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The Best Gardening Activities for Kids and Toddlers

Published on 22nd May 2024 by Tessa Robinson

Interested in Gardening Activities for Kids and Toddlers? This week is National Children’s Gardening Week! National Children’s Gardening Week celebrates the fun that gardens hold for kids. Children, parents, grandparents, schools or garden businesses can find ideas for fun garden projects and activities on this site.

Gardening Activities for Kids with My Awe and Wonder Box

Gardening Activities for Kids

Bring a love of Science and to children. My Awe and Wonder Box is a monthly subscription box especially for ages four to 11-years-old. The aim is to use science, STEM, craft and nature to inspire children through self-discovery and open ended activities, weaving the knowledge and skills required by the national curriculum.  In each box you will find a science investigation, a STEM challenge, something to make and some seeds to plant, all based around a different theme each month.

The boxes have been developed by a primary school teacher with 20 years of experience, who brings an understanding of the national curriculum. All the resources, apart from kitchen essentials, are included in the box so that you can dive in straight away. There is nothing worse than opening a box and finding a shopping list of resources to buy, and hunt around the house for, before you can start. So this is a must for busy parents!

Boxes are available as a one-off or we have a range of subscriptions from which to choose.  With prices starting from £12 for a single child box and £14 for a family box, with enough resources for two children to enjoy.

Website: www.myaweandwonderbox.co.uk

Tiger Turnip – Gardening Adventure Pack

We absolutely love this gardening pack! It has 6 exciting garden-themed things and crafts to do with your little one.

The tasks are engaging and fun but not too long or detailed to become so boring that your child gives up. Kids can spend fairly short amount of time making something and countless hours playing with it or even re-doing it which is priceless learning time.

The pack is beautifully thought through. It includes colourful easy to read leaflets for each activity. It also has a lovely little something for a grown up!

Literally everything you need is included in the pack in exactly the quantity you need – loving the “no waste” idea.

Not only it is a lot of fun but also all of Tiger Tunip’s packs are carefully structured to follow Early Years Foundation Stage advice (that’s a government body setting standards for all schools, nurseries and any other Ofsted-registered early years providers).

What’s in the gardening adventure pack? 

You can plant your own peas and sunflowers: both are fast growing and big enough to handle for little fingers. Even soil is included – in dry pellets – we love soaking those in water and see them expand! It even includes a cute little wooden spoon-spade.

Pompom lady bird – who knew you could make something that cute so easily!

A glider you can make and then run with outside. You get one of either bee, dragonfly, ant, mantis, cockchafer or butterfly. Love the bug diversity!

You also get to go on a garden sleuth adventure with a magnifying glass and a list of bugs to find.

And finally, after a good run about outside, you get to create a beautiful garden picture with all sorts of stickers: animals, butterflies, flowers, insects, etc. All stickers are made of foam which is so much easier for little fingers to handle.

Website: Activities for Kids – Tiger Turnip 

Buy Now: Gardening adventure pack for 2-6 year olds. Educational activities. Learning and fun. Great present for kids and parents

So Seed Kits: Grow Your Own Flowers for Bees – Gardening Activities for Kids

Gardening Activities for Kids*For every kid’s kit sold in May we’ll donate one to the Children and Young People’s Gardening Project, who run gardening sessions for vulnerable kids in South London*

Learn about bees and encourage them to your garden, balcony or windowsill with this bee-friendly growing kit for kids from So Seed Kits. Sadly, bees are on the decline so need our help! Herbs make great bee attractors as they have brightly coloured flowers and fragrances and can be grown in a garden or in pots and containers.

Complete with seeds and growing materials, this kit contains original illustrations and an educational poster about the lives of bees, their role in the natural world and simple things we can do help them. The educational content has been designed for kids aged 6-10 years old. Visit our website soseedkits.com to view the full range of kid’s kits.

Handmade in Somerset, So Seed Kits make gardening fun, simple and meaningful, as well as benefitting the planet. The kit materials and packaging are all recycled, reclaimed and biodegradable – you can literally add it to the compost heap!

The kit contains all the materials you need to get your seedlings started:

  • 3 x wood pulp pots
  • 3 x coir compost pellets
  • A reclaimed wooden plant marker
  • Borage, Marigold or Chives seeds
  • 4 x A6 illustrated bee and plant prints
  • A double sided A3 colourable poster about the lives of bees
  • Sowing instructions

Buy Now: https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/soseedkits

Instagram: www.instagram.com/so.seedkits/

Gardening Activities for Kids with GARDENING FOR KIDS

WELCOME TO GARDENING FOR KIDS: Our independent, family-run business is the UK’s one and only gardening and wildlife store especially for children. Join us for this campaign to get all children outside, sowing, growing and learning. Whether you’re a little kid or a big one, now’s the time to get stuck into all things gardening.

Supporting Save the Children

We have chosen to support Save the Children’s vital work during National Children’s Gardening Week. For the whole week, 10% of all our sales will be donated, and all money raised will help ensure that more children have the essentials they need to explore their world.

“The Save the Children Fund is a charity registered in England and Wales (213890) and Scotland (SC039570) and Isle of Man (199)”

It’s competition time!

