuen please do feel free to let us know by emailing our director Tessa at [email protected]

Tip 2: Reviews are King!

Tip 2: Reviews are King! - How to Advertise your Baby Class or Toddler Group

Parents often will listen to other parents. Reviews can be a fantastic way for parents to find an unbiased view of that class or activity. If parents see lots of trusted reviews then they are more likely to choose that children’s activity as they know what to expect.

Reviews are not just important for prospective parents, but equally important for the children’s activity provider themselves. Google will rank your business higher in the search results if you have reviews, and reviews can help to increase your SEO performance.

Additionally, if you as the children’s activities provider/business owner reply to these reviews. It shows you care and therefore it is a really good thing to do.

Google doesn’t display all reviews on the search preview, and instead selects certain reviews based on their quality and relevancy as well as how recent they are (the fresher they are, the better). So, if you are actively encouraging people who use your service to leave reviews then you will stand out on the internet above people who don’t utilise this.

The more reviews you have, the more trust you are building. If other parents are happy to verify their child has had fun or they have had a good experience at your class, then the more likely it would be for another parent who may have felt a little hesitant to come somewhere for the first time to sign up.

Tip 3: Enjoy the benefits of becoming a Club hub member

Tip 3: Enjoy the benefits of becoming a Club hub member

If you are run  and would like your business to be listed on our directory you need to subscribe and become a Club Hub member.

We only do targeted marketing based on proximity so you reach the local people you want. Parents type in their location, child’s age and interest and results come up in geographical order.

What’s included as a member?

  • Unlimited amount of listings on our directory
  • You can upload any type of activity for newborns to 18 years to Club Hub with all your details listed
  • Parents contact you directly via email.
  • We are not a booking system. You can add your desired website/booking link for £2.50 +VAT per listing per year. We take 0% commission.
  • As a member you also get additional Social Media Engagement. You can use our hashtag #clubhubmember in your social media posts, on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Tag us in your Instagram stories and we will share them @clubhubuk.
  • We also have a team of #clubhubbrandreps who are looking to review you on Instagram
  • As a member you can enter our annual Club Hub Awards (There is a £5 Entry fee)
  • Access to free training and partner discounts
  • If you are signed up with Trustist you can add your star rating link to your Club Hub listings

Tip 4: Boost your listings on Club Hub

Tip 4: Boost your listings - How to Advertise your Baby Class or Toddler Group

Becoming a member is just £5.99 a month +VAT! That’s less than two coffees. If you are a charity it’s free and you can also subscribe to the yearly membership if you want to save even more, or discounted if you were an original Club Hub member.

Once you have subscribed as a Club Hub Member you can take a look at our Extra Publicity Packages available.

By boosting your listings you will have an advantage over your competition.

Tip 5: Ask people to spread the word

Tip 5: Ask people to spread the word - How to Advertise your Baby Class or Toddler Group

As well as the online advertising dont under underestimate the power of word of mouth. Do ask people who come to your baby class or toddler group to recommend you. Do ask them to give you a review, help advertise, share your social media content. You could do “bring a friend offers.” Print out some flyers and ask current parents to hand them out to their friends, neighbours, drop them in community centres etc.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and we hope you feel inspired with fresh ideas on how to advertise your baby class or toddler  group. If you would like to get in touch feel free to email our director,  [email protected]

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