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Hoverboard Riding: How it is Beneficial for Your Kid’s Health

Published on 28th March 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Is your kid nagging you for a hoverboard but you are skeptical about it? Read on to know how it can be beneficial for your kid’s health.

Letting your child ride a hoverboard might seem like another way to give in to their endless game fantasies. You may think this is another way they will waste their time and can even be dangerous and cause accidents.

But the good news is that over the years, manufacturers have evolved hoverboards into safe toys with modern features. Plus, a hoverboard can be beneficial for your kid’s health.

By the end of this article, we hope you will change your mind about getting your child one.

What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards – like electric bikes and scooters – are a fun and effective way to move from one place to another. In terms of design, it’s a far cry from the hoverboards that many imagined in the 1980s.

A self-balancing personal transporter, an electric hoverboard consists of two wheels attached to a pad where users place their feet. Leaning forward or backward controls the speed, while twisting the pads controls the direction.

Some hoverboards have an electric scooter-style handle, while others do not. In the end, it’s a smart electric vehicle that’s ideal for everyday transportation and enjoyment.

Where to Find Hoverboards

If you are wondering where to find the best quality hoverboards, simply head to your nearest sports shop.

You can also buy them online with zero hassle. Check out for ensured quality, and you can also compare the prices and specifications and get the best hoverboard for your child.

Generally, hoverboards can cost from around £170 to £300. The price can go higher if it is a luxury brand. But for most purposes, you will get a great quality hoverboard for under £300.

Health Benefits of Riding a Hoverboard for Kids

Hoverboards may be perceived as toys for children, but they have numerous health benefits. Here are some of them.

1. Improves Posture

Nowadays, it’s really common to see children with bad posture. They are always crouching down. The effect of using mobile phones all the time can lead to this problem.

In today’s world, “text neck” has been labeled an epidemic. An inappropriately bent backbone at the shoulder and out into the back and arms results from spending too much time staring down at our electronics.

Kids are especially vulnerable because they use portable displays more frequently and for longer periods of time, and because their backbones are still elongating, they can grow into them. The good thing is that maintaining your balance while riding a hoverboard demands core strength.

Between standing longer and making small posture adjustments, core muscles are strengthened in children. This results in better posture.

2. Work Those Muscles

You might wonder why muscle workout is of importance for children. In fact, this is very important. Training to keep themselves fit from a young age with basic workouts (like riding a hoverboard) will not only make them physically strong but also put them in a good workout routine.

Riding a hoverboard engages your entire body, not just your core. Surfing one of these boards engages and exercises your lower body, including the calf, ankle, and other leg muscles actively.

Along with the core, using a hoverboard on a regular basis will help you gain muscle in these areas. It’s all part of learning how to hoverboard properly.

3. Burn Calories to Stay Fit

Are you worried that your child is gaining too much weight and isn’t exercising to burn those extra calories? In fact, intake of excessive calories can lead to various diseases like obesity and heart diseases.

What if we tell you that riding a hoverboard can be the solution to this problem? Riding a hoverboard for 30 minutes can burn 300 calories! According to experts, an S-shaped hoverboard will allow you to burn maximum calories. What better way to burn fat than while having fun?

4. Improves Reflexes and Focus

Another health benefit of riding a hoverboard for kids is it can improve their focus and balance. Hoverboards may not appear to be very quick, but they can reach speeds of up to ten miles per hour.

Moving at that speed necessitates a high level of focus in order to stay standing and safe. As they focus on the world flying by while maintaining their balance, this can assist your children to improve their concentration skills.

Your child’s capability to maintain balance as well as their reflexes improves when they ride a hoverboard. You must continuously move forward and back to keep a hoverboard balanced and moving forward. Going too fast can cause accidents—but it gets easier over time as your reflexes become stronger.

5. Move Your Children Outdoors

It’s a very common complaint from parents that their children are always at home in their leisure and don’t go outdoors to play and enjoy nature. There are numerous benefits of being outdoors in nature.

It helps them become more creative and allows them to think, boosts their confidence, teaches them to be more responsible, and also helps with various stimulation for better growth and development.

In addition to these, by spending time outdoors with nature and friends, your child will be more positive and have less stress and anxiety. With a hoverboard under their feet, we can guarantee that they will want to explore the outdoors as much as they can!


Now that you know about the health benefits of riding a hoverboard, it is time to implement it.

Hoverboards are great for fixing your child’s text neck posture, motivating them to stay outdoors, improving their reflexes and balance, and also helping burn calories. So what are you waiting for? Order the best hoverboard for your kid today!

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