We’ve teamed up with the NCGW to offer your kids a chance to win one of six brilliant Peppa Pig growing kits in this creative competition. There will be 2 winners and 4 runners up.

To enter, your kids need to show us their imagination, and design a colourful plant marker to help them remember where they planted their seeds.

Now is the perfect growing time.

Plant some seeds and let us know how you get on; turn that neglected patch into a wildflower garden; pot up some herbs on the windowsill to start your very own kitchen-garden. Best for children are plants with brightly coloured flowers, tactile leaves, tantalising scents, and fast-growing tasty crops.  For inspiration see our ‘What to grow in May and June’ blog.  Send us your pictures to include in our Growers’ Gallery, or keep us updated on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Happy growing!

Visit www.gardeningforkids.co.uk for all things gardening – just for children!

Outdoor Play Areas with Happy Planet Toys

Having seen quality building materials go to waste on construction sites throughout the UK I sought to find a way to re-purpose and bring them a new life.

It all began as a small project to build a one off mud kitchen for a good friend.

The reaction it received from his 3 year old was overwhelming and from that point it was my aim to create joy, one mud kitchen at a time.

Happy Planet Toys are proud to produce hand crafted outdoor play areas. Each play area has been designed to be able to give the maximum amount of fun and excitement to all who use it.

Created from locally sourced reclaimed wood all our products use 99.9% recycled materials, allowing for just a sprinkling of magic to create your perfect outdoor play area.

Website: www.happyplanettoys.co.uk

Instagram: @happy.planet.toys 

Gardening Activities with Healthy Family 

Healthy Family is a small, Oxford -based family business. We believe passionately in looking after our planet and we try and keep our boxes environmentally friendly by sourcing natural and plastic free materials and packaging where possible and using certified organic and biodynamic seeds. All our packaging is recyclable.

Through our cooperation with Work For Good @workforgooduk a portion of all sales from these activity kits will be donated to charities: Trees For Cities @treesforcities

About the gardening activities set: GROW YOUR OWN ACTIVITY PACK FOR KIDS

The Activity Packs will help your children engage and connect with nature – helping them learn about and interact with plants and insects.
They support the national curriculum with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education.

To avoid children’s boredom, choose fast growing seeds for kids.

The quicker they can see something happen, the more interested they will be in the process.

Plants with large or small dimensions create a sense of wonder in children.


  • 5 x Packs of seeds – wildflowers seeds, sunflower seeds, cress seeds, pea seeds & bean seeds.
  • 5 x biodegradable plant pots.
  • 5 x Planting labels/ Wooden Plant markers.
  • 5 x Compost Discs/ Jiffy peat plugs.
  • 5 x Activities sheets for kids.

BEGINNER FRIENDLY INDOOR/ OUTDOOR GARDENING SET FOR CHILDREN. Easy To Use & Grow. No gardening experience necessary, full instructions included! They can be grown all year round if grown indoors!

A FUN AND EDUCATIONAL GROW KIT. Learn about seed germination and plant growth, the life cycle of a pea, how to make a cress head, label the different parts of a plant and tick the plants and flowers that you have found on your hunt sheet. Children’s Survival Garden KIT

PERFECT ECO FRIENDLY, GARDENER GIFT. Suitable for many occasions such as children’s garden activity, outdoor education. Blooming Marvellous Gift to Keep Your Children Occupied During The School Holidays. Keep The Kids Busy! The garden survival kits are also ideal to send to a loved one if they are far away, perfect little pick me up to pass the time.

Each kit is handmade in Oxford. GIVING BACK, OUR COMMITMENT TO CHARITY – A portion of all sales from these gift packs will be donated to the charity Trees For Cities

Website: www.healthyfamilyshop.com

Instagram: @healthyfamilyshop

Facebook: @healthyfamilyshop

Check our Shops:

Website: www.healthyfamilyshop.com

Etsy: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HealthyFamilyShop

Ebay: www.ebay.co.uk/str/healthyfamilyshop

Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/stores/Healthy+Family

Gardening Activities with TillieMint

Gardening Activities for KidsChildren, like to learn by play and like nothing better than being outside in the mud on a sunny day and getting all messy.

Gardening gives children a chance to learn an important life skill and is also a great way to teach environmental awareness by exploring the great outdoors and nature.

By being outdoors and connecting with nature a child can experience the satisfaction that comes from caring for a living plant, over time they learn that, plants die without water and that all life needs nurturing.

Getting children involved in gardening from an early age is educational and helps them develop new skills, such as responsibility, understanding and self-confidence.

Here at TillieMint we have designed this cute little personalised plant pot, the perfect size for any newbie gardener, it is ideal for small plants such as strawberries, tomato plants and garden herbs.

Children will achieve great satisfaction and pride and will be able to  enjoy their very own food that they have grown themselves.

Buy Now: www.notonthehighstreet.com/tilliemint/product/children-s-personalised-rainbow-plant-pot?referredBy=search

We Hope you enjoyed reading all about “The Best Gardening Activities for Toddlers and Kids”. New to Club Hub? You Can Find Kids Activities by searching on our App or Website – https://clubhubuk.co.uk/find-clubs/

